How To Reverse Capitec Cash Send On App ( Voucher Not Redeemed And Lost Reference Number)

This guideline looks at how you can reverse capitec cash send on App, USSD code, how to redeem the voucher and solution to lost reference number.

Please note that the cost to achieve this is r160!!

The following areas of interest will be discussed:

  • My experience
  • Brief on Capitec bank cash send
  • List of the USSD codes to initiate this processes
  • Withdrawals ( including limits, policy etc.).

My Experience – Capitec Cash Send

I have been using Capitec Bank over the years, and I can tell you that my banking experience with them is seamless and almost impeccable. From its App friendly user interface to the endless possibilities of easy banking activities.

Capitec cash send has truly made the banking experience easier for all South Africans. It is not a surprise that the bank was voted the best digital bank in South Africa in 2021.

They outshine the more established traditional giants like FNB, Nedbank and even Standard bank according to SITEisfaction 2021 report.

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If your aim is to know all that there is to Capitec cash, then you will be interested in patiently reading this article, as skipping a line may mean missing out on tons of important and helpful information.

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How to transfer money using Capitec CashSend

There are two ways you can access the Capitec cash send service to send money;

  • Via USSD code which I explained below
  • via the App

Although none of the options is free, you will be charged a service fee, and the USSD code is cheaper than the Capitec App.

1. Transfer Money Using Capitec cash send USSD code

To transfer money using capitec cash send USSD code, dial *120*3279#. After you dial the USSD code, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Dial *120*3279#
  2. Reply 9 to the displayed prompt
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions ( read it very well please)
  4. Press 1 ( if you agree with its terms and condition)
  5. Select and chose the account you want to transfer to
  6. Type the actual amount you want to transfer
  7. Security: Create a 4 digit secret code which the receiver will use to collect the cash
  8. Input and type your PIN to verify and approve
  9. A reference number will be generated and sent to your own registered cellphone number as an SMS
  10. Send the reference number to the receiver
  11. In addition, you will have to send the secret code you created in step seven (7) to the receiver as an SMS because without it, the receiver will not be able to withdraw the cash sent.

So, for a receiver or recipient to receive any money you sent to them through capitec cash send using USSD code, you will send them both the reference number and PIN.

2. Transfer Money Using Capitec cash App

Kindly follow this guideline to send money using your Capitec bank App:

Before you can use the Capitec App, you will have to download it on your phone and have it activated, without which you will not be able to transact through the App.

  1. Open the Capitec Cash send App on your phone and insert your correct login details.
  2. Tap the transact icon on your dashboard.
  3. Click “send cash,” and insert your correct remote PIN, and tap send
  4. You will be asked to select an account
  5. Insert the amount you wish to send
  6. You have to create a 4 – digit secret code (the receiver cannot collect the cash sent without this code)
  7. Click the continue and next button.
  8. The Capitec Bank terms and conditions will pop up; tick accept button and continue your transaction
  9. You will be requested to confirm your transaction; click the confirm button and continue.
  10. An SMS containing the reference number will be sent to you (You have to send this also to the recipient because, without it, the recipient won’t be able to collect the cash sent).

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Requirements To Use Capitec Cash Send

The requirements are just the basic things you should have or do;

  • You must be a registered user of Capitec Bank
  • You need to have been registered for mobile banking to use the USSD service( i.e. with your phone number)
  • And for the App, you need to have downloaded the latest App ( GlobalOne) on your phone and activated it.

Once you meet the above requirements, then you can send or transfer money and also reverse it.

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How To Reverse Capitec Cash Send

As mentioned earlier, a non redeemable or refundable fee of R160 is charged to you whether or not the reversal is successful or not.

Having known that, take the following steps to reverse capitec cash send money transfer

  • Send an SMS to 0860102043
  • Alternatively, you can call the number above for a faster and quick response
  • Now, a capitec customer service staff will attend to you ( this may sometimes be annoying because of long minutes/hours of waiting)
  • If you are lucky to quickly get hold of the staff, some security questions will be asked from you e.g. your name, account number, when you made the transfer etc.
  • If the security answers are successful, the staff will help in reversing the sent funds

However, the reversal is not immediate, you may need to wait for a 24 hour window time frame for the reversal to be done back to your account.

