DSTV Now Login South Africa- How To Login To DSTV Now

DSTV Now Login: This guideline is aimed to show and teach you how to watch DStv online on your phone, on the go, at home and anywhere you are. Easy and safe ways to login to the App will be explained.

The launch of the DStv Now App essentially made streaming of all of your favorite football matches, movies, favorite programmes easy because you can now watch them conveniently on your phone in as much as you have active internet connection or data.

Let us dig in!!

What is DStv Now

DStv Now is a simplified version of Dstv online; it is an online application that you download, install on your phone and it makes it possible for you to watch all of DStv programs, movies and shows online.

Launched in April 2022, the DStv Now App transformed the way lovers of DStv can leverage on the internet and watch DStv programmes without having a dish. The current version of the App was released in June 2023, so always make sure you update your App for security to always get the best of the service.

how to login to dstv now app

In other words, you do not need the traditional DStv dish to be able to use DStv now, all that is required from you is to the App installed on your phone and have an active connection ( i.e. data)

Please understand that you cannot use DStv now on any smartTV at the moment!!

The only limitation to the use of this service is that it is only limited to some select African countries; you cannot use DStv Now app in countries that is not supported.

Is DStv The Same As DStv Now

At first, I was also confused about the two, however, let me explain in plain simple language. DStv stands for and represent the product offered by Multichoice ( Africa’s biggest satellite pay-TV operator). Being a customer of DStv means that you are able to watch all DStv programs, shows and movies, howbeit with the use of DStv decoder and dish installed in your house.

DStv Now is the online version of the main DStv in form of App that you need to download and install on your phone.

The major and only difference is that DStv Now is for people that wants to watch DStv programs, movies, shows online without the use of installing the dish or decoder. Internet connectivity and data is essential to be able to use the DStv Now.

Now, if you are a normal customer of DStv, you can just download the DSTV Now App, login and access the services from the comfort of your phone.

Even people that are not paying customer of normal DStv can also download the App, install it on their phone, register and watch the programmes on it. Though it is not free for such people, they have to subscribe to enjoy the services of DStv Now, and anytime you are tired, you can unsubscribe from DStv.

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How Does DStv Now Work?

DStv Now works if you have internet connection or data or your mobile device. Basically, with DStv now, you can stream all of their movies, music, programs, sports, movies, shows and watch them on the App that you have downloaded and installed on your phone.

Is DStv Now Free

Yes it is free if you are already a paying DStv customer. You can download the DStv Now app, install it, logged in and start watching your favorite programs by streaming them online on your phone.

However, if you are not already a paying DStv customer, you can download and install the App free but to watch it, you need to register and subscribe.

In either options, what is not free with the use of DStv Now app is the data and internet connection you will need. By virtue of streaming contents , especially movies, music etc., it consumes lots of bandwidth, so you will need lots of data or high volume of internet connectivity.

Do you have to pay for the DStv Now app

One common question lots of people do ask is ‘how much does the DStv Now App cost?

Please know that downloading and installing the App is free for everyone if you are in countries supported ( if your country is not supported, by the time you go to Google play store, it will tell you it is not supported in your country).

However, if you are not a customer of DStv already, it means you will not be able to watch the contents unless you sign up and that means you will have to subscribe by paying.

If you are a customer already, just log with your credentials already and you are given free access to watch and stream your favorite movies, music, shows etc.

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Who Qualifies For DStv Now?

You must have a valid ID card to qualify to use the DStv now App. In case, you want to use the App on another person’s account, then you must have authorization from the original account owner to give you access.

In such a case, if the original account owner has given you access, then you can then register with your ID and get approved.

How can I watch DStv channels online?

To watch DStv channels online, you need to download and install the DStv Now App on your phone or mobile device using the internet.

After downloading and logging in ( if you are a customer already), then you can stream your favorite movies and contents online, but if you are not a customer yet, you will need to first sign up for DStv and subscribe to be able to watch the content online.

