How To Cancel Vodacom Contract After 24 Months ( Vodacom Contract Cancellation Number)

The cost effective approach to cancel your Vodacom contract is to simply call 082 1958 from your mobile phone. The step by step guidelines to do that, fees to pay, documents required, questions asked and how to totally stop it is fully explained.

How To Cancel Vodacom Contract

Here are the 3 ways to cancel Vodacom contract:

  • Through Vodacom contract cancellation email:

The email address is However, this is much more of making an inquiry, and it sometimes takes time for them to reply back to you.

  • Through Vodacom contract cancellation phone number:

I have explained this method repeatedly. Just call 082 1958 and the customer representative at the other end will pick your call and guide you through the process.

  • Cancel Vodacom contract online:

A visit to the official Vodacom website at and leveraging on the use of the Live chat is another proven alternative to use.

However, there may be some constraint due to epileptic power supply and unstable internet connection. You can access the daily chat from 6:00 – 22:100.

Please note that the best and proven way to truly terminate everything is by calling the number as mentioned above!!

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Using The Contract Cancellation Number

The magic wand to terminate the contract is calling the Vodacom contract cancellation number which is 082 1958.

This is a dedicated line for people that wants to terminate or stop this binding agreement. One thing you should know and understand is that you cannot do it by yourself either online or through SMS.

When you call the Vodacom contract cancellation number, an experienced, dedicated professional will answer the call and walk you through the steps needed.

Follow the steps below to implement this:

  • Open your phone and call 082 1958
  • Once picked up by the customer representative, make known your intentions clearly
  • Wait for about 3 minutes, the customer representative will ask for your registered Vodacom number and some other information’s, then calculate the fees payable and tell you
  • Endeavour to make the payment
  • After making the payment, the contract will be terminated effectively

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What Is Vodacom Contract

Vodacom contract is a binding agreement that spans a period of 24 or 36 months of which you are obliged to be paying certain amounts of money per month on any items bought on credit from the giant telecommunication company till you pay off the debt.

Some of the items may include phones, laptops, cellphones, airtime, data, gadgets etc. This is a great gesture from the company and as such, many people takes advantage of this offer. It is a good idea because other competitive telecom companies do not offer such features and privileges especially in other African countries apart from South Africa.

In as much as these offer may look convenient at the start, some customers feels they are no longer interested and as such want to pull out and terminate the contract. It is not so easy that way because there are procedures to follow and implement or else you risk your name being blacklisted.

Going to the nearby store or shop will not yield much success when you want to cancel your Vodacom contract, the only way is to leverage on the Vodacom contract cancellation number and you call the number.

I think this is a good idea instead of wasting time going up and down and queuing for long hours. I use Vodacom network for my voice and data needs, the ease to check my number, do SIM swap on my lost number, activate international roaming and ability to easily cancel unwanted subscriptions are some of the reasons I enjoy using Vodacom.

The use of Vodacom USSD codes caps it all, you can virtually access and enjoy all of Vodacom features and services right from the comfort of your home by dialing the codes!!

how to cancel vodacom contract

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Number Can I Call To Cancel My Vodacom Contract?

Once you are absolutely sure on your decision to terminate or stop the contract, just avail yourself yourself the opportunity of calling 082 1958.

As I mentioned earlier, the use of the number is the only sure proof way of getting it terminated. Do not pay other people to do it for you. Do not call any other number.

  • 4 Facts About Your Vodacom 24 Months Contract

The Christians believe what the Bible said about ‘My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge” quote. I believe this quote.

Now, I believe it is important you have some key information and details with you before and after you sign up for the contract. I have summarized some of them below:

  • After you have signed up, you are only eligible for an upgrade on the device, plan or package you have signed for once within the 24 months payment validity period. Additional upgrades will make you to cough up money at the full retail price
  • For a 24 month contract deal, you are only permitted to upgrade or renew at the 22nd month
  • For a 36 month contract deal, you are only permitted to upgrade or renew at the 33rd month
  • SIM based tariffs are eligible for 24 month or 36 month period


  • How Long Do You Have To Cancel A Vodacom Contract?

