Capitec To FNB Transfer Time 2023 ( How Long Does It take To Transfer Money Payment)

An immediate payment or transfer from Capitec to FNB takes less than 10 minutes and it cost R7.50 while a normal standard transfer time takes anytime within 24 hours and it cost R2.

This guideline looks at various factors and intricacies that affects the transfer time between the two most popular South Africa’s banks.

In addition, I will be discussing and sharing the following:

  • The transfer time when sending EFT i.e online
  • The transfer when transferring from your App
  • The charges and cost involved
  • My own personal experiences from more than people that paid to my FNB account.

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Capitec To FNB Transfer Time

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Capitec To FNB Transfer Time

In the context of this discussion, the most often asked question is “How long does it take to transfer money from Capitec to FNB?”

Based on different time money was sent, how it was sent, platform used and charges etc. ; the following are summary of the transfer times:

1. Money Sent From Capitec To FNB On Immediate Payment

The process of using immediate payment to facilitate financial transactions from Capitec to FNB comes with an increased cost and the time is instantly.

The following are the breakdowns:

  • Use of Capitec banking App

After you download Capitec App and use it to transfer money from your Capitec App to FNB and you chose instant or immediate payment, the recipient gets the money within 10 minutes. In worst case scenario probably owing to slow or bad internet connections, it does not exceed 30 minutes.

Please note that the charges with this method cost you R7.50!!

  • Use of Capitec EFT ( Online or Internet)

This means you are using online internet banking. This entails that you will need to login into your Capitec online banking via the official website at with your username and password.

When you make payment from Capitec to FNB using EFT or online internet banking, the recipient also gets the money within 10 minutes in as much you put the correct recipient details and information there.

Also in some sort of internet connectivity delay, it does not exceed 15 minutes unless the recipient has problem with their account.

Please understand that this also cost R7.50

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  • Use of Capitec Card

When you make use of your Capitec card either at the ATM and you select immediate or instant payment, the money leaves your account immediately and the recipient gets it within 10 minutes.

The Capitec to FNB transfer time when you use your card is less than 10 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes!!

Please also note that the charges is R7.50!!

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2. Money Sent From Capitec To FNB Normal/Standard Without Immediate Payment

90% of people use to send money from Capitec to FNB just normally because they do not know about the instant payment or probably they are too stingy to pay the instant payment fees.

On a personal note, I use immediate payment to avoid any sort of delay and to build trust/confidence from the recipients I am sending money to.

The following are the transfer times between Capitec to FNB when you send payment normally:

  • Use of Capitec banking App

When you transfer money from Capitec App to FNB normally i.e. without the instant or immediate option, it takes anytime within 24 hours for the money to reflect and that is if you send it before 4pm. If you make the transfer or payment after working hours/days, it takes within 24-36 hours for the payment to be received by the recipient.

The charges for this normal transfer or payment from your Capitec App to FNB cost you R2, and please understand that the definition of working days and hours is 8am on Monday till 4pm on Friday.

  • Use of Capitec EFT ( Online or Internet)

When you log into your internet banking profile and make payment without instant payment option, the transfer time for the payment to reflect in FNB is within 24 hours.

The charges for this is also R2.

  • Use of Physical Branch

I do not understand why you will want to go into the branch, probably the money you want to send is too much, however, if you chose this option, let us dig in.

When you enter into a physical Capitec branch and send money to an FNB account, the transfer time is within 24 hours and you will be charged R10 service fees.

Honestly, just make use of your App or internet banking instead of wasting your time and paying huge fees going to the branch!!

  • Use of Capitec SST to Make Payment to FNB

Capitec SST means Capitec self service transactions. You cannot perform Capitec SST from home or online but rather you will need to go to a physical Capitec branch and make use of the SST terminals there.

Using the Capitec SST to make payment to FNB costs you R5 and the transfer time is typically within 24 hours. From my own assessment, this is also a waste of time, unless you are sending lots of money and you do not want any staff to assist you when you are inside the branch.

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How Long Does it Take to Transfer Money During the Weekends and Holidays?

The following is a summary to your question.

  • Use of App: It takes less than 30 minutes when you do instant payment on weekends or holidays
  • Use of online internet banking ( EFT): It takes less than 30 minutes to transfer from Capitec to FNB even on weekends and holidays
  • Use of Capitec Card: This also takes less than 30 minutes ( in most cases, it reflects almost immediately)

If you make transfer using the three options above without instant payment options, it takes 24-36 hours!! For instance, if you make payment late on Friday or Saturday, it will be processed on Monday and thereafter the money is transferred.


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