FNB Branch Code And Swift Code ( Name And Number 250655) South Africa

FNB branch code is 250655; an easy to remember 6 digit number that was rebranded as a universal code in early 2021 for all branches in South Africa.

Prior to that time and date, more than the 105 FNB branches in South Africa had unique code numbers specially assigned to a particular branch based on their province and city where they were operating from.

Sequel to this, there was distortions and confusion for everyday banking needs and challenges, customers often get blurry and intertwined answers on which codes especially for internet banking.

This guideline is aimed to present to you straight forward answers to your questions, dissecting and intersecting previous codes that were, prior before the depreciation and merger into one universal branch code.

Formerly, if you are at FNB Bloemfontein branch, the FNB code was 230134 and if you are in Cape Town, the code was 210210 for Aliwal North at 26 Somerset Street, so also for Durban at 20 Swapo Rd, Durban North, 220426 etc.

Basically the previous individual FNB branch codes is a reflection of the location of your province and the city, but it is no longer valid with the universal code now in place.

With an investigative skill and thorough checkup on facts and not hearsays, Mamzansi presents to you the latest and most updated FNB branch code for 2023.

fnb branch code

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FNB Branch Codes

The following are the implemented FNB branch codes based on province, city and suburb:

  • For Johannesburg CBD,: Branch code is 250655
  • For Western Cape Town ( Cape Town): Branch code is 250655
  • For Durban: Its branch code is 250655
  • For KZN ( Kwazulu Natal): Branch code is 250655
  • For Pretoria: Branch code is 250655
  • For Bloemfontein, its 250655
  • For PE ( Port Elizabeth): It is 250655
  • For Nelspruit ( Mpumalanga), the branch code is 250655
  • The same 250655 is also the branch codes for both Polokwane and East London

So no matter where you are in South Africa, there is only one (1) FNB branch code and that is 250655!! For example, when you want to transfer payment from Capitec to FNB, you just make use of the universal code and the account number of the recipient.

This is quite easy as the FNB to Capitec transfer time is quick, often faster than that of Nedbank or other banks.

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What Is the Universal Branch Code for FNB Branch

250655 is the undisputed universal branch code for FNB bank!!

Just as I explained earlier and above, it might be of interest for you to know that all the FNB branches were formerly using different codes but it was stopped and depreciated.

The bank came up with a single entity code for all branches in the country. So no matter what you want to do or your present location, this single universal code, 250655, works for all FNB related financial transactions and facilitations.

One of the core vision and values of FNB ( First National Bank) South Africa is to help create a better world and I honestly align positively that they are living this vision.

For example, their world class banking services are second to none ( though some Capitec customers complains that FNB is too expensive, I disagree though); with their App, you can easily block your lost card, you can reverse ewallet payment made by mistake, you can load airtime, you can loads of stuffs with their services.

What is FNB Swift Code

The swift code for FNB South Africa is FIRNZAJJ

Without this swift code, sending and receiving money internationally via FNB into your account is impossible. This digit is highly important to successfully achieve cross border international financial payment facilitation.

A brief explanation of this code is summarized below:

  1. FIRN stands for and symbolizes FNB bank code
  2. ZA symbolizes South Africa’s country code
  3. And the two last letters in capital, i.e. JJ symbolizes the bank location code

I recommend you watch this video for your perusal:

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FNB Branch Code VS Universal Code

There is no individual FNB branch codes anymore, it is now a single universal code and it is 250655. What this means is that whether you are in Tableview, Cape Town, or far away Benoni etc., this single branch code is all you need to do your transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I use FNB Branch code for international transactions?

Yes, but only with the swift code will it be successful. Remember, the branch code is aimed to be used within the walls of South Africa for interbanking transactions especially online banking and when trying to make EFT payments.

  • What happens if I use the wrong branch code

It bounces back or go to the account owner if the branch code you mistakenly sent it to is active. However, in over 80% of circumstances, the payment or funds does not go through and it reverts back to you i.e. your bank account.


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