All contracts on Vodacom does not exceed 24 months, to cancel your contract can be done anytime. However, there is a catch!!

You need to understand and know the terms and conditions and implement them!! These terms and conditions are the rules put in place likely fees to pay especially if you are stopping midway!!

After calling the number mentioned above and you are being guided, the cancellation time requires 20 days written notice. Though there is blurred timing here because Vodacom stated at one point that it takes 4-7 working days. But whichever the case, picking your phone and calling the cancellation number will answer your questions.

  • What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Vodacom Contract?

The truth here is that there is a legal implication to this. A contract, by the understanding of the term comes into binding force the moment you signed the papers presented to you.

Now, for customers on Vodacom contract who refuses to pay the monthly charges or was paying before but stopped, there are consequences to be expected.

Chief among the consequences is that your credit rating scores becomes low, stained and tarnished. Secondly, your name may end up with the credit bureau and thirdly, the service will be cancelled and you will still pay the charges plus penalty fees.

  • Will I Be Charged A Fee For Cancelling My Vodacom Contract?

When you cancel your Vodacom contract before the 24 months expired, yes, you will incur a fee.

Now, let us be clear here!!

If you pay your monthly charges every month till the last month i.e. 24th month ( completed), it means you are not under any obligation again, so you are free to cancel and walk away free without getting any other contract.

However, if you decide to cancel the contract before the 24th month, this means you have triggered a contract breach and there is a penalty fee to be paid.

Here is the fee and cost you will pay when you cancel Vodacom contract:

  • 75% of the remaining total balance plus
  • The remaining monthly subscriptions

So, let us assume that you have been paying R1000 monthly payment , you have 5 months remaining and the remaining balance is R5000; this means you are going to pay (R1000 x 5 ) + 75% of the R5000

I hope you understand the calculation now?

  • What Documents Are Needed To Cancel Vodacom Contract?

The major document needed is the written notice of termination that you have to write and present to the company. This is required as per the rules and should be written

You are required to write a 20 days written notice to Vodacom of your intention to cancel your cancel your contract.

Other required documents along with the letter is copy of your ID and the original papers you signed at the beginning.

However, when you call the Vodacom contract cancellation number, after some few questions that will be asked from you by the customer service, other documents that may be needed will be relayed to you.

  • How Do I Check When My Vodacom Contract Ends?

From your registered Vodacom number, send a text message to 31050; Send the message like this, text UG to 31050.

After waiting for approximately 1 minutes, the detailed information will be shown on your phone screen.

Alternatively, call the number, 082 1958 and make a request to know when your contract will end.

But generally, all Vodacom contract has a maximum contract duration of 24 months!!

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4 Reasons Customer Cancels Their Vodacom Contract

The major reasons has always been that of cost; 80% of customers complained that the monthly instalment is too high.

Sometimes, signing up on any contract needs more than the physical eyes, you need to read in between the lines with a big eye ball using lenses.

Many people signed for Vodacom contract without doing due diligence at the beginning, I am not saying that Vodacom contract is bad, no it is not bad.

However, you need to look for the longevity and your ability to continue paying for whatever monthly durations you may have been signed onto.

I have listed out the following reasons why people may want to opt out of Vodacom contract:

  • High Instalments payment

This is the chief reason. Ask any average South African what they think or feel about Vodacom, they will tell you that their service is the best which is on the positives but the negative side they will tell you is that Vodacom is too expensive.

Vodacom, like any other business entity or company sole mission is to make profits, I still believe their contract offer is good because you are required to be paying small money every month

  • Better contract deal

Variety is the spice of life says the old wise men. Having better deals somewhere, especially with the likes of Telkom and MTN tends to change people’s perspective about Vodacom.

This is another reason why people tends to cancel their contract with Vodacom.

  • Relocations

This reason is valid. Tell me, how can you continue paying for a service that you are no longer using because you are no longer staying in the country.

Honestly, it does not make sense. This is another valid reason why people terminates their agreement with the company.

  • Unpleasant experience

Some folks have reported about their unpleasant experience as the reason for them walking away. Well, it is all a matter of choice because I have never experienced any unpleasant situation with the company.

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