How To Get Money From Capitec Cash Send Withdrawal

There are primarily 9 ways for you to get money from any Capitec cash send withdrawal in as much as it is still valid and not expired.

This guideline is a combination of experience, gathered over some months on the best and quick way to cash out any money sent via Capitec cash send.

I will be sharing my experiences, common errors, mistakes, how to correct them while at the same time I will also be sharing with you the rules before you can do Capitec cash send withdrawal.

capitec cash send withdrawal

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What Is Capitec Cash Send

‘Just like the slogan, church without walls’; Capitec cash send is a contactless money withdrawal feature that makes it seamless for you to withdraw money from an ATM without the use of a card ( debit or credit).

The underlying facts behind Cash send feature is to enhance money sending and receiving from a sender to a receiver and vice versa; It is a technology that offers comfortability to the many customers that Capitec has.

In my earlier post, I explained that Capitec has over 860 bank branch as at September 17th 2023 in South Africa and the bank is the leading financial institution in terms of active customer base of over 20 million clients spread across the 9 provinces of South Africa.

If you are looking for a Capitec bank near you, my earlier guide will be of much help to you, and if you made payment to a wrong number by mistake, you can check out this guide on how to reverse money using Capitec App.

For a Capitec cash send withdrawal to work and for you to be able to get the money, three essential interconnecting dots must be present:

  • There must be a sender
  • There must be a receiver i.e. you
  • There must be a PIN and 10 digit number from the sender

With a simple USSD code via Capitec cellphone banking, you can send cash send payment to a recipient; thereafter the 4 digit PIN to withdraw the money will be generated for the sender and the sender can now send it to you the recipients.

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Capitec Cash Send Withdrawal Requirements

There are two major requirements, without which you will be unable to cash out your money. The requirements are;

  • A reference number

The reference number is a 10 digit number that starts with C. When a sender initiates cash send payment to you, this number is automatically generated through their App or when they used the USSD code.

Now, the reference number is what the ATM will first ask or require from you when you want to do Capitec cash send withdrawal.

It is recommended and advisable that you punch in the accurate and correct reference number on the ATM machine screen. You are not going to type the C, it automatically shows up on the ATM screen, all you need to do is to type the corresponding 10 digit number.

  • A Four Digit Secret Code

Without this PIN, you cannot cash out the sent money or payment. The sender is the one that must send this PIN to you.

It is just a four digit number with alphabets and after punching in the reference number, the next step is to type in the secret code. Do not mistake, I repeat, do not make mistake.

Kindly watch this video:

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Where To Do Capitec Cash Send Withdrawal

The primary place to collect your cash send payment are Capitec ATMs, however you can also implement the withdrawals at the following approved outlets and places:

1. Shoprite stores

With its more than 367 outlets in South Africa, Shoprite is a great place for you to do your Capitec cash send withdrawal with zero charges.

So, instead of going to the ATM and queue, you can leverage the ShopRite tills and get your money in a quick, fast and timely manner.

2. Checkers stores

Whether it is hyper checker store or just the normal checkers store, just walk into anyone of them, present your 10 digit reference number and the PIN and your money will be paid out to you.

3. Pick n Pay stores

Pick n pay operates approximately 2204 stores in South Africa according to Wikipedia. It does not matter whether it is the hypermarket or any of their franchise, they are a very reliable place to do your Capitec cash send withdrawal at zero charges to you.

4. Boxer Stores

The boxer store brand is becoming more popular most especially in the informal settlements, called Location. So wherever you may be, either Khayelitsha, Tembisa, Soweto, Gauteng or Midrand etc; just present your reference number and PIN to do your Capitec cash send withdrawal.

Other notable places to withdraw your money are:

  • Usave stores;
  • Game stores;
  • Makro stores;
  • Builders stores.

Common Capitec Cash Send Withdrawal Errors

The following are some reported errors, along with my own personal experience:

  • Whole Figure Amount

From experience, if you try to withdraw your Capitec cash send and errors shows, some ATM may not pay you if the amount is not a whole figure amount.

This is what I mean, whole figure amounts are either R50, R100, R150, R200, R300 etc. If the cash send money contains any amount ranging from R5, R10, R15, R20, R30; the ATM may not pay you.

For example, the following amounts may not be paid to you:

  • R110
  • R230
  • R1035 etc

Instead, it should be a whole figure amount in their hundreds e.g. R100, R200, R1000 etc.

This problem happened to me, a customer sent me R610, when I got to the ATM to do Capitec cash send withdrawal, the ATM did not pay me. Now, one of the people on the queue told me that the problem is because of the R10 that I should tell the sender to just send me R600.

Now, after telling the sender and he sent me R600, I went back to the same ATM and voila, I got my money.

  • Wrong Reference number or PIN

This is mostly a human error and that is why when you are punching in the number, check carefully and make sure you punch in the correct amount and figure.


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