How To Activate Capitec App Without Going To The Bank ( Download Capitec App)

Everything you need to know about how to activate capitec app without going to the bank, downloading Capitec App etc.

Capitec Bank has a growing number of users here in South Africa, and it is reputable for simplifying banking activities. Capitec Bank is widely regarded and respected as the largest digital bank in South Africa, claiming top spot even as the best digital bank according to SITEisfaction 2021 report.

How To Activate Capitec App Without Going To The Bank

I explained this below, but let me explain it again.

  • Activate the Capitec App without going to the bank
  • Activate the Capitec App using WhatsApp customer service

Yes, you can activate the Capitec App without going to the bank from the comfort of your home if your email address is already verified on your Capitec banking profile. What you need which will be asked from you are:

  • Your account number
  • Your email address
  • PIN that will be sent to your phone number/email address

Now, for you to activate the Capitec App when new or probably forgot your email address;

  • If you do not have an account yet just download and install the new App ( called Global One); take with you your ID, proof of address, your phone and go to any branch, they will activate the App for you and send you a code as SMS. Input the code on your App and it is activated.
  • If you already have the App on your phone but not the recent one ( i.e. GlobalOne), just go to stores and download it again or click on update. It will ask for your email address. Fill it with your email address and that is all.

Activate the Capitec App using WhatsApp customer service

Should in case none of the above works, you can contact their WhatsApp customer care. All you need to do is to take a selfie and a copy of your ID and send it to WhatsApp on  067 418 9565, wait for some minutes and they will get to you.

You can also activate your Capitec app without the bank App by using their WhatsApp service I mentioned above or going through the online internet banking of Capitec. If all of this fails, then you need to go to any physical branch.

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Benefits of Using Capitec

I summarized them below:

  • Using Capitec bank App has a lot of advantages compared to the other banks, it simplifies everything for you right from the comfort of your home. All the advantages of using Capitec bank is summarized in 4 word.. “Peace, Satisfaction, Simplicity, Easiness’.
  • You can use WhatsApp to easily block Capitec card in case you lost it or you were probably robbed.
  • With the use of Capitec bank App, you can practically perform all types and forms of a transaction from the comfort of your home and still be able to generate a receipt of payment. Sound interesting? Right?

how to download capitec bank app

  • Capitec has partnered with most network providers; this means you can use the Capitec Bank App even when you do not have data on your phone. It means you do not have to have data before you can use your Capitec Bank App on either MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom. In addition, even if you have data, you will not be charged for using the App.

Apart from the convenience on how to reverse cash send on Capitec app or using the USSD codes, I also would want you to explore the Capitec App and see the many benefits it offers.

The comparison that FNB App offers, especially with the convenience of reversing eWallet payment on the FNB App can also be done with the use of the Capitec App. Let us find out on this guideline.

Before you can use the Capitec Bank App, you have to install and activate it. Today, I’m going to share steps on how you can download the Capitec bank App on your phone, activate it and use it.

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Capitec Bank App Download for Android Phone

Most mobile consumers in South Africa are using android phones, as at March 2022, Android phones has a market share of 83.67% ( and leading phone is Samsung), followed by iPhone ( iOS devices).

Though in terms of mobile phone users, Samsung rank first, Huawei second and Apple Phones in third position.

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I will discuss with you how to download Capitec bank App for android phone, Huawei and also for iPhone users.

Pleas note that the Capitec bank app download is free!!

  • For android phone mobile users, go to Google play store and download it, or just go to play store and search for ‘Capitec bank app’
  • If you are using iPhone, go to Apple store, or simply open the Apple play store and search for Capitec bank app.
  • For Huawei users, go to AppGallery or simply search for the App when you are there
  • Once it has loaded the Capitec app, look at the right hand side and then click install. The installation of the App begins almost immediately once you’ve clicked on install. Click open once completed.

Please know this: Your email address is the most important tool when using the Capitec bank App; everything depends a lot on your email address, even for the verification and activation!!

