This page is about how you can contact us:

Please, you can only contact Mamzansi for just 3 reasons:

  • Partnership/Advertisement
  • Application as a writer
  • Hiring Us ( as explained on ‘ Our About Page)


The publisher of Mamzansi, is an expert on Brand awareness and promotion, so if you want to engage us or partner with us for sponsored content. You are free to do so, but please read the requirements in the about page.

If you want to advertise with us, in forms of banners and just text insertion, kindly feel free to contact us. ( the fee starts from R5,000.)

Application as a writer

If you are a professional writer, with SEO skills and knowledge, you are free to contact us. We will pay you for your services. When contacting us, send your CV/resume and give us a brief of your experience and where you have worked before/sites where your publications are currently are.

Hiring Us ( as explained on ‘ Our About Page)

We are well experienced in:

  • Search engine optimization ( SEO)
  • Web core vitals ( especially for mobile)
  • Achieving a fast loading website/blog, either for your website, company brand or eCommerce site
  • Website designing and hosting
  • Analyzing and helping you remove Google algorithm penalty

Please know that our charges starts from USD2000. At least, your budget for our services must start from USD1000.

Ready? Kindly send us an email at:

Thank you.

James, Publisher/Editor in chief, Mamzansi