How To Create IG Account With Instagram Sign Up Phone Number

The use of instagram sign up phone number is needful in your quest to have a free account with the online social media giant.

This guideline is all about how to create Instagram account with or without phone number and verification code. The requirements to register and sign up on Instagram are fully explained.

At Mamzansi here, we define Instagram as “the online razzmatazz habitat of social media networking and marketing focused mainly on photo and video sharing services”

Requirements To Create Instagram Account

What are the requirements to sign up for an Instagram? What do I need?

First, please know that it is free to join or register. The major requirements to sign up for an Instagram account are:

  • You must be 13 years old and above
  • You should have an email address or your mobile phone number

Those two are the major requirements for you to sign up and start enjoying all the features that Instagram has to offer.

The following are the four ( 4) ways to create a free Instagram account and sign up for it.

1. Create Instagram Account On Your Computer

If you are using a Macbook or a windows PC computer and wants to open an Instagram account ( you can create Instagram account even for your pet and business, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection
  • Open your browser ( safari for Mac, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge for windows)
  • Type in the browser, tap enter
  • Scroll down little bit, you will see ‘sign up’, click on it

open Instagram account

On the sign up page, fill in the following:

  • Your mobile number or email ( either one of the two)
  • Your Full name
  • Username
  • Password ( use a strong password that you will not be able to forget and the same time people cannot know or guess)

how to sign up for Instagram account

  • Fill in your date of birth ( remember, you must be 13 years old and above or else, your registration will not go on)

add your date of birth

  • After this, a confirmation code will be sent to you, go to your email or phone, check the code from Instagram, copy and paste it in the box provided, click next

enter confirmation code

2. Using the Instagram App ( Register For Instagram)

The use of the Instagram App to sign up is very much straightforward to do. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Have an active internet connection
  • You will download the Instagram App
  • For iPhone (IOS device), go to Apple store and download it
  • For Android Mobile, go to Google Play store and download it
  • For Huawei Users, go to AppGallery and download it.

For Huawei App Gallery, go to the gallery as mentioned above, click search, type Instagram, then click ‘Get’; thereafter, you can download it.

create instagram account on huawei app gallery

After the successful download and installation, click on sign up and follow the instructions as described earlier on the use of the PC to register. See above.

3. Using your iPhone or Android Mobile

To create Instagram account or register for the free account using your iPhone and android mobile phone is easy, in this case, I recommend you use the phone number verification method.

  • Have an active internet connection
  • Open your browser
  • type and click enter
  • Once it opened, click sign up, and on the sign up page, put your phone number instead of your email. The verification code will be sent to your phone number instantly, and since your iPhone or mobile device is with you, just open the message, copy the verification code and verify the sign up page.
  • That is all.

4. Using Facebook To Open Instagram Account

To create Instagram account without phone number or verification code can be done when you sign up using Facebook. In this case, it is assumed you have an active and working Facebook account.

Whether you want to open the Instagram account on your computer, iPhone or mobile android device, after opening the Instagram homepage, click on sign up.

At the top of the sign up page, you will see, sign up by login into Facebook, click on the blue box and immediately your account will be created.

how to sign up for Instagram account

Instagram and Facebook will be synced together and your FB information will automatically be used for the registration processes.

Signing up for a new Facebook account is very much similar to the way you register for an Instagram account!!

5. Set up your Instagram profile

Upon your successful sign up and registration, the next thing you will want to do is to set up your profile which allows people see your profile picture, username, bio and important information about you.

Since Instagram is one potent way to brand yourself, you will be interested in not portraying wrong or misleading information about your person as this can influence the way people perceive you.

how to create instagram account

How to step up your Instagram profile

  • Step One: Make sure you have a beautiful and high-quality picture to be used as your profile picture. Preferably, use a picture with a smiling face and beautiful background.
  • Step Two: Write a good bio that speaks about you or your business. Make it short, simple, easy to understand and irresistible.
  • Step Three: Post nice picture contents and videos
  • Step Four: Make your profile public if you want more followers.

Instagram terminologies

Here are the common terminologies Instagram users use on Instagram you should get familiarized with it too:

  • The first is Instagram Handle: This is also known as Instagram username. Without giving out your Instagram handle, new followers will not be able to find you and follow you.
  • Instagram followers: Instagram followers are Instagram users that follow your account and are able to interact with your post as posted. Your Instagram followers will be able to see your videos, pictures, reels, Instagram stories and will be able to comment on them.

I recommend you watch this video:

How to connect your Instagram to Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same owner, therefore connecting the two social media platform together is not difficult unlike when you try to connect it with other App that are owned by entirely different persons.

Here are steps to take to connect your Facebook and Instagram together:

  • Step One: Click on your picture. On your Instagram click on your profile picture on the bottom right-hand corner
  • Step Two: Tap the Hamburger menu on the right corner to access the Accounts center
  • Step Three: Click on settings and tap the Accounts center as displayed
  • Step Four: Click the Set-up account center
  • Step Five: Login to Facebook

Note: your Instagram post will be connected to Facebook as you share your post

12 Things You Can Do On Instagram

After you create Instagram account, whether for personal use or business use, there are many things you can do like other social media platforms. Here are the peculiar things you can do on Instagram:

  • You can like post whether pictures or videos
  • You can Bookmark post
  • You can comment on post
  • You can copy URL link of post
  • You can share post via the three dotted line/Icon
  • You can do live video post
  • You can send a private message
  • You can tag other users to your post
  • You can do live video with other users
  • You can post Instagram stories
  • You can run ad on Instagram
  • You can share your picture or videos or reels
  • You can edit your pictures on it

9 Reasons To Join Instagram

I have streamlined the reasons you need to be on Instagram into three points.

