Crave Church Review ( Is It a cult, Is it Legit? Sermons And Its Beliefs Revealed)

One of the most disturbing questions why you are probably here is to know whether crave church is a cult, whether it is legit, safe to attend and to get first hand information about everything concerning the church.

As a Christian, armed with the knowledge of the word of God, it has been made clear that in the last days, men will be lovers of themselves, putting their selfish interests first, above the interest of the word of God.

It has also been foretold that in the last days that the love of many shall grow cold and many unimaginable things will be happening so fast, as recently seen in the reported aliens in Las vegas on June 10th 2023.

crave church review

Crave Church Founder / Pastor

Crave church is a Pentecostal gospel church, with the mandate of making it possible for imperfect people to get a craving of God; for them to feel and be loved by God’s eternal love.

As with all churches in the present last days of our time, many people who had negative and unpleasant experiences from other churches tends to be skeptical whether this crave church is legit or not.

Founded and led by Pastor Marlon Medina, the church created an atmosphere of love and acceptance for people from all walks of life.

crave church reviews and values
Pastor Marlon Medina, founder of crave church vancouver canada

Crave Church Values

The crave church ministries is a legit gospel church and their values are anchored on 5 unique pillars:

  • Gratitude

I see a humble gentleman in Pastor Marlon Medina, a true thirst for the works of the kingdom. their first value as a Christian ministry is Gratitude.

The caption on their website reads ”We don’t have to build this church, we get to.: This simply calls for inclusion from everyone and it is a clear sign of someone or ministry dedicated to services.

  • Reach

The crave church ministry declared that they continuously pursue to reach creativity, goals, and most importantly, people.

  • Audacity

Favor fortunes the bold, I am of the opinion that the pastor understands this, especially knowing fully well, that when God calls you, God also equips and fortifies you for the task assigned to you.

Their audacity statements reads, ”We remain bold and daring about our vision and our faith.

  • Consistency

It’s never about our first day, it’s always about our last day. I, love this caption, truly inspiring!!

  • Excellence

One of the hallmarks of a true and great Christian is the consistent pursuit of excellence in whatever they do or wherever they find themselves.

Their fifth value is the embodiment of this classy assertion; ”We will always work with excellence”.

crave church locations

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Crave Church Reviews

As with all modern churches who leveraged on the power of the internet for outreach and awareness, it is not a scam or something illegal for Crave church to toe the same path.

A vivid look shows that the ministry, lead by Pastor Marlon Median leveraged on the use of Social media and Google to spread their reach.

I was going through some threads on Reddit and was somehow disappointed with some negativity about the church.

crave church congregations

A closer look at reviews on both Google and Facebook shows some discrepancies which may be due to the aggressive rate at which positive reviews were being posted.

I will not want to condemn the church authority or their social media managers of being aggressive telling people to drop positive reviews on Google and Facebook, a founder or someone on a mission will do the same just to get the word out there.

While it is easy to sit down in the comfort of your home and go on reddit and says bad things that the church is like a cult or not legit, I simply believe that the church is simply identifying its values in alignment with the word of God.

I can call it a church without walls.

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Reviews on Google

With more than 148 reviews and a star rating of almost 4.5; the positivity far outweighs the negativity. However, one thing I discovered and I would like the pastor of crave church to address is that some folks ( approximately 2 percent) complains that the pastor uses his sermons to attack the people that has left the church.

On a personal note, if this is true, I think he needs to address this issue.

members of crave church ministry

Crave Church Locations

The church headquarter is at 1225 W 73rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6P 4J6, Canada, located in the British Columbia province in Canada.

They also have physical presence in Toronto and surrey. The crave church Instagram address is

Crave Church Cult

No, crave church ministry is not a cult. Depending on your definition of cult or cultism, it may be of interest for you to know that their beliefs, values and ways of doing things may been seen as being cultic, but they are not.

Every ministry and church I have known tends to carve out an identity for themselves, howbeit rooted in the word of God as their foundation.

For example, some churches lays emphasis on Faith doctrines, teaching people the values of having and living by faith. Some pastors or churches solely focus on preaching prosperity messages.

This does not mean that the foundational doctrine of teaching God’s word, evangelism and preaching salvation has been abandoned!!

Please note that this present generation is corrupt, so if crave church ministry has some laid down strict rules, so be it. The image of Christ must not be tainted.