Will I Be Able To Watch DStv Now Without A DStv Account?

If you do not have a DStv account i.e. a paying customer, you can download the App but you cannot enjoy or stream the contents or at worst, it will just be limited to the free ones.

If you have a DStv account, then you are free to watch and stream DStv online. If you do not have a DStv account, just sign up or register.

Another trick to use is to register on someone else account ( someone that has DStv account), however, that person needs to give you authorization for you to use it. Once authorized, then you can installed the App and register.

How Do I Sign Up For DStv Now? i.e Register

To sign up for a DStv account is not rocket science, it is as simple as a, b, c; to register, follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to DStv main official website i.e. the DStv now site
  • Navigate towards the top right hand side and locate sign up button
  • Click on the sign up button/register button
  • Your email address and active mobile phone number is needed, type it in
  • Create a secure password that only you knows ( pls do not use the password of your main email address)
  • Click on the ‘create account’ button and you good to go.
  • The account will be created. Check your email for verification and confirmation and click on it to verify.

That is all

How to sign up and register on DStv Now App

This step is a little bit different from the normal guideline above, to register for DStv Now App after downloading and installing it, follow the instructions below:


  • Go to now.dstv.com ( official website) to download the App
  • After you have downloaded and install it, follow the instructions below
  • Open the app, click register, fill in your email address, phone number and a secure password for yourself
  • Fill in the space required for ID number, smartcard number ( you can also use the DStv customer number of the original account holder if you are a third party)
  • After this, click on create account.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address ( spam or inbox), check it and click on the link to verify your email address

After this, the DStv Now App is fully registered and you can start using it.

Why Is DStv Now Not on Google Play

DStv stated that due to copyright infringment and protection of the App from unauthorized downloads, they did not list the DStv Now App on Google play

In addition, you cannot get or download the App also from Apple store or Huawei gallery; the only place to get and download the DStv Now App is from the official website ( now.dstv.com)

Requirements For DSTV NOW Account Sign in

For you to be able to gain access and login to your DStv Now account, the following are required:

  • Email address ( functioning and valid address i.e. it should be one you used to registered)
  • Your password ( your password when registering on DStv)
  • Any internet enabled device e.g. your Phone, tablet, PC etc
  • Internet connectivity or Data

These are the requirements to sign in into your DStv account online.

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How To Access Your DSTV Now Login Account Online

If you want to access your DStv Now account online, here is how to go about it;

  • Go to https://now.dstv.com/
  • At the top right hand corner, identify the login button
  • Click on it, fill the required box with your password and username
  • Once logged in, you can watch and also stream your favorite movies, shows, music and programs.

DStv Now Login On Phone

To access, watch and view DStv Now on your phone is easy, first you need to login to the App and it is not a rocket science to do so. Follow the steps below on DStv Now login on Phone:


  • Flip open your phone and open the installed DStv now app
  • Type in your phone number or email address ( the one you linked to your DStv account)
  • Fill in your DStv login password ( if you forget, tap the forgotten password and it will be emailed to you)
  • Wait for few seconds, allow it to initialize and load; after your dashboard interface will open

How Many Devices Can Log into DSTV Now?

This is a very interesting and important question, do not worry as I have provided the answers to it below. As at July 1st, 2023, for a single DStv Now account, only four (4) devices can be registered and allowed on it.

The implication of this is that it affects streaming of your favorite movie, music or program. In addition, even though you add 4 devices to the DStv Now account, you can only stream on 1 device at a time. You cannot stream on all the 4 devices at the same time.

To change this settings or probably remove some device and add other devices, just navigate to the settings, manage devices and from there, you can implement any changes you want. You do all this on your App.

How To Reset DSTV Now Login Password?

To reset your password, follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to the same official website, i.e. https://now.dstv.com/
  • Click on either forget password or reset button for password
    Insert your email address of valid phone number
  • Click on reset or forget password
  • An email containing the link to reset will be sent to you or to your registered mobile phone.
  • Tap on the link in the email or SMS, it will take you to the password reset page, from here, you can reset with a new password.

