Berry Max Trading Exchange Platform South Africa ( Login)- Is it Legit

With the Berry Max Trading exchange platform App, more than 50% of reviews on Trustpilot is positive, but not anymore. This, along with recent NASDAQ listing claims are being discussed about the login crypto trading platform.

I am sure you are here because you want to know if berry max trading South Africa exchange platform are legit cryptocurrency trading platform and not scam. Secondly, you want to know login registration requirements and the so called NASDAQ listing.

berry homepage

September 3rd, 2023: Clearly,ย  Berry Trading platform is not legit in South Africa; they have managed to evade the radar of financial regulators, starting off as FS global and later Berry Max. This unscrupulous team of fraudsters is clearly an advanced pyramid scheme like MIT.

Update: May 2nd, 2023: There is an issue with withdrawals at the moment, though signals are still being given to trade. So if you want to join and put your money. My advise is DONT JOIN NOW.ย Join my whatsapp group below where I will post any development/update there.

Update: May 12th, 2023: The developments at berry is so heart breaking. It is looking like a scam at the moment. To trade is a big problem, withdrawals frozen, people are asked to reactivate their account with USD50. Summary: Do not join and do not put any money. My own money is hanging, about USD6k.

They rebranded ( Berry FS Global is now Berry Max exchange), changed their design but the concept still remains the same!! At the same time, they claim on being listed on NASDAQ! This whole thing is not right. I smell a scam. Do not join, do not put your money.

While there are many questions that begs for an answer, not only to South Africans alone, but to people who are interested in this crypto venture.

Before I proceed, my honest advice to anyone and for anyone who wants to trade crypto or Forex is to invest what you can afford to lose!! Wisdom is the principal thing says the Bible!!

I will do my best to explain everything you need to know, plus reviews from people ( active people) and also my ongoing experience being an investor and trader on berry.

berry crypto trading platform

What is Berry Max trading platform

In a technical definition, Berry Max trading platform is a crypto digital exchange, trading and investment platform created on the Ethereum network and using the TRC20 and ERC20 token.

In a non technical definition for the ordinary man on the streets to understand, Berry trading platform, known as ( the original address) is an online platform where you can buy, trade and sell cryptocurrencies.

Now, when talking about crypto ( short form of cryptocurrency), it is not just bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular and most established coin and at, trading of coins against each other to make profit is being done.

The standard operating coin of berry is USDT ( a digital term for a digital form of dollars, called fiat currency). So basically, trades other currencies against the USDT.

I am careful here to emphatically say that berry is an investment platform because it is not 100% into investment of funds unlike novatechfx.

To me, and from experience, they are not an investment platform but occasionally, they do offer 3-5 days locked investment of funds for traders who are interested. This happens occasionally, probably, 3-9 times in a year.

Watch this important video:

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Who is the Founder of Berry Max FS Global Berry And Where Is the Office Located

According to coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform, Bae Lee was listed as the owner of and also serves as its director.

Though the full identity of the directors have not been revealed publicly, however, at a recent meeting of the Africa’s representative in Cape Town, October 2022, I was priviledged to meet with Mr. Yung who made a presentation on that fateful day.

berry office in cape town

This gave me some sort of confidence that at least I was able to meet the face of the company that day. He travelled down to Cape Town to officially open the Cape Town office which was just rented and launched.

How Login Crypto Trading Platform Works

As an active participant on the FS global berry platform who invested USD1000 ( R20,100) to start with, the following are my observations on how the platform works. platform operating model is based on:

  • A multi level marketing channel
  • A crypto trading exchange
  • And a slight investment platform ( probably by 10% of definition)

1. Multi Level Marketing ( Reward Programme)

I call it a cryptocurrency multilevel marketing digital channel because it offers the model that successful MLM’s does.

For example, if you join and you are able to refer people to join, you get a small percentage in commission and as you grow, carrying your downliners along with you, so also your earnings grows based on how active your downliners trade.

berry reward program the VIP reward

At this point, it will be wrong to say berry max trading platform is a scam because all the other well established, well regulated global crypto giant platforms does this also.

For example, Binance, coinbase, coinmarket, kucoins etc. all offers an affiliate programme to reward people that helps others join through them.

2. Berry Max Trading Exchange Platform

The main identity of Berry is in trading of cryptocurrencies. Now, at berry you trade crypto currency against each other with a view of making profits.

You buy when the the price is low and sell when it is high, thereby making a difference!!

However, please know that this platform is run by proven crypto analysts working behind the scene. At berry, you trade other currencies against the USDT, either the TRC-20 or the ERC-20).

When buying crypto to fund your berry account to use it to trade, you only buy USDT ( specifically the TRC20 or the ERC20.

berry trading platform

If for example, you are buying from coinbase or Binance, first go for the TRC20, but if there is no TRC20, then buy the ERC20. The USDT ERC20 token is more common and popular.

As you read below ( you can scroll down), I explain in details how to actually trade and make at least 2% daily profit on your USDT account!!

Now, anybody who understands simple English language can trade; the platform demystifies and broke down trading in simple terms for an ordinary man just like what Robinhood App platform is doing.

Robinhood App makes it easy for people that wants to invest in big brands and companies ( either in USA, Europe or Asia, but unfortunately, Robinhood trading platform App is not available to people in South Africa.

However, berry’s greatest advantages lies in the fact that you are given SIGNALS to trade. The hard work in getting signals to trade is being done by the berry professionals who are behind the platform.

More explanation on the signals below.

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Difference between berry and other platforms

I mentioned Novatechfx, a somehow similar platform to but totally different in its approach and to be honest, the model looks shady and somehow of a scam in the making.

Berry is not a quick money scheme, neither is it a pyramid scheme; you are basically the one doing the trading by yourself.

For example, if you invest USD100 or R2000 in berry, if you do not trade the money on a daily basis with the free signals, your money stays like that forever.

To me, this is a great turning point because you just have to work everyday to trade and make the money; berry trading platform is a not a crypto platform where you invest your money and after 30 days, you come back to collect the dividends or profit.