On reading some threads on Reddit ( please also understand that anybody can go on reddit and say nonsense, whether true or false!!), I am surprised to see some patterns whereby some old members were complaining of.

For example, there is complain about the church leadership ( was told they do not even have deacons and elders, I think this is wrong, and the pastor needs to address this for accountability purposes) preaching against people that left the church, I also think this is wrong and the Pastor should correct this anomaly.

Crave Church belief

Crave church has fundamental doctrinal beliefs, just like their values mentioned above. The church does believe in the trinity and they acknowledged the father, the son and the holy spirit.

The 8 cardinal points of crave church beliefs are:

  • The Father

There is only one true God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

  • The Son

Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead, ascended into heaven and will one day physically return.

  • The Holy spirit

The Holy Spirit works to lead, instruct, and empower every believer.

  • The Trinity

God exists eternally in three distinct persons with equal power and authority.

  • The Bible

The Bible is true, authoritative, and sufficient.

  • Salvation

Faith in Jesus is our only means of salvation and a sufficient payment for our sin. Salvation cannot be earned; it can only be received.

  • The Church

The Church is a local community working to bring the Gospel to the world through His commands and teachings and seeks to glorify Christ.

  • Man

God created man to exist eternally. Man will either be together with God through forgiveness and salvation in Heaven or separated by sin in Hell.

Crave Church Giving

Some people complains that the church likes collecting money and their giving in terms of offerings, tithe and general fund raising is like a cult.

No, my dear, it is not. A church needs money to be run, administered, supervised, pay for essential things etc. So, it is both biblical to raise money. What I am against is if their focus is all about money!!

The Church Congregations

The church congregations are energetic and dynamic youths who are thirsty for the Lord. 80% of the members are youth and the Pastor is focused on this demographics.

So, forget about some people talking about the church not having elders, though I strongly recommend that the pastor sets up elderly people in the church as deacons and advisers.

The bible, according to Apostle Paul recommends this as it makes even the pastor to be accountable.

crave church members

crave church values

Crave church Sermons

Most of the sermons can be accessed on Youtube, and you can listen to them whether you are online or offline. I will post some few sermons of Pastor Marlon Medina here for you listen and watch.


From what I have seen, the Pastor has an hunger for the things of Christ and he has forged a clear path in serving the lord with core focus on the Youth demography.

Though, details are sketchy whether he went to bible college or seminary but from my point of view, that should not be a criteria for you to serve the Lord though it will help you to be well soaked in the word.

In conclusion, the crave church is not a cult and it is legit for anyone to attend and worship the Lord. If some things are not done right, I suggest, in the spirit of love, write a letter or approach the pastor and let him know. After all, he is human.

12 thoughts on “Crave Church Review ( Is It a cult, Is it Legit? Sermons And Its Beliefs Revealed)”

  1. Good read from a neutral standpoint.
    I’ve heard a couple things about this church as well recently, mostly mixed reviews from colleagues. But it’s good to see the youth come back to the Lord and for that, I give them credit.

  2. I’ve never heard about this church before, but recently someone forwarded me the link to the subreddit page.

    Rule #1 on the internet is to never trust anything online 100%, and after scrolling through the subreddit, I found a lot of stuff that would make me not want to attend this church.

    I’m not a Christian, but it’s mind boggling to me that Christians would bash one another when their god teaches about forgiveness. A lot of hypocrisy here and this is why I rather stay agnostic.

  3. This article is dumb asf. This sht is so fcking biased and fake. No actual journalist out there would investigate if a church is a cult or not and mainly focus on the good parts. Everyone reading this that believes this bullsht needs to gain critical thinking skills. Don’t believe everything the internet tells you? Same thing for this fcking article. They barely touched on the reddit and didn’t interview ANYONE from the reddit or from crave or anyone else that has left and claimed its a cult. This is obviously made by someone from crave and they added a few negative points to make it seem like it isn’t them. You guys are dumb.

  4. Awful read from a biased standpoint. What a strange South African news outlet covering a Canadian church. This is not a news article. This is more propaganda to enhance the image of CCC.

    Let’s dissect this article and look at it shall we, my dear?

    “Some people complains that the church likes collecting money and their giving in terms of offerings, tithe and general fund raising is like a cult.

