Photos of Emtee Cars Collection (New Car Lamborghini)

30 years old Emtee has amazing cars collections, including his new Car Lamborghini ; we are taking a peep into the type of car he drives, how many cars he has, the specs of these cars, how much he bought them etc.

3 Reasons Emtee Love Cars

Emtee love of cars can be summarized in three ways;

  • A demanding industry ( filled with envy, pressure, substance abuse, drug addiction, glamour, glow and glorified money making ego. A research was released that the music industry has a mental health problem. Emtee and others agreed to this.
  • Enthusiastic, young, energetic and reformed life of how being a father changed his life
  • Comfort, security, pleasure, above all; a necessity that befits his musical status

Emtee in school uniform

Emtee, a vibrant young man from the ancient city of Matatiele, growing up in Rockville; a born genius who like most youths and South African men is filled with audacity in reaching the top.

Emtee, commonly called the hustler ( his street name) is not a newcomer in the South African entertainment industry.

Though Emtee is not as rich as Andile Mpisane because Andile is richer than all the combined money of the top 20 richest musician in South Africa like cassper nyovest.

He still manages to enjoy the comfort he could afford.

emtee cars collection

One thing for sure is that he thirst for anything excellent, exotic, luxurious, classy and tasty; this man whom I value and respect from a distance does not deny himself the good taste of life, including the extravagant cars of the modern world.

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emtee cars

what car does emtee drive?

People usually ask, ‘ does Emtee own a car? Yes he does. Currently, Emtee drives a new Lamborghini as shared on his Instagram page.

It is not surprising because he is a big fan of luxury cars. Let me share a little recap about his journey.

In 2016, Emtee bought his first car, this was the year when he started getting recognition and making progress in the music industry.

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the mercedez bend emtee bought

He also bought a battery-operated slick yellow Lamborghini worth R9000 for his little son in the same year. Imagine what he will buy for his son when he is grown up?

The young aspiring artist then bought his second car. This time, Emtee bought a luxurious Mercedes-AMG A45 at a whopping cost of R800,000 ( though there are conflicting reports about his former producer and label company collecting back his cars back then).

emtee flexing with lamborghini car

Unfortunately, Emtee cars got crushed in an accident and he lost them to the bank through repossessions at that time but trust me, the hustler is back with a new bang!

He came back with a bang with the purchase of the Lamborghini as seen in the pictures below.

Being a good son to his father, 4 years ago, in 2018, he bought his father a new Ford ranger as part of his dreams coming true ( see photos below);

emtee bought his father a new ford ranger on 2018

Emtee Cars Collection

As at now, it is pretty difficult to know how many cars does emtee have because he is a very private person.

In 2018, he was seen driving a BMW i8 car that cost approximately 2 million rands  on Abantu music video, I am not sure that the car belongs to him.

However, based on our findings at Mamzansi, we have assembled the following Emtee cars collection:

1. Emtee New Car Lamborghini

emtee new car lamborghini

Please understand that this Emtee cars i.e. a typical Lamborghini costs ZAR 3,369,032 in rands, so I am of the opinion that Emtee’s new Lamborghini car will cost around that range.

However, if it is not a brand new car, then the cost will not be that much.

what car does emtee drives

In terms of the specs, a typical Lamborghini car is made for comfort, luxury and enjoyment.  This beast is a 12 cylinder engine car, with a Max power of 759.01bhp@8500. It covers an ARAI mileage of 7.69Kmpl.

The following are the specs of this new emtee car:

ARAI Mileage 7.69 kmpl
Engine Displacement (cc) 6498
No. of cylinder 12
Max Power (bhp@rpm) 759.01bhp@8500rpm
Max Torque (nm@rpm) 720Nm@6750rpm

2. Mercedes-AMG A45

The Mercedes AMG A45 was purchased at an approximate cost of R800,000 at that time. This was the first car he purchased to announce his breakthrough in the music industry.

It was after this that he bought his dad a new Ford ranger bakkie as mentioned earlier.

the mercedez bend emtee bought

The Mercedes AMG A45 has a single turbo engine, though the 2020 model is upgraded with an AMG-tuned four-cylinder engine that cranks out 382 horsepower.

Emtee Mercedes AMG A45 has a speed that beats imagination, the car speeds past 124 mph in about 14 seconds.

Other important specs about this car includes;

  • Top Speed of 155 mph (249 km/h)
  • Acceleration 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH)4.2 s
  • Gearbox: It has a 7-speed automatic (AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT)

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