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5 Reasons FS Global Berry Max Crypto Trading is Legit And Not a scam

The five valid points where I think is legit and not a scam are listed below. I stand to be corrected by commenting below.

Readers diverging opinion may differ, but from my own experience and what I have seen/known and experience, the following are interesting points to note:

1. It is not a get rich quick scheme

Invest your money with us and we will trade for you!! Have you encountered so called forex or crypto trading professionals telling you this?

This is the first sign of a scam or something not legit. Listen friends, if they are truly making the millions, they will never have time to trade and do all the hard work for you!!

With Berry Max exchange, you can only trade once a day ( except on special days where signals are given twice); so this means no matter how hasty you may be, you just have to be patient and trade on a daily basis.

Berry trading platform is not saying, come and invest with us and in 3 months, you will make millions. What berry is saying is that, if you are diligent and you trade daily with our signals, you are sure of making 2% daily profits.

And from my own experience, sometimes, you may even make less than the 2% because that is the nature of the crypto trading world because of its volatility.

So, if you are looking for a way to quickly make fast and big money, then crypto trading platform is not for you!!

2. Berry does not trade for you

You get it right. Berry crypto trading platform does not trade for you. One of the signs of online scams in the forex and crypto world is when a firm or individual says they will trade for you.

So, when you hear or sees something like this phrase, beware!!

All what berry does is to send you trading signals that you use to trade. The signals contains the crypto coin to trade against the USDT, the time to buy and the time to sell.

So, the rest lies in your hand to follow the instructions.

3. News updates and ongoing developments

I believe that trading platform is here for the long term objectives. One of the signs of a serious company is being active.

They are constantly sharing news, updating members on latest innovations, tips, cons and pros about the crypto community.

Hardly will a week or month goes by without a news or update from the berry headquarter team.

For example, just last week ( March 2023); an announcement was sentย  that some people are having multiple accounts and trading with same IP. This is against their practice and as such, culprit member should stop.

A clear sign of a scam or crypto platform not legit is that they are quite, they do not share what they are doing, they do not updates people on their innovations/investments, management etc. In this aspect, FS Global berry trading is legit and doing good on this front.

4. Registration is tough and strict

How do you know a crypto platform that has traces of being a scam?

One clear sign is that they allow just anybody to join them in as much as you can deposit money with them. With berry, this is not so.

An anonymous person or member cannot join berry trading platform. You must be a real person. To join, you must submit your valid identity card ( ID), your verified proof of address, your picture holding your ID, the front and back picture of your ID.

After you have submitted this, the verification team looks and check before approving you to join the platform.

This process removes anonymous and fake people; this security clearance and measures are not implemented by a crypto scam site.

5. Withdrawals is easy and you follow the guideline

I have made countless withdrawals and so are my downliners. However, you must know and follow the rules. E.g. maximum withdrawal in a day is USD3000.

Some people on Facebook says they are unable to withdraw, however, they cannot proof that they are saying the truth. They are just people trying to sabotage the system.

Talk to real people that are trading on berry, meet them and they will tell you their positive experience.

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Berry Max Trading Platform Reviews

Though reviews can be manipulated and bought, however, a higher percentage of reviews on more than one respected website is a clear sign of getting the truth.

Now, the following reviews are left by people on the following sites:

  • TrustPilot
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Hellopeter
  • SiteJabber

berry crypto reviews

The above places are respected sites to get honest reviews

On checking all of them, a cumulative 80% of the reviews are positive; this implies an average of 8 out of 10 people are satisfied and saying good things about berry.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself!!

Berry Max Trading NASDAQ Listing

Investors should clearly know that for any company to be listed on NASDAQ, it takes an approximate 6 months. Within this time frame, there are rigorous research, veto and detailed analysis of the companies board of directors, financial cash flows, etc.

All of these things needs to be made public, however, with Berry Max exchange, none of this is true. In addition, it is interesting to point out here that Berry Max trading exchange is actually impersonating a truly registered Berry company that is already listed on NASDAQ.

This original berry company is into engineering and not crypto related business dealings. So the public should be observant and see things for themselves.

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How to join berry crypto trading and FS global

It may look confusing to start trading at first, but it is easy if you have someone to hold you by the hand and show you the way.

To join crypto trading platform, the following are the requirements and documentation needed:

  • Your ID ( Identification card): It may be a valid passport or Asylum
  • Your proof of residence
  • Your Passport Picture

Now, for the ID, you need to take a clear picture of the front and back images, clearly showing the needed information.

After the above, you will need to take a picture of yourself holding the passport or ID close to your face ( beside your face, levelling with your chin).

The above are required to avoid anonymous and fake people out of the platform.

Once these are clear, follow this steps to register for a berry account:

1. Register with your name at

  • Go to ( this is the main and official website address)
  • If you are using your laptop or PC, locate register and click on it
  • If you are using your phone, look for the menu button at the top, click on it and click on register
  • On the next page, fill your email address, create a password and for the referral code, put u3a853
  • Click next step
  • On this next step, reconfirm your email by typing it in; an email SMS will be sent to you for verification
  • Check your email and click on the verification link to verify your account

berry login page

how to join berry crypto trading

register berry crypto

After going to your email and clicking on the verify link, the next step is to set up your berry profile. Follow the guidelines below to set up everything.

  • Set up your dashboard ( as seen below)

berry login homepage

This is how your back office looks like, from here, you can verify your account and get it activated ( if you have problem getting this done, kindly talk to me and I will assist you).

2. Upload your ID documents to verify

You need to verify your account by uploading the documents I told you earlier ( scroll up to see the required documentation).

how do i join berry

3. Set up your FS global berry login and withdrawal passwords.

set up your withdraw password

This aspect is very important and you should pay attention to the details here. It is also one of the reasons why I argue with people that berry is not a scam.

Now, on berry crypto trading platform, there are two passwords you need to have:

  • Login Password
  • Withdrawal password

The first password is your FS global berry login password ( the one you chose when registering). This login password is needed if you want to access the platform and trade.

The second password is the withdrawal password. Please do not use the same login password as that of the withdrawal password.

