How To Join Avon In South Africa ( 2023 Reviews)

This review is all about how to join AVON in South Africa and become a distributor/dealer. I am pretty sure that more than 6.5 million representatives marketing their products cannot be wrong. We shall find out, including how to become an AVON representative.

This review looks at why they are the best in terms of their products, any potential side effects using their products, how to make money, frequently asked questions etc.

how to join AVON - AVON reviews

What is AVON

AVON is a world renowned and respected beauty and cosmetic company. For over 130 years, AVON’s products have put smiles on a lot of people’s face and their beauty products have actually enhanced women all over the world.

The company is the 5th biggest beauty company , according to Forbes and also the second largest direct marketing company in the world. Joining and becoming a representative has a lot of potentials for you.

AVON is now an household name when it comes to beauty. The company, founded by David H. McConnell in 1886 has evolved over the years into a direct marketing organization with core focus on cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care company.

With headquarters in London, the company has expanded to every parts of the world, especially in leading economies/countries on each continent.

Their mode of operation is basically direct marketing, a term coined as ‘social marketing agents/soldiers’. This model cuts off the use of wholesalers/companies; they embraced their social marketing agents, branded them as ‘representatives’ and they sell directly to the public.

You can join as a representative and become part of their success story, sell their products and make money.

How To Join AVON In South Africa

To join AVON and become a representative does not require a university degree or masters degree, the major requirement is your willingness, belief and hard work to become successful.

You are literally becoming your own boss, you can work from home or from anywhere. Just get your customers ( word of mouth is very effective), help them place their orders and deliver it to them.

It is one of the best business you can do from home and their products is among the fastest moving consumer goods in the market.

Though, this guide is on how to join AVON in South Africa, the guideline is equally the same anywhere you are in the world, from USA, Singapore to the most remote parts of Europe and Asia.

This is how to join directly;

  1. Go online to the AVON website, at
  2. At the top left hand side, click on ‘become a representative’
  3. On the next page that opens up, click on ‘Get started’
  4. On the next page that appears ( as seen below), fill in your information.

how to join avon in south africa

  • Click continue, the next page that will show requires that you fill in your country, province, city, post code, street name and apartment/complex or building address. Depending on where you are, these offer may be different.

fill in your address

  • After you clicked on continue, you will now be brought to the next page. Here, you will need to fill in your nationality and ID ( Identity number) for South Africa; SSN ( USA) and your country identification number. After filling them, click continue and you will be brought to the final page of the registration.

fill your nationality form to join avon as a representative

  • On this page, accept the terms and conditions
  • Write message and chose you are interested ion AVON
  • Type 1 and follow the screen instructions
  • A verification link will be sent to your phone number and email address, check it and verify the security login.
  • An email will be sent to you, and inside the email, you have the link to see your brochures, discounts for your orders
  • With your link, you can share the registration link with others and drive traffic to your website
  • Before I forget, AVON will create a self sub-website for you on their site ( like a dashboard), and from here, you can track everything. ( see my own verification email and the dashboard below).

how do i register for avon account in south africa

After this, a representative of the company will review your application and get back to you.

Once your application is successful, you will be given your own online shop, and from here, you can send people to buy their products with your link. An example of how your own self AVON shop will look like is shown below:

your AVON representative shop

To make the registration easy, I recommend you watch this video:

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AVON Products

AVON has four primary product categories and they are listed below:

  • Perfume/Fragrance
  • Make up
  • Skin care
  • Bath & Body i.e. Body Cream
  • Hair Care
  • Accessories

Depending on the products you want to buy or promote as a representative to market, you can chose any one.

1. AVON Perfume/Fragrance

avon perfumes

Their perfume and fragrance category is the most popular category you can think of. This category includes products like:

avon fragrance review

  • Perfumes for her
  • Perfumes for him
  • Body moisturizers
  • Hair and body wash for him
  • Deodorant body sprays for her
  • Purse sprays and travel sizes
  • Kids fragrances
  • Perfumed body sprays for her
  • Roll on deodorants for him etc.
avon fragrance best sellers
AVON’s best sellers in this category

After reading this guide on how to join Avon and after joining, I recommend you promote and market this particular category because the demand for the products is great.