  • Instagram Helps You Connect And Extend Your Reach

We are in an age of social media, from religious effects, to business dealings and relationships, everything is now centered on social media networking. The use of Instagram connects you far more beyond what you can think or imagine.

With over 2 billion active users as at December 2021, Instagram is a gold fine of opportunities and to connect with lost loved ones, families and siblings.

No matter your interest, when you create Instagram account, you ware presented with opportunities to socialize, engage and be involved. Instagram is a community where freedom is allowed, free yourself and let the whole world gets to know you. You can chat with people, DM people, share your photos and videos etc.

On a truth, most social media influencers started from Instagram and Instagram has proven to be the source of their breakthroughs. If you run social media influencer agency, you need to be on Instagram.

The effective use of Facebook and Instagram is a crucial success toll for those that are looking to start a news website and make it successful.

  • Instagram Is a place for Business And Consumers

That’s it; on a daily basis, more businesses and consumers are joining every day. They create Instagram account to be able to expand and market their businesses. Instagram recently announced that they have 25 Million active business community, , from small business owners to big corporations and business giants.

If you are a business person, these and more are some of the reasons why you need to register, open and create Instagram account.

You can start your business on Instagram, doing direct marketing of your products and services and trust me, it will be successful.

You know why?

The simple answer is because the audiences are already there, you just need to be a part of relevant communities, build your followers, engage with them etc.

  • Instagram Is a place of connection ( Celebrities and Fans together)

Nearly all football players, musicians and celebrities have an account on Instagram. This is very important because Instagram is indirectly giving you the opportunity to take control of your life and business.

Gone are the days when celebrities depends on agencies for shows etc. Right now, if you have lots of followers, you can decide to stage a musical concert all by yourself, sell the ticket and get things done without using third party companies.

Instagram is a place where celebrities and their fans can get united. Just check out Cristiano ronaldo, Kim Kardashin et.c.

you have influence when you create instagram account

  • Increased Market opportunities
  • Helps you with branding advantages for your business and products
  • Helps you to share your videos, pictures and audios to targeted audiences
  • There is money making opportunities with Instagram

Ask Ronaldo, he is highest Instagram earner with over $2 million earnings per post in 2022.

  • Great tools to make you successful

I will explain a little bit on this. For example, when you use the ‘swipe up’ feature, it helps you to drive website traffic to your website or blog. This is a great tool for SEO professionals and internet marketers looking for traffic to their site.

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In addition, when you create Instagram account, you can create polls in forms of questionnaire about your products, services or on anything of pressing matters.

The optimization tools on Instagram is second to none for you to achieve your stated goals.

For example, you have a well detailed analytics and data ( including demographics, user behaviors etc.) of your activities.

You can track your performance; so this tool makes it easy for you to make informed business decisions for your marketing campaign and goals.

  • Instagram Privacy Is Top Notch

One thing I like about Instagram is privacy. Instagram value and respects one’s privacy. I’ve been on Instagram for 6years+ and my account is strictly private.

This means that if I have not accepted your follower request and you are not within my friends circle, you will not be able to view my account page talk less of my video and picture posts.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

  • Should I use my real name on Instagram?

Staying anonymous on Instagram may have its own advantage which is best known to you. However, it is a logical sense to say that you should use your real name on Instagram, most especially if you want to use it as a brand, for business etc.

Being your original self will help with clients, customers and consumer confidence.

  • Can you have Instagram without an account?

The only way to actually enjoy Instagram and all its features is by opening an account. Signing up with Instagram is very much easy. I explained all the requirements and all you need ( scroll up)

From experience, if you do not have an Instagram account, you will be limited on viewing personalities, watching videos etc. To be honest , you cannot enjoy anything at all, so it is important you just create Instagram account.

  • Can I be anonymous on Instagram?

If you are looking to be popular and have more followers, staying public is the best bet. However, if you wish to stay anonymous, just set your account to be private.

  • How can I use Instagram without a phone number?

You can just use your email during registration without the phone number. However, for security reasons and to make sure your account is fully safe, using your phone number as a two factor authentication is advisable.

  • Why is Instagram forcing me to give my number?

Instagram loves and cares about you. So in some ways, if Instagram algorithm detects that something is not right, it will keep on asking you for your phone number for 2 reasons.

  • Security
  • Account authentication

They want to be sure you are the original person using the services!!

And sometimes, if you use different devices to login to Instagram, they will always ask for your phone number for authentication and security reasons. So always use one device to login at all times.

  • How can I delete my Instagram account?

For whatever reason you want to delete your Instagram account, just go to  go to your profile ( either on your App, on your iPhone/mobile android or the computer), tap the hamburger menu in the top right, and select Settings.

Then go to Account, and scroll down to the bottom of the menu. There will be a Delete Account button under the Branded Content button.

  • Why does Instagram keep asking me to verify my account?

This annoying issue happens if you try to login from a different or unknown device that you do not usually use.

Another reason can be due to change of your internet source. Most internet providers have unique IP ( Internet protocol) they assign to you once you are using them. This, along with the IP of your phone are being logged by Instagram.

So when their security measures detects a change, an automatic request will be made to verify your account. In addition, in most cases, it means your account is either compromised, hacked or about to be.

Do not fear, just send them your ID or other documents to show you are the original owner.

This is the major reason why you should create Instagram account with your original name!!


Do you like this guideline on how to create Instagram account? Let me know what you think of this article in the comment section. If you know anyone struggling to sign up for Instagram, do not hesitate to share this article with them.