The withdrawal password is a high security aimed to protect you from fraudulent withdrawals and transactions.

4. Submit your banking details

Please make no mistake here because once you submit your banking information, account number etc., it becomes locked. You cannot change it again. If you do not have a banking account, read how to open a bank account in South Africa.

how to withdraw from berry to your bank account

This is to prevent fraud and unauthorized withdrawals. In my own case, I am using FNB, so I submitted my business bank account name.

4. Referral stats

If you have been reading this guideline from the beginning, you will remember that I said berry crypto platform runs both as a trading exchange, MLM /Referral based platform and also little bit of investment ( more on this later).

Now, this page shows you statistics on how your downliners are doing. It shows your latest commission, daily commissions etc.

There is nothing to do here but just for your information on how your affiliate marketing promotion/referral program is performing.

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Berry Trading App Download

Berry does have a trading App on Google play store. With a market total trading value that has exceeded 20 billion US dollars, the berry trading App has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users.

To download the App, follow the steps below:

  • For Android users, download berry trading App from Google play store.
  • For iPhone users, download berry App at the Apple store
  • For huawei users, download the App at: The huawei Gallery

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How To Fund And Deposit Money Into Your Berry Max Account

(Updated May 01, 2023). Many people reached out to me on how to fund their berry account so that they can trade.

You can fund your account if:

  • You have uploaded your ID documents i.e. KYC and have been approved. If after uploading your ID documents and you have waited for more than 30 minutes and not yet approved. Kindly reach out to me ( WhatsApp group link below or my WhatsApp number directly), send me your email address and I will forward it to the office for it to be approved immediately.
  • If you have set up your login and withdrawal passwords.

Once you have done and achieved those two, the following guidelines is what you need to fund your account:

1. Through Berry JINXA Industry

You can fund your account directly from your dashboard, using berry details i.e. you send payments to JINXA Industry. This is the first option. From personal experience and opinion, this process takes time, about 3-7 days for them to credit your account.

The reason is because of the large volume of request being processed and interbank delays. The exchange rate is fairly good also.

2. Using binance

The use of Binance is mostly recommended because you can also use the Binance to make withdrawals of your money in berry.

To do this, download the binance app, install and register your account with After everything is set up and approved. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to your berry dashboard, locate assets, locate USDT, click on deposit, there you will see two ewallet account. The first one is ERC20 and second one is TRC20 ( Both on the TRON network, build on the Ethereum network).
  • You need the TRC20 ewallet address only. Copy this long address and go to binance. On binance, go to buy tether USDT, chose the TRC20, a box will open asking for the address, copy the address from berry into it, chose the amount you want to buy, pay with your credit card etc.
  • After payment, your TRC 20 is credited immediately and by the time you go back to your berry USDT asset, the money will be there.

Kindly join the whatsapp group link below where I made a video on how to deposit and withdraw from berry through Binance.

3. Myself

The thid option is through my assistance. This method is faster and quicker, same day ( probably in about 1hour). I simply talk to one of my superiors, you make payment to her capitec account, you send her your TRC 20 ewallet address I mentioned above, then she credits your account immediately.

For USD50, you pay R1100 to her. For USD50 on first option ( i.e. berry), you pay around R1080. Through Binance, USD50 is around R1045.

So, the choice is yours to make!!

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How To Withdraw Money On FS Global Berry Trading Platform

There are rules and guidelines to follow when making withdrawals of your money from berry; they are:

1. Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit is 1000 USD

2. The minimum daily withdrawal is 10 USD

3. You do not trade the night before you withdraw. e.g. You trade on Monday night, you cannot withdraw on Tuesday.

For example, if you want to withdraw your money from berry on Monday, then do not trade on Sunday!! Basically, do not trade a day/night before you request for withdrawal.

4. Do not send your money to Blueberry before making a withdrawal request. Let all your money be in your assets.

5. You can and should make withdraw from the device you are using to trade. This is done to avoid fraudulent transactions.

Anytime you trade, the IP ( internet protocol) of your device is logged and berry sees it. So when you are making withdrawal request, the security system automatically checks if the request is from the same IP of the device you are using to trade.

This is one major reason why some people’s withdrawal request on berry crypto trading platform is denied or not successful.

Now, that I have explained the rules to you, follow the steps below on how to withdraw money from berry trading platform.

1. Login to your account

Go to official website, login with your email and password ( your login password, not your withdrawal password).

berry login page login

2. Go to Assets

If you login from the phone or PC/laptop, you need to locate ‘asset’ and click on it. See the image below:

berry trading

Click on asset and go to the next page.

3. Go to USDT

Please remember that the base identity currency of crypto trading platform is USDT. So when the asset page opens up, locate the USDT button.

The USDT button contains your available balance, frozen balance. You can only withdraw your money in the available balance.

berry withdrawal policy

Click on the withdrawal button.

Now, at this point, there are two ways to withdraw the funds:

  • You can withdraw the funds directly to your bank account ( remember the bank account you submitted during registration/setting up your account at the beginning).
  • You can make use of Binance or coinbase ( these are giant crypto platforms). But of course, you should have an account with them.

The second option is best if you are experienced about the crypto world because you will get high/good exchange rate ( i.e. USD -dollar to South African rands or your country currency) unlike berry paying directly to your account. The exchange rate to me, is not so favorable.

To make use of Binance, you should have registered with them and be verified. I made a video on how to withdraw your funds from berry to Binance with TRON TRC 20 Ewallet address.

4. Verify your withdrawal password

After clicking on withdrawal in the step above, the page that will come next will ask for your withdrawal password.

berry withdrawal password

Remember that your withdrawal password is not the same as your login password. If you forgot or lost your withdrawal password, then you will face some challenges because you have to reach out to berry to assist and double layer of verification will be asked from you for security concerns.

My advise is that you should write your withdrawal password somewhere and keep it safe!!

After this, you will see the exchange rate quotes, type in the amount of USDT you want to withdraw and click submit.

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours maximum!!