The other proven way to reverse capitec money is by going inside the nearest capitec bank close to you with your proofs and it will be done for you.

Do not engage with people outside claiming to be a staff and that they can help you, at least, learn from those people that lost a lot of money recently from berry max trading crypto exchange.

The sad and painful truth here is that you cannot do the reversal on your capitec bank app!!

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How to collect money sent from Capitec Cash send

A reader asked me, what do I need to withdraw the money sent to me through Capitec cash send? I answered her and in this guideline, I have listed the things you will need and how you can get the money.

To collect money sent from from Capitec cash send to you, you

  • Will need the digital code created by the sender to access the money sent.
  • Will need the reference number that Capitec Cash sent to the sender of the money.

Note: Without the above, you won’t be able to access the money sent to your account!!

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How to collect Capitec Cash send

You can get the cash at Capitec ATMs, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Game, Pick n Pay, Makro, and Builders for free, but you have to provide the following information

  1. You will be required to supply the digital code created by the sender
  2. You will be required to provide the reference number that Capitec Cash sent to the sender of the money.
  3. You will be required to provide your full name and cellphone number

Once the information has been confirmed, then you will be given the cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please pay attention to the following questions. All answers provided are up to date as at April 6th, 2023.

  • How do I reverse cash send on capitec cellphone banking

As earlier explained, you cannot make the reverse using this means. This works only if you are transferring money and can be done when you dial *120*3279#.

  • Can I reverse cash send using capitec app

No my dear. At the moment, you cannot use the App to make the reverse.

  • Can I reverse capitec cash send without app

Yes, it is possible and achievable. You either send an SMS to 0860102043 or call the number. You can also walk into any branch. Kindly read the guidelines above.

  • What happens to my unredeemed cash send capitec

Please note that when you make capitec transfer, it has a pick up or collection time grace of 30 days maximum.

What this means is that if the recipient or customer did not collect the money or redeem the money within 30 days, the money automatically goes back to the sender i.e. you. It automatically reflects back in your capitec bank account.

If after 30 days, the recipient now uses the PIN and reference number, it will not work!!

The good news is that, you, as the sender will not incur any costs or charges for this. It is free!!

  • capitec cash send voucher cannot be redeemed

Three scenarios where the voucher may not be redeemed is if it has expired ( i.e more than 30 days), it was the wrong PIN or reference number sent to you or you made a mistake while typing it on the ATM etc.

Another scenario is if the sender has canceled or reversed it. However, this is a very much unlikely issue

  • capitec cash send reference number lost or expired

Please note that it is valid for 30 days. A capitec cash send pin has maximum duration of 30 days. So make sure you redeem the money before it expires.

However, if your reference number is lost or you forget your PIN, just ask the sender to please resend it to you because the sender has it in their inbox or SMS. If the sender has deleted it or cannot find it, the sender can quickly generate another one for you.

  • Capitec Cash Send Transaction Limit

Capitec cash send has its transaction limit for USSD code and App user. The daily transaction limit is R1,000, which means you can transfer R24,000 every month for mobile banking ( using the USSD code).

The daily limit for sending money via the Capitec Bank app is R5,000.00, and the maximum amount to send per transaction is R3,000.00.

If you need further clarification call Capitec Customer care Centre on 0860102043.

  • Capitec Cash Send Service Charge Fee

One common question is ‘how much does it cost to send the Capitec Bank Cash send?

Please note that sending money via the USSD code is cheaper than using the capitec bank App!!.

The following are the charges and limits:

When using USSD Code:

  • R8 will be charged on every transaction ranging from R40 – to R1,000.
  • While transaction of cash between R1010 – R3000 cost R15.

When using Capitec Bank App:

R16.00 for cash send between R1,010.00 – R3,000.00 for Capitec App cash send, and
R8.00 for transactions between R40.00 – R1,000.00 using the Capitec Bank app or mobile banking.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial guideline in the comment section. Also don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and family.