Capitec Branch Code And Swift Code ( Name And Number 470010) South Africa

In what started in late 2022 into 2023, all Capitec branch codes were condensed into a single code, name and number, hitherto called universal code and it is 470010.

From a comprehensive research carried out by our team of field journalist and feedback from loyal readers, Mamzansi was able to scrub the length and breadth of the entire SA landscape with a means of presenting a formidable, well researched and thorough insight about the latest Capitec branch codes.

With an hindsight that is sharp, not contrasting facts from fictions; the list of the latest capitec branch codes from Gauteng, Limpopo and all the states of South Africa are condensed in this detailed, simple but highly comprehensive guideline.

capitec branch code

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Capitec Branch Codes

A brief summary of the latest Capitec branch codes in tabular forms ( taking account different cities, provinces and suburbs) are:

  • For Johannesburg CBD,: Branch code is 470010
  • For Gauteng ( the richest province); Its Branch code is 470010
  • For Western Cape Town ( Cape Town): Branch code is 470010
  • For Durban: Its branch code is 470010
  • For KZN ( Kwazulu Natal): Branch code is 470010
  • For Pretoria: Branch code is 470010
  • For Bloemfontein, its 470010
  • For PE ( Port Elizabeth): It is 470010
  • For Nelspruit ( Mpumalanga), the branch code is 470010
  • The same 470010 doubles also as the branch code for Khayelitsha, Polokwane and East London
  • For Nelspruit, it is 470010
  • For Pietermaritzburg: 470010
  • 470010 is the Capitec branch code for the following: Pinetown, Boksburg, Midrand, Krugersdorp, Rustenburg, Stellenbosch, somerset west, Klerksdorp, Soweto etc.

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Capitec Branch Code Universal

470010; this is the universal branch code for Capitec bank!!

Prior to 2022, all the more than 100 Capitec branches all over South African has unique branch codes related and linked to the city, town and province where it is located.

However, all the codes were scrapped and instead a single branch code is in place as a general universal code for Capitec banks in South Africa.

One of the core reasons for the development of this single universal codes is to offer simplicity and comfortability to the millions of customers that Capitec has.

No wonder, the bank retains its leading position as the bank with the most customers base in the country; this is in addition to its vast world class service offerings such as the ability to reverse cash send payment and activating your App without going to the bank .

Their seamless integration with other major banks in the country is also a testimony as observed in the transfer time from Capitec to FNB , FNB to capitec and also for Tymebank.

When asked for the universal Capitec bank code, just know it is 470010!!

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What is the Capitec Bank Swift Code

Though the Capitec branch code and the swift code are intertwined, but do not get confused because they are quite different.

The swift code is essentially the banking numbers you empowers and enables you to make to international payments seamlessly.

For Capitec bank, the swift code is: CABLZAJJ

When making or receiving cross border payment i.e. internationally into a banking account directly, you will be required to present this number, along with the branch code and your own account number.

So basically, for people involved in international trading or even sending or receiving money abroad, the Capitec universal bank code i.e. 470010 and the swift code is important and mandatory!!

In case you are wondering about the meaning of this swift code, allow me to educate you a little bit by breaking down the meaning of the codes one by one:

Along with the branch code and the swift code, the following are the meaning of Capitec swift code, CABLZAJJ

  1. CABL stands for and represent the bank code
  2. ZA stands for the country code of South Africa
  3. JJ, the last two digits stands for Capitec bank location code

I hope you fully understand it now.

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Capitec Branch Code VS Universal Code

Individual branch codes have been depreciated as I explained earlier, they are now a single universal code. So whether, you are in Rustenburg, Constantia, Limpopo, Gauteng or Cape Town, your Capitec branch code is now 470010 which is also the universal code solely for Capitec bank and its operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I use Capitec Bank branch code for international transactions?

Using only the Capitec branch code for international payment is not enough because the transactions will not go through.

Basically, the bank branch codes are for domestic financial transactions for it to be facilitated quickly and also for the corresponding banks to identity it.

For international financial transactions, the branch codes needs to be used along with the swift code I mentioned earlier. You can scroll up to read my guidelines on it.

  • What happens if I use the wrong branch code

The money may probably go to another account owner or bounced back if the account number is wrong; else the payment will go through and someone else will have the money.

If you are a victim of this mistake, contact Capitec bank immediately.

  • How do I change my Capitec branch code?

No, you cannot.



In a nutshell, the Capitec bank branch code doubles as a single entity known as the universal code and it is 470010.

It is an important banking operation element and you need it for transaction especially to third party account, either within Capitec to Capitec or from Capitec to another bank account which is not Capitec.

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