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How To Trade Crypto On FS Global Berry Platform And Make Money

How do I trade crypto on berry and make money? The guideline below will greatly assist you but before then, I will like to explain some technical and fundamental things for you to know.

  • Trading Signals
  • What are quotes
  • What are spot trading
  • Blueberry- Deposit and earn
  • ICO world premiere

1. Trading Signals

If you have been reading this guideline, you will recall I said what sets berry apart is the fact that they send trading signals to you.

So, before you can start trading, the first step is to wait and make sure you get the trading signal for the day. If you join my WhatsApp group, I will be sharing the daily trading signals there).

This is how the trading signals look like:

berry trading signal

In the signal above, it means we are trading AGC against USDT. The next step below is a guide to go about it.

2. Berry Crypto Trading Platform – Quotes

Based on example 1 above, we are trading the AGC crypto coin against the USDT. Now, to get started, after you login to your berry account, you look for and locate ‘ quotes.

Click on it and you will see the image below:

how to trade on berry

Based on the currency you are looking for , you may need to scroll down. Now, in the case of the AGC, scroll down till you see it.

click the buy button

Click on the buy button.

2. Berry Trading Platform – Spot Trading

When you click on the ‘buy button’, it will now take you to the ‘spot trading’ and this is where the main trading happens.

Here, you can buy and sell the currency against each and you will see the profit you make every day.

Now, I want to assume you want to trade now.

How to buy crypto on Berry

At the spot trading you opened, you will see ‘ Buy AGC’ towards the right hand side and down below it, you will see ‘ Sell AGC’.

this is how to buy on berry trading platform

Towards the right, the total value of your USDT is shown. To buy, you need to use the whole total. For example, if your total USDT is 1840.830293102, what you are going to use to trade will be 1840.8302.

You are just going to add 4 digit number and exclude the rest.

So the next box that shows amount, type the 1840.8302. Wait, do not click ‘ Buy AGC’ now.

You have to wait for the buy time!!

So , based on the signal above, the buy time is 20:19, so you will click the ‘ Buy AGC’ green button at 20:19 exactly.

Immediately you click buy, the system will show….operation successful.

Thereafter, refresh the page and you will discover that the money has left your USDT and is now showing in the ‘ Sell AGC’ box below.

How to sell crypto on Berry

Again, based on the signal above, the sell time is 20:41; so all you have to do is wait and sell at that time.

This is how you sell:

Just like the same way you type the amount to buy, you are going to type the total amount you want to sell with the 4 digit.

this is how to sell on berry trading platform

For example. if it is showing 4.8017839, just type 4.8017 in the amount to sell.

So, once it is 20:41 the selling time, click ‘ Sell AGC’ and automatically the system will show , operation successful.

Refresh the page, check your USDT balance, and you will see the profit you made for that day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Blueberry and FS global

Blueberry is like the investment arm of trading platform. After trading, you can move your money and transfer to blueberry for additional earnings.

However, from my own experience, I did not see any noticeable changes with the so called blueberry ( deposit and earn), so I stick to my trading only. It is a good thing to be focused and disciplined.

Do not waste your time transferring funds up and down, in my personal opinion, it is a pure waste of time!

  • When did berry started or launched

The company started in Mid 2020; I can say the company became active around April 2020. The first notice or announcement made on the traders dashboard was on the 24th of April 2020.


192 thoughts on “Berry Max Trading Exchange Platform South Africa ( Login)- Is it Legit”

  1. Kindly share a detailed presentation of each of the total investments alongside their daily incomes and so forth which woud give a clear picture as to how much one would earn if they were to invest whatever amount

    • Hi Soso, the trading principle is clear. You are basically trading your own money with the help of the signals berry will give you. From my own experience, the maximum percentage i have ever made is 5%. Sometimes, I make 1%, 2%, it fluctuates between those range.
      Now, let us assume you start with USD100 ( which is approximately R1850 rands). And you are trading everyday in the evening using the signals, you are guaranteed at least 1% positive interest. So for USD100, you are making USD1 everyday, however, this USD1 grows because after 10days, you may trade and make 2%, you will now see that you are making USD2.5 USD3 per day.
      The reason is because the capital and the interest is being compounded. I hope you understand. Berry FS global trading platform is not for people that are patient and it is not a quick get rich scheme.
      You have to trade everyday to start making this money.

    • I’m in shock and panicking mode people are saying so many things right now as you know that withdrawals are locked on berry and they might cancel berry with our money on our accounts how true is that??

      • There is currently withdrawal issues with berry and that is why I updated the reviews above that people should not put their money in berry for now. On a personal note, I do not have confidence in berry any longer.

        • First of all thanks for your page, it is very helpful, and i wish i did see it before i put my money in.

          secondly, Any idea of how we could report them ? you seem to be more clueded than i am.

          thirdly, are you using other platform, and signals, that you trust ๐Ÿ˜€

    • On 31st of May I topped up with 76 usd . When I was trading @ 17h43 , the system couldn’t allow me to sell @ 18h00. Next morning all the balance was gone. Where is it gone to?

  2. Thank you so much much James,this kind of information is really needed especially for beginners so they can have full confidence in Berry trading, I wish I had a way to share this with some of naysayers and skeptic people.

  3. thank u for the clarification on berry trading platform, now i have courage to invest but i dont no the channel of depositing money into berry account. pls help. Meleko from Botswana.

  4. Thanks for the detailed information. Just want to know how long (minutes/seconds) it take to be trading. Or the system cancell itself if it reaches any stop loss? Kindly advise.

    • Hi Festus, the system is not automated for trading. So, there is no SL ( stop loss). Remember, this is not forex as those terms are mostly synonymous with forex trading.
      With berry crypto trading, when signals are given, the time to buy and sell are included so it is left for you to buy at that time and also to sell at that given time.

  5. Just want to say this trading platform is really promising, my mom, sister and dad did widrew the money and as a results i also decided to join. I started trading with the signals in February and they are so reliable, there are no losses as long as u stick the given times. I wish it can be maintained regularly South Africa really need such a platformโค.