Their product is just like organix farmacy tablet ( the best natural weight loss pill for mkhaba), the product promotes itself because it works it does not have side effects.

2. AVON Make Up

how to join AVON and sell their make up products

What intrigues me the most about their make up product category is their claim below;

A lipstick is being sold on AVON every 2 seconds!!

That is powerful and this tells you about the popularity of their products. When you join as a representative, you are sure going to start making sales immediately because the products promotes themselves.

AVON best sellers in the make up category
The Make up category best sellers

Their make up products is so popular and joining them to promote the product will definitely fetch you lots of money.

3. Skin care Category

skin care product category

AVON Skin care product categories include cleansers, toners, eye care, night cream, day cream, masks & scrubs, face treatment, serums etc.

However, the best sellers in this category is shown below:

AVON skin care best sellers

As you are thinking on how to join AVON, knowing and leveraging on this best sellers will give you an idea on where to focus your energy on as a representative to make money.

4. AVON Bath & Body i.e. Body Cream

At AVON, everything you need to make and take care of your body and home is present. Their bath and body product collections is a sight to behold.

bath category

AVON reviews-best sellers in the bath and body category
Best sellers in the bath and body product category

5. Hair Care Product Category

The hair care product categories features leading products like Shampoo, Conditioner, styling, treatments a& serums, hair brushes, tools, dry shampoo, hair treatments etc.

The best sellers in this category is shown below:

hair products best sellers

AVON Login South Africa: How Do I login Into My AVON Account?

Congratulations on your successful registration; now, anytime you want to login to your account to check your commission or place orders, follow this guideline:

  • Open your browser on your phone or PC and type
  • Once the page opens, look towards the top, you will see ‘ Customer Login/Registration and ‘ Representative Login/Registration’
  • Click on ‘Customer Login ‘ if you want to just buy. If you are an AVON customer, click on this, use your email as your username and type in your password.
  • If you are a representative, login and click on the representative login link
  • You will be brought to the dashboard and from here, you can do whatever you want to do, from checking commissions, checking catalogues/brochures or placing orders etc.

When you are done, just click on log outs and you are good to go.

How To Place AVON orders in South Africa

Only representatives can place order. When you join AVON as a customer, you need to join through a representative, so it is your representative that does all the work for you.

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Now, as a representative, this is how to place orders for AVON in South Africa;

  • Open your browser on your phone or PC and type
  • Click on ‘representative login’
  • Enter your account number ( representative account number) and password to login
  • Check out the products available, select the ones to order, then click on place order at the menu
  • At the same time, you can also place order if you have downloaded the App on your phone or simply by sending SMS.

avon login

What are the AVON Commission in South Africa?

It may vary somewhere else, but in South Africa, the commission structure you will earn ranges from 15-30%. The table below will be of great guide.

avon commission in south africa

How Long Does It take For AVON Orders to Arrive?

Typically, any order you place with AVON before 10 am will be delivered within 5 working days. This is for the standard delivery and it will cost R68.

However, for express delivery, it will cost you R105 and it will be delivered within 2 working days.

How much does it cost to join Avon In South Africa?

This is a very good and important question.

Joining AVON is free but there is a catch which I am going to explain. Indirectly, the registration fee is R85 and this is how it works. For example, if you place an order for R600, it means you are actually paying R510, R85 for the registration fee which is once ( i.e. once off) will be deducted along 15% deduction).

So any amount you pay for your first order contains the registration fee automatically.

Secondly, to maintain an active account, as a representative, you need to be placing order of at least R595 to continue getting your commissions and maintain your account.

How do I get paid from Avon?

AVON pays you directly into your bank account, there is no third party involved.

What is the minimum order for Avon?

The minimum order for AVON is R595; with this order, you are guaranteed of making at least R97 commission.

AVON Whatsapp Number South Africa

For further queries, you can send a message to Avon WhatsApp number south Africa on 060 971 8659.

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