President Cyril Ramaphosa House ( Where Does Cyril Ramaphosa lives And Stays)

Where do south African presidents live? Where does Cyril Ramaphosa lives? Where is his house at sandton, Cape Town and Pretoria? This post looks at Cyril Ramaphosa house collections scattered all over the country.

cyril ramaphosa at his home

Where does the South African President live?

As is customary for the United states president of America from time immemorial to always live in the White house no matter how rich you are, the same thing and concept applies to any South African president.

The official residence of all and any South African president, including Cyril Ramaphosa is the Mahlamba Ndlopfu residence based in Bryntirion Estate, at Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa’s wealthiest province.

cyril ramaphosa house

President Cyril Ramaphosa stays here, however, when he is Cape Town, he stays at another residence, which I will explain later.

1. Cyril Ramaphosa official house at Pretoria

According to Wikipedia, the Mahlamba Ndlopfu which is the official residence of the president is located inside the Bryntirion Estate.

Now, this estate does not only house the president, other cabinet members also stays there but at different areas.

ramaphosa stays here in pretoria
Source: Wikipedia

For example, the deputy president stays at OR Tambo House which is also inside the estate. Other ministers also stays there.

Where does the president of South Africa stays

Now, the Mahlamba Ndlopfu residence was originally known as Libertas and it was designed in 1934 by Gerard Moerdijk, since then , it has undergone numerous physical upgrades and changes, especially security features.

official residence of the president of south africa


cyri ramaphosa house at pretoria

Please know that the estate is 1.07 square kilometers . The perimeter security system includes 202 CCTV cameras, 4 gatehouses and 8.1 km of anti-climb motion detection fences.

2. Where does the South African President live in Cape Town?

President Cyril Ramaphosa official residence in Cape Town is the Genadendal Residence, situated on the Groote Schuur estate in Rondebosch.

South african official residence house in cape town

This place has been the official cape town residence since 1994 and former president Nelson Mandela was the first person to use it from 1994.

President cyril ramaphosa official house in cape town

3. Cyril Ramaphosa House In Cape Town

Now, we are going into the nitty gritty i.e. full details about his main houses apart from the official houses. Cyril Ramaphosa has houses in Pretoria, Johannesburg and also in Cape Town.

The truth is he loves Cape Town much more than staying in Johannesburg. In Cape Town, he has a fascinating multimillion rand luxurious mansion.

In 2010, Cyril Ramaphosa paid R21,000 per square meter just for two land properties covering a total land size of 1 423m². It was bought for 30 Million rands. He has finished building the property, dubbed ‘ Ramaphosa Villa.

cyril ramaphosa houses

This information was made known when Cyril Ramaphosa declared his properties according to the presidency.

cyril ramaphosa house in cape town

This luxurious Ramaphosa Villa is situated along the fresnaye road just beneath the Lion’s head in cape Town.

If you happen to know Table mountain and signal hill ( I have been to signal hill personally), then it is easy for you to see and identify this unique architectural masterpiece that looks much more beautiful than the houses of Donald trump and Elon musk.

cyril ramaphosa home

One fascinating aspect of this mansion is the geographical position. It gives you a great aerial view, from where you can easily see beautiful serene view of the Atlantic Ocean and Robben Island.

At the top is a deck where helicopter can land safely. This is just one of many unique features, along with the large swimming pool it has that makes it a true luxurious villa for the president.

cyril ramaphosa house in cape town may be for rent

Now, I understand why this villa is indeed the true Cyril Ramaphosa house that he wants to have as his retirement place, he along with his wife.

4. Cyril Ramaphosa House in Pretoria, Johannesburg

Cyril Ramaphosa is very wealthy, he has the following houses:

  • A game farm in Limpopo, ( home of the Phala Phala saga/ankole cow issues that may be the cause why the President may be impeached).
  • A mansion at Hyde Park in Gauteng, Johannesburg
cyril ramaphosa farm in limpopo of phala phala ankole cow
Source: IOL

On most occasions, he prefers to stay at his personal residence at Hyde park instead of the official residence in Gauteng whenever he is around.

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Cyril Ramaphosa Real Estate Investment Business

He is an astute businessman and a big player in the real estate sector in the country. His real estate ventures are primarily concentrated in Cape Town and at Johannesburg.

It is reported that he owns buildings, townhouses and apartments in this two provinces. For example, Timeslive ran a publication that his Fresnaye mansion may be the perfect rental for you at just R175,000 rand.

Cyril Ramaphosa Net Worth

As at November 2022, Forbes ranks Cyril Ramaphosa as the 42nd richest person in South Africa with a net worth of approximately $450 million dollars ( translating to roughly R7.7 billion in rands).

This unique position is quite different from the top richest musicians in South Africa, currently led by Black coffee and closely challenged by Cassper nyovest.

cyril ramaphosa

With a 30% stake in the Shanduka group which he founded in 2011 and later selling this stake in 2015 after stepping down as the chairman of the company; the Shanduka group has active stakes in mining corporations, financial institutions, McDonald’s South African subsidiaries and Coca-Cola bottling plants.

You can read more about the Shanduka group business dealings ( though, it has been reformed as a ‘ Pan African Industrial Holdings Group” ( formed between merger of Shanduka group and Phembani group)

Though Cyril Ramaphosa still has stakes in the Bidvest group and the MTN group amongst others, according to the Forbes publication mentioned above.

With such a great and enormous wealth, it surprises me when people are constantly asking ‘ how much does Cyril Ramaphosa earns per month?

The right question to ask is ‘how much does president Cyril Ramaphosa earns in a month? According to a pending parliamentary approval in 2019, the then minister of finance, Tito Mboweni recommended a decreased salary of R3 079 540 for the president.

This equates to almost 900k less from the usual R3, 900,000 South African presidents do earns.

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