    • Nataka kujua kama nimeshawekeza pesa kama $100 na zimepanda Hadi zimefika $200 kwenye berry na sijawahi kuzitoa baadae ninaambiwa niongeze $ 50 ili akaunti yangu iwe hai, kwanini wasichukue hizo walizinazo huo wao wanakwambia kama huongezi $ 50 wanafunga akaunti na pesa zako zilzoko huko berry wanazichuwa. Hapo ndio sijaelewa.

  6. hi
    I bought USDT in berry with Bank on the 26 April made immediate payment. how long must I wait to see in on my account. I have sent prove of payment to berry still doesn’t appear. pls assist

    • Pls be patient, it may take 5-7 days for your account to be credited. From experience, I do not encourage going through this route because it delays due to large volumes they are receiving. Use binance or your supervisors to help you fund immediately.

  7. Hi, Many thanks for providing this, probably the only, comprehensive explanation I’ve seen on the platform and investment strategy. I’m hoping that you might be able to answer a few questions I have; 1) On other trading platforms, for instance, Binance, traders are able to execute a short position on a particular coin but it doesn’t seem possible for us to do so on Berry, do you know why? 2) Why am I not able to find the crypto coins that are being minted by FS Global/Berry Trading on such platforms like CoinMarketCap and Moralis Money etc etc? 3) Are these coins that FS Global is minting based on the Etherum blockchain? Thanks much!!

    • Thank you keith for your intelligent question.
      1. Berry operation model is different from binance; binance can be run and done by professional who understands how to trade by themselves, while berry helps its members by giving them signals to trade. By so doing, they make profit and the traders/members also make profit. In addition, you can also execute a short position manually, you do this by looking at the buy time they gave you, look at the chart, study the few minutes low and either buy or wait at that time. For me, what I have discovered is that it is always good to buy 4 minutes earlier before the buy time sent by berry. 2. Berry /FS global is a trading platform. However, know that berry trading platform is actually a trading platform just like coinbase and kucoin. They also have their coin though, known as berry, but their specialty is a trading platform. 3. Yes, berry coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

      • Hy James you want tell us berry investment and FS Global charity thy gone or still exist can I activate my account as thy say so thank worries

        • I am not comfortablw with the USD50 they are asking for. Personally, I do not think they will honour the withdrawal request. I also think that the upliners are the ones benefitting by encouraging people to pay the money. It all boils down to personal choices. I for one, I am ready to let go my USD6k hanging there rather than pay another USD50 which I may be able to get back or not able to get back. So i rather sit on the fence, swallow my loss painfully and move on.
          This whole thing is not right…they are trying to cajole , enforce and threaten people to pay the USD50. This is not right.

        • Hi, Im in limbo as to what is happening. I am not comfortable with the USD50 payment, but it all boils down to your choice. I, for one, do not recommend anyone pays. I am not paying. I am ready to let go my USD6k hanging in there rather than top up again. Why cant they take ordinary USD50 from the USD6k hanging in the system. This approach is not right.

  8. Thank all about through
    So my opinion here or suggestions is to ask you also if berry crypto trading platform is granted or expire time or even if is working like binance market

    Thank you!
    is me fulgence Mr.

  9. Hi there i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting
    anyplace, when i read this piece of writing i thought i could also make
    comment due to this sensible paragraph.

    • It is not compulsory, but it is a reward if you are registering people under you. As you move up on your VIP status, the reward increase from 0.5 to 1, 1.5 etc.
      Little drops of water makes an ocean, this is the concept whereby some traders does that anytime to logged in.

  10. Mr. James, we appreciate your brilliant clarification. I have a question for you.

    Can a professional trader long/short trade on the trading platform, or should we always stick to daily signals from the Berry team?

    I have read that Berry company is into donation, helping people to build a better life and giving hope to the less privileged people.

    Are the members required to contribute to the charity donation work?

    • Stick to daily signals from the berry analyst team. No, the funds generated on the part of FS Global berry goes into contribution for welfare.

  11. So may I ask in term of taking profit after buying can you see how much profit you make from buying or you have to sell after then you’ll get your profit like that you can’t make profit from just buying without selling nd how does the graph work?

  12. Bonjour Mr. james depuis combien de temps vous รชtes dans lโ€™entreprise car je constate que votre groupe wasap est jeune depuis dรฉbut avril 2023.

    • You can join if you follow my guidelines and explanations above. For now, you can join but do not fund your account yet. There is a problem with berry at the moment and it seems not to be clear. I will keep you updated on any developments.

  13. Good day. Thank you for the explanation. How sure should we be that they will allow withdrawals. And what does it mean that berry will become a member of NASDAQ?

  14. Many people are saying bad things about berry some people are saying they are scammer’s and once they start to give free bonus when you register that’s when they collect money from our accounts and berry will be nowhere to be found on internet,gone with our hard earned money

  15. The stopping of withdrawals is always the first step in the beginning of the ebd fir most SCAMS. Berry just did that. Besides the coins Berry launches can not be goundvor traded anywhere in the digital currency space. This tells you Berry is not even licensed to do what it claims to do. Uf withdrawals could be reopened after 3 weeks grom today it wiil be a miracle. I am crying for my money already. Cursing myself for not withdrawing while I still could. Icwas too ambitious. Maybe I will get my $350 back, only God knows.

    • I agree with you; yours is even small, what about mine??? We are hoping but honestly, I am gradually swallowing the naked truth that berry may be gone. Everything looks shadowy and scammy now.

      • There are so many redflags,they say that because of fraudelent accounts,who wants to capitalise on promotions,withdrawals are suspended,but they are enforcing deposits,which makes no sense because deposits are suppose to be suspended if you talking that language of fraudelent accounts.
        I believe Berry is a scam and the upliners in the whatsapp groups are part of the scam because they just talk about deposit,nothing else as if they are agents of Berry,the admins on FB of Berry are also part of this…be careful guys,if they open withdrawals withdraw everything,which they will place a limit,no real broker will do that,so lets see…

    • That is my sentiment too.

      Why pay money to access my own money.?

      Something is not right.
      If I don’t pay $50 I lose my money.

      This sounds like a scam.