    No, my dear, it is not. A church needs money to be run, administered, supervised, pay for essential things etc. So, it is both biblical to raise money. What I am against is if their focus is all about money!!”

    What? What nonsense is this? First, their grammar is severely off and is not professional language or formatting. People from CCC have never been to university so they lack the knowledge of what a professionally written essay is. This is not a journalistic stance. This isn’t even a gossip hit. It is pure propaganda.
    “For example, there is complain about the church leadership ( was told they do not even have deacons and elders, I think this is wrong, and the pastor needs to address this for accountability purposes) preaching against people that left the church, I also think this is wrong and the Pastor should correct this anomaly.”

    Another paragraph is full of grammatical errors and a lack of professional language. Journal articles especially not one that’s trying to get to the bottom of a controversial opinion rarely use the pronouns I or we. This indicates opinionated speech instead of neutrality. This Article completely lacks the image of equality. There are numerous links to CCC’s website and sermons but there are no links to Reddit, videos from Reddit, or pictures of any evidence of any negative opinions like the Google reviews.

  5. Gossip
    Proverbs 20:19 A gossip goes around telling secrets,
        so don’t hang around with chatterers.
    Proverbs 26:20 Fire goes out without wood,
        and quarrels disappear when gossip stops.
    Proverbs 26:21 A quarrelsome person starts fights
        as easily as hot embers light charcoal or fire lights wood.
    Proverbs 26:22 Rumors are dainty morsels
        that sink deep into one’s heart.
    Proverbs 26:23 Smooth words may hide a wicked heart,
        just as a pretty glaze covers a clay pot.
    James 1:26 If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and your religion is worthless.

    These six things the Lord hates, indeed, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look [the spirit that makes one overestimate himself and underestimate others], a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, [Ps. 120:2, 3.] A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who breathes out lies [even under oath], and he who sows discord among his brethren.
    Proverbs 6: 16-19

    2 Corinthians 12:20 For I am afraid that when I come I won’t like what I find, and you won’t like my response. I am afraid that I will find quarreling, jealousy, anger, selfishness, slander, gossip, arrogance, and disorderly behavior.
    2 Corinthians 12:21 Yes, I am afraid that when I come again, God will humble me in your presence. And I will be grieved because many of you have not given up your old sins. You have not repented of your impurity, sexual immorality, and eagerness for lustful pleasure.

  6. You’re insensitive and annoying. They deleted your comments for a reason. If I saw your comments on Reddit, it would probably piss me off more and I would have argued with you despite you saying a load of nothing. Whatever your intention is, rethink it.

    What the hell do you think spamming Bible verses will do? People like you who shove the bible in the faces of people who are trying to heal are hella annoying and are why most people do not like Christians.

    I’m a Christian and I find you annoying and unbearable. What do you even think you’re doing? All you did was copy and paste bible verses trying to hint at something backhanded. You make those other churches that you mentioned look bad since you’re tying yourself to them with your comments. All you’ve done is spam the comments of this article making it harder to find actual opinions about the article.

  7. Interesting read! A very objective view on this cult situation. I think any Christians with Biblical values can make the right judgement on whether the church is a cult or not.

    It seems like this article triggered a lot of individuals on the subreddit. I have taken a view on the subreddit because I was sent the link, it is beginning to look more like a fan club rather than a support page for ex members. It seems like the people are not seeking healing from Christ, but they are becoming obsessive because they are not achieving the results they want. I have received one of the subreddit members DM on IG sending me the link under the user name “Urmomisahoe”, very unprofessional and childish to say the least. Every comment that goes against their opinions on the page was deleted or voted down. It seems like the narrative on the subreddit is just as one sided as what they claim the church to do. This article for sure provides a more objective view!

    • Are you slow in the brain? It’s called crave church support not crave church debate about if crave is good or bad and talk about your wonderful experiences so people come to crave support. You seem to know the reviews very well. So well to the fact that you are able to memorise the bad reviews that are deleted and taken down. Because they are taken down very fast and if they are widely thumbs down then they appear at the bottom closed which is hard to see. Sounds like personal experience. Sounds like you are the one who writes bad comments on Reddit that are deleted. You’re stupid to think you can hide behind playing this game of pretend.

  8. I checked out Crave because of this article. I have to say this article does not do it justice. Crave is one of the most amazingly deceptive churches I’ve ever attended. Truly childish and cringe. May every weapon formed against them prosper.


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