In case you are finding it difficult to reset, just remember that this same procedure is line with how you reset your Telkom webmail login details ( this is important if you are a Telkom subscriber).

List of Free Channels On DStv Now App?

To get the best out of DStv, it is important to subscribe. However, DStv also allowed for some free channels that you can watch even if you do not subscribe.

However, these free channels on DStv now App cannot and does not equal the ones you will subscribe to. Quality is in the difference between free channels and premium channels. However, the following arte curated lists of free channels on DStv.

  • Dish on TV – Channel 100
  • People’s weather – Channel 180
  • VOOV TV – Channel 196
  • 313 – PBS Kids
  • 320 – Channel O
  • 343 – TBN
  • 400 – BBC World News
  • 401 – CNN
  • 402 – Sky News
  • 403 – eNCA
  • 404 – SABC News
  • 406 – Newzroom Afrika
  • 414 – Euronews

How Do I Link DStv To My Account Online?

To link your DStv to your account online, follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to now.dstv.com
  • Login with your credentials, go to the settings or your profile
  • Locate ” link your DStv account”
  • Your email address, login credentials, ID etc. will be required
  • Link the accounts and you are good to go.

How Do I Register A Device On DStv Now App?

The first step to take is to create an account on DStv by going to the official website. Another option is to get an invite from someone that has an active DStv account, so when you click on the invite link, you will have access to register and you will do nothing on your side.

However, if it is yours or you want to register a device to an already existing DStv now app, just register, go to the settings on the App, go to manage device and you can add the device you want.

Remember, you can only add a maximum of 4 devices!!

Do You Pay Extra For DStv Now?

It is no, you are not going to pay extra fees or money by using DStv now.

Can I Get DStv Now Without DStv?

With the DStv now app, you do not need the traditional DStv decoder or dish. This is one major benefit of internet technology.

With or without an active DStv account, you can use DStv now. Just download the App, register and subscribe. That is all.

Is DStv Now Available On All Packages?

No matter the package you are on, all these packages are available on DStv now. It is left for you to device which of the packages you want e.g. Premium, Compact, and PlusCompact

What Devices Are Compatible With DStv Now?

As at July 1st, 2023, the following are devices compatible with DStv Now.

  • Any Smart TV at all
  • Apple TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • JVC Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • Mac
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Xbox 360

List of Supported Browsers For DStv Now App

The following are lists of supported browsers for DStv Now App; generally an updated version of these browsers are important at all times.

  • Safari 9 and other latest versions on Mac OS X 10.11 and beyond
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and its latest versions
  • Internet Explorer 11 or after that on Windows 8.1 and latest versions
  • Chrome version 53 and latest versions
  • Firefox 47 and latest versions

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Access DStv Now?

Short answer is YES;  This is the foundation building block to be able to use DStv Now on your phone, devices, TV and other streaming devices.

You can use wi-fi, 4G, LTE and 5G internet connections to enjoy the best of high definition ( HD) videos, music and pictures.

How Can I Download The DStv Now App?

You cannot download the DStv Now App on Google play, Apple and Huawei store ( I explained earlier). The only valid place to download DStv is through the official website i.e. now.dstv.com

Is DStv Now Worth it? What Are the benefits

From an economic sense of view and ease of use, the answer is yes. DStv Now app is worth it in all dimensions. The following are some of the benefits of using it:

  • You do not need a technician that will bill you heavily to install it for you.
  • There is no need for traditional dish, cable or decoder
  • You can watch your favorite DStv programs anywhere you are i.e. it makes you mobile. In the toilet, in school, church, out of your house, clubs and pubs etc.
  • You are not restricted to just watching DStv in your house
  • You can download up to 25 of your favorite shows to watch later when you’re not connected to the internet

Is DStv now month to month?

Yes, subscription is on a monthly basis.

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