  16. Hello, I would like to know what is the country of origine of Berry trading platform? Thank you

  17. Is it money laundering? For example in Botswana the it has been deemed an illegal virtual assets provider? How does one bypass that and keep getting profits? Is the trading done by insider trading?

  18. My question is, does Berry really have a physical office in South Africa? If so, is it currently open? What are they saying to South Africans?

    • They do have an office along Voortrekker road, on your way to Bellville. It is currently open. For now, I do not know what is going on, because berry told us to wait till May 22nd, that they are undergoing merger and acquisition and intends to be listed on NASDAQ.

      • Let’s be patient and hope that there actually is good out there! Let’s believe we truly live in a world where people really help one another using this amazing concept

        • Sir, how do you begin to think as you do? Based on the facts that have been presented, how then are we to have patients and be hopeful?
          It is good to have hope, but it works against one to be unrealistic.

      • Is it money laundering? For example in Botswana the it has been deemed an illegal virtual assets provider? How does one bypass that and keep getting profits? Is the trading done by insider trading?

  19. I am also part of Berry and started on 10 March. I have not made a withdraw yet and wanted to do so this month but now everything is blocked. My concern now is that there are people that started berry as a way to generate an income and if this is a scam they will loose everything. Cant seem to find any info regarding berry or even contact details. For a company that big to not have any info is really a worry. With any type of trading you need profits and losses in order to survive the market. For one person to make profit means someone else has to loose profits but at Berry no one ever loose thus where does the funds come from. where are the people working for berry and why are they not coming to the table with answers.

        • Hi James I have been in berry for just about 8 months now, I’ve only invested one time time 50usdt, I was able to withdraw normally from berry to my bank but in small portions. I do however have just over 100 downlines and currently as it stands if all goes well after BRY Coin in sold, I’ll have just over 2million usdt. I was forced to reactivate my account with another 50usdt because I was afraid of losing that much money and I’ve done numerous charity events. I am afraid that this all might be a huge huge scam but I still try and keep the faith because I was able to withdraw in the past but now the merge took place and my question is. Why did thr account number change and the price of a quick also went up.

  20. Berry is getting very fishy about the BRY token having so huge profits i.e if a person had purchased BRY for $150,on 25th of May he will gain $787.5 as profit isn’t that suspicious? There will be very low liquidity in the funds due to huge virtual profits made , hence making it suspicious

      • Hi James.
        It is said to open withdraws after assets review at the same time there is QTP running which will be released on 20th June this year, how was this arrenged, what was their plans against QTP?
        we have some questions against this platform.

  21. If it has closed, it means that it has reached its climax. But LIFE continues . That is business becoz in business , there are profits and losses. But never lose hope.

    • Yes, in business there are profits and losses, this is not the case, this is a clear scam where people were scammed of their money. it is totally different from a business not making the anticipated profits.
      So let us not sugar coat this, because if we do , we will fall into the same pit again, as you said ” LIFE continues”.

  22. Hi I could not trade this afternoon, I just keep on etting messege that saying sys is busy, try later until buying time was over. Someone said we need to deposit 50 dollars to activate our account. But why, what happen to our money in the account?

    • It really sounds like a scam
      Money is there but people are expected to pay to access their own money. !! Why

      Now there is also insurence that people must buy to insure their money’s against loss.

      All these are spelling”scam”

  23. Berry platform has finally proved to be a scam, they are now demanding that everyone reactivate their accounts with 50 dollars. If you don’t reactivate you will be eliminated from the system without compensation

  24. I agree it is a scam!!
    Who closes withdrawel function.
    The system is not upgraded, no new features were added, only a few color and font changes, other than that, it is still 100% the same. And even after the “completed upgrade” today (12 May), they come to ask you 50USDT to keep account active after 20th May. That spells SCAM!!
    And I also agree with a earlier post, the M&A completion date will only be extended far beyond 22nd May 2023. Watch that space!

  25. Good day,

    It will help if you could supply me with Berry registration number in South Africa and where to find it on the web.


      • Hi Sisanda
        Would it be wrong to assume that Jinxa Distributors are the owners of the Berry Trading platform? I have a Jinxia Yang as the Director. Address per Bizportal is 68 Renaissance Drv, Crown Mines (JHB). Company registered on 17 March 2021.

  26. I also started with Berry about a month amandel a half ago. Our accounts as of today have been closed. Some story about inactive or fraudulent accounts and thus merge. My concern is all accounts have been made inactive, surely they can pick out ones that are because of their verification process. This happens just after the launch if the new berry coin which I’ve seen has costed the least to buy (150 usd), trouble in the market with sa being in the spotlight about the Russian situation. Now we have to reactivate our accounts by depositing more money? It’s concerning and some of us don’t have that extra money. What happens if the same thing happens in a months time again, the trustworthiness of berry is just not there anymore. I ask myself are the things that’s happening now proving them to be a scam? And there are things they aren’t telling us. Yes there’s zoom meetings but our questions are not being answered our concerns are not being addressed.

  27. I don’t really have a comment, I just want to thank you for your honest opinion, and answers to the questions asked.
    I guess we all wait and see what happens next. It’s so sad I have downliners I don’t how to explain this๐Ÿ™†

  28. James I remember last time listening to your voice note saying that the admin of fs Global removed you from the group can you please tell us why they removed you from berry

    • Honestly, I do not know why. i am in limbo like everyone else. I am currently trying to accept my fate that my money may be gone. things look shady and im confused.

  29. “Some people on Facebook says they are unable to withdraw, however, they cannot proof that they are saying the truth. They are just people trying to sabotage the system.”
    Quote from this very website…. my question is now, are they still sabotaging the system…. sometimes understand people grievances before throwing them out the window…

    You see now…

    • Hi Calvin, they are not sabotaging the system. It is the truth, people, including myself cannot make withdrawals. I see a scam here or a scam in the making. personally, I am not just comfortable with the developments happening at berry

      • hy. totally scam. how can you be enforced to reactivate? why will they delete non reactivated account while you have activated before??