Tap I have a savings account ( or whichever account type you have) and fill it with your savings account details.

  • Now, when you open the App, you need to verify and activate before it will start working.
  • Activate your Capitec app. Open your current tab and tap on the menu on the top right. Click my profile and sign in with your secret remote pin. Write down your savings account number because you will be needing it to sign in to the new Capitec bank.
  • There are three options to get your App activated:
  •  You can go inside the Capitec banking hall to get your app activated on the phone
  • You can just activate your App without going to the banking hall, all you have to do is:
    •  Just take a selfie and a copy of your ID and send it to the customer service via the App, wait for some minutes and it will be done
    • Or send it to the Capitec bank WhatsApp customer service at: 067 418 9565
    • Your email address will be asked; in such case, if you have your email address on your banking profile already, it will be activated immediately
    • However, if you are still using the old App, just update it ( to Global one, by clicking on update or downloading it again from the stores). It will ask for your email address, once you provide it, it will automatically updates to the new Capitec App and you can start using it.
    • You will need to visit the nearest branch if you do not have an active email.t will be done for you.

I recommend you watch this video:

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How to verify your Email address for Capitec App Activation

Remember that I said your email address is the defacto when it comes to the use of Capitec bank App. To make the whole process seamless and easy, you can quickly visit the nearest branch and verufy your email address.

Capitec Bank App Login

To always access your Capitec banking App, all you need is the password. Please keep the password safe and secure. If at all there is a little challenge, just enter your profile details/username/email address, enter the password/pin and it will open.

Keep your login safe at all times.

How to get Capitec Bank proof of payment

To get your proof of payment from your App is easy, follow the steps below:

  • Step One: Open your Capitec bank app on your phone
  • Step Two: You can only get the proof of payment of money sent out. So, select pay beneficiary
  • Step Three: Go to sign in and input your pin
  • Step Four: Click on savings account
  • Step Five: Click on money out. It will display list of transaction you have made.
  • Step Six: Choose send payment notification
  • Step Seven: Choose email
  • Step Eight: Input your verified email address
  • Step Nine: Check your email and download it
  • Note: if you want to get your proof of payment as document you have to compulsorily choose email option and not SMS. If you choose SMS, you won’t be able to print it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I download Capitec app?

Downloading the Capitec App is free, you can download the App from Google play store, Apply play and also from Huawei AppGallery.

Can I use Capitec app on another phone?

For security reasons, it is not advisable. However, if you wish to use the Capitec App on more than one phone, you can use it.

Just download the preferred App version on the other phone, get it verified and activated. That is all. Learn more on how to get the Capitec App verified with or without going to the bank.

What do I do if my Capitec app is not working?

If your Capitec App is not working, first, do not panic. Secondly, there are steps to take and precautions to watch out for. Check and do the following:

  • Check your internet connection ( unstable internet connection will not make the App work perfectly)
  • Have you updated to the latest version? old versions tends to have freezes and unstable. Anytime you receive a notification for updates, quickly update the App
  • Sometimes, bugs could be the problem and this is from the App itself, the technical team will be aware and fix it immediately
  • Close the App, then re-open the App; if it shows the same problem, switch off your phone and restart the phone.
  • Caching could be the problem. For every activities you do on the internet, even on your app or websites, there are cache i.e. stored memory files on your device . You have to clear the cache and free up space for your phone. Just go to settings, then the App, open the App settings, then storage, then you will see cache, clear the cache
  • Not enough memory, if your phone has too much videos, it may be competing with space and memory usage with your App, try deleting and removing some phones and check if the App will work.

Try all the above tips if your Capitec App is not working, I am sure it will start working.

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How do I check my Capitec balance without the app?

Yes, you can check the balance by making use of the Capitec USSD codes; To do this, dial *120*3279# from your phone. Secondly, you can login online i.e. online banking and check your balances.

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