    • They have now changed their banking details twice and also they say only e-wallet should be used to re-charge the accounts.. I think the bank account are being closed down by the banks.. Now they use Capitec

  30. I can say alot about Berry why they a scam in my opinion.
    But what I will say no legitimate broker can or will force all its clients to make a deposit otherwise it will block your account

  31. In my opinion beery has proven to be a complete scam. I dont encourage anyone to deposit more money in that platform because withdrawals are still not guaranteed. I think after 22 May they will come up with a story that Assets audit is not completed. If berry was to be listed under NASDAQ it would have to comply with corporate governance. They didnโ€™t even mention the audit company auditing their assets, lets all accept that we have been scammed

    • I wonder if @NASDAQ is even aware that Berry Max is using their logo. I’m even more concerned about the deafening silence of FS Global in this whole debacle. I mean, their reputation is at stake.

  32. Yhaaa people Thr gonna learn a lesson ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃi tel them at first do not join this berry its a scam bt some people they do not understand

  33. All in all this thing that happened now its so painful if they want to reactivate our account why they don’t deduct that 50dollars from our dollars that are already in the system why they said we have deposit that 50dollars yesterday they said they are no longer using standard bank ,they are using FNB why?suddenly they ‘ve changed their banking details ?

  34. I recently registered my son and my brother next day both of their accounts were
    closed.what happened now cause they were telling us we can even get a bank loan and gave us an assurance that money will be pd where am I going to get 150 usd?

  35. It’s very much clear we have lost our monies on berry. I was a fool to dream with my upliner when i was very clear that i choose to wait for withdrawals and invest only my profits until he sort of tricked me to invest for money berry is still a new platform to exhaust so soon. I introduced a downliner which happens to be my wife with my own money $150 = 3500zar on the 9th of may last week. Now my knees are shaking i cant even focus on work.๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ

    • I feel so sorry for the people that put their life savings in this company, saying if they don’t reactivate they will lose everything, what kind of company does this, also Nasdaq is well known why was this merge not on financial news, not even binance got it right to merge with them, this raises so much question, really inhuman for a global charity business they claim to be.

  36. I just joint recently mid April after denying to joint because of MMM references on previous investement scam !!!! Now its berry chowing my last R 2000 oh- oh- oh lilishwa eli Thixo ukutyiwa kangaka erhawuntini

  37. I deposited 50 Dollar to Jinxa Distributors account before I find out its no longer used ca I get help with that

  38. I have a berry account… i cant withdraw my money… why… rumour say it a scam.. if so it the second time im been throw this… lost alot of money….

  39. Berry has extended the reactivation account period and loyalty program untill 22nd and postponed the withdrawal date to 23th May? Why is that? Maybe, those are exit strategies ๐Ÿค”

    • 100% correct. Cold be last chance to gain more money before exiting. It’s really sad alot of South Africans trusted and invested. Now might disappear in to thin air. Is there a way to charge these people if berry disappears?

  40. I believe Berry is not a scam but operating differently in this decentralized space . They have have given notice of the event that occurred when they asked everyone to unstake from USDT.

    • They didn’t “give notice”, they forcibly converted our USDT into berry tokens and announced this on Telegram hours later. They have also not done any of the things they said they would do, like the “T+1 Withdrawal system” and the alleged coin that was being sold at the 25th. Now all of a sudden we have to wait 3 months for our money to be “unlocked”, announced on the day they promised to open withdrawals. Not only this, but somehow people are still allowed to deposit! This a huge red flag, I’m not sure how you’re not seeing it.

  41. All my money is gone today as I woke up to check and I donโ€™t knw why because yesterday it was there but today is empty

  42. Father I pray that berry may bring our money back or continue with this trading ,we are crying oh Lord having a lot of problem ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I borrowed money for reactivating ,now it’s another story ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ it’s been a work now I can’t move am dying ,am not working though it’s painful ,I trusted Bery , whoever the boss is ,we are broke down yhoooo ๐Ÿ‘น Jesus I don’t know what to do where am I going to get money to pay my debt for I was waiting for this day to withdraw my money ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  43. I do not know to feel, they literally converted everyones money in BRY Tokens and froze the money in like 2 hours after a Zoom Meeting with FS Global, FS Global did not even tell users before the USDT could be converted. Now since the money got converted to BRY Tokens and Frozen, they release another notice saying that the BRY Tokens will be locked for another 90 Days because it has not reached 30USDT. But on the 5th of May they said that the coin will be unlocked in 15 days from the 10th May if 2 specific conditions were met. Those 2 specific conditions were met and today is the 15th day and our assets are frozen, I really don’t understand how to feel, I mean FS Global is a charity organization and they with this Berry Company which is giving of strong SCAM Vibes. Must be some evil people to pull of something like this and get away with it. I want to have faith that people are not so evil but damn Berry Max and FS Global pushing it, not giving users options and springing one sides decisions is a very recent trend with them now.

    I’m trying to have some inkling of faith here but all the signs are pointing to an evil scam since the upgrade to Berry Max. I will not recommend this platform to anyone because of the kind of questionable decisions they making, would feel terrible if someone put their hard earned money only to find out it is a scam.

      • Yeah ,cant do anything now ,just gonna wait and see how this plays out, will not be putting money further into this platform and will advise people to avoid it altogether.
        Hopefully we can get the moneys we invested (even thou highly unlikely at this point).

        I guess I’ll take this as a learning experience and learn how to do actual forex and cryto trading with approved platforms๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

        Thanks James for your input, wish you all the best ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  44. Hi I recently joined berry and yes they are always sending out messages and keeping users informed which is great and all but they also mentioned that we should contact customer service for questions but this option is not available on the website can you please direct me there. Another thing which is bothering me is that they are locking all user assets for 90 days which just came from nowhere should it not be written in some kind of policy. Last thing is that they are so ademant on users depositing money to trade but how can we deposit money if it is being put into the berry currency which we cant trade with at the moment as it is going to be locked for 90 days

  45. I deposit money into berry during April 2023, shortly after that they were going through a merger, where all withdrawals were frozen once this supposed merger was completed my account was frozen and to be able to activate it I had to deposit a further $50.00 which is ridiculously pathetic. To me this is a scam, why do I need to re-activate an active account? Now everyone’s assets have been transferred into the Berry coin and because it has not performed to the level they set everyone’s assets are frozen until it does reach the performance level. THIS IS A SCAM, NO ONE CANNOT WITHDRAW ANY MONEY. So we no choice to write off our money and lose out

  46. My money is in BRY, can’t access it nor withdraw any funds, anyone who can assist and help. Can’t lose that money ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  47. On the 22 may 2023 I have mistakenly trade on BRY at around 13h09 pm n I didn’t able to sell after buying as it was the wrong signal since then my usdt 489 is in BRY will I get it back.

  48. I like your writing about Berry Max. But you didn’t write the contact details of Berry Max. At least if you want to invest your money you should know the office location of the company. It’s this address I was expecting to see that made me to start reading what you wrote.

  49. My wife is part of Berry Max.she did a withdrawal request on the 13th of June 2023 when she check is still on pendind to date and customer service is no longer available on the system no one to contact our upliner has been offline since end of May 2023 no update on what is problem with withdrawals any that can assists on who we can contact for such queries

  50. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My
    blog site is in the exact same niche as yours
    and my visitors would really benefit from
    some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay
    with you. Cheers!

  51. I deposited 55 usdt in berry max, but up to now i cannot be able to trade. It keep on Telling me that ,” the system is busy please try again later,” what can i do?

  52. Hi All. It seems we cannot withdraw and trade. Monies locked in BRY. No contact info. However people are still trading and seems to be a new group of victims. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Can you elaborate on the coins bought QTP and BRY which as for QTP was said to mature end of June? What will they do with them?
        As for them continueing to trade how come that they are allowed to operate freely? Is the office you mentioned was opened in SA still operating?

  53. I am in need of any information details for the BERRY MAX officials 0815679084 I have crying group members that has hope but still nothing happens to website notification.
    Please please please help me out!!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’Ž TABONGS WINNING TEAM LEADER in Cape town ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’ช

    • I wish South Africa was like Zimbabwe. They was E Creator in Zim and the Chinese guy took people’s mondy and he was arrested. They hunted him until they found him. This is hard earned money.

  54. There is details for a capitec account that people must use,i think we must open a case against that person where the money is going first as it is fraud,then report them to the news

  55. Please bring my money back!! we suffer to get this money!! itโ€™s not fair and I hope Jesus will change your thieving heart

    • Today is Sunday the 30th of July 2023 and hopefully tomorrow which is Monday the 31st of July 2023 we will receive communication regarding withdrawals. They said after 90 days we will be able to withdraw, well tomorrow is after days I am a bread winner and the past 3 months have been really tough…

  56. Good day

    I was a Berry max investor and now the whole Berry/ Berry max platform has gone dark please can you tell me what is going on with the platform, any contact details or how can us ,as investors get our money back. A lot of people put the last little bit of money they had into this platform and I don’t want to see more people end up homeless or in poverty because of Berry Max ,I want all the the investors money back. Please can you assist me with right the wrong that Berry Max has done and bringing everyone involved to justice.

    I sincerely hope that you can assist me with this or forward me any contact details you might have on anyone that was part of Berry max. Like Mr Bae Lee Mr John Pritchard(Director UK), Mrs Ashley Medaline ( financial analyst)

    Please help get the people their money back

    Kind regards

    Eric Steyn

    • Its all a scam Eric. If you read the whole article, I sounded the alarm at the beginning of the post. I lost USD6k when berry max was berry FS global and I had to swallow a painful bitter truth. Its a scam.

    • Hi Eric, Sanette hier. kon jy al kontak maak met die mense dat ons weer kan trade
      of is dit nog n scam?? laat weet vir my asb.

  57. Can anybody please let me know where or how I can get hold of Ashley, she was the financial analyst, the one who created and sent out the signals for Berry and Berry Max, I’m urgently looking for her , also of anyone can tell me what the address is for BERRY MAX in the UK.

    Please whatsapp me on +27637859501 it is of great urgency

  58. Good day, is Berry FS Global still into existence? Should we still be positive? No updates, nothing we are just in a dilemma

  59. The sad reality is that we all invested and lost money. In fact I have 7024 USDT in BRY coin which is now valued at $45 which totals to R316 000 times $ 26.30 equals to R8.3 million . lol Im a millionair but I cant withdraw it. Lol. SCAM DELUXE everyone. so sad too bad. Good luck

    • Hi there

      I’m also sitting with a similar amount shill waiting for them to release the bry coin … wondering if his will ever happen.

  60. It is very strange that no one can or are willing to make a criminal and fraudulent case against the leadership of Berry. I’m of the opinion that we have some investors that invested thousands of Dollars – are they just going to wake away? I think James in this post is our kingpin. He even mention about a Cape Town office and that he met the Leaders. We have a website and names – this can be followed up and reported to the authorities. We were scammed by Michael Weber with X100K from the US and he ended up in jail. I also invested and never could withdraw a single cent. We must follow this up shortly before even the website disappears. James need to start this process. Justice must be done and we must at least get the money back we invested. Thank you Ronald in Cape Town South-Africa.

  61. I had been scammed and I immediately notified the police, but regrettably, there was no quick action that took place. Despite their reassurances and claims of taking action, their promises proved empty. Online scams plan and encountered difficulties withdrawing my profits. I was fortunate to read a recommendation about Federal Trade commission FTC in USA they are genius and they have vast knowledge of the internet and how to track these funds Reliablehacker06 AT gmail. COM as the best and genuine experts, they would help anyone with lost funds in getting their funds back. I immediately reached out to him and explained my problem. They handled my case in a very professional manner and just after 2 days he was able to recover 90% of my funds back to me. I will always be grateful for his great service.

  62. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks, However I am experiencing problems with your RSS.
    I don’t understand the reason why I cannot subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody else having identical RSS issues?
    Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond?

  63. Great blog here! Also your web site loads up very fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?

    I wish my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol


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