How To Block FNB Card Using Cellphone banking With Or Without App

If you have lost your FNB card or whether it is stolen, this guideline shows you how to block FNB card using cellphone banking with or without App and online and stop fraudulent withdrawals.

Please follow this tutorial with ease and implement all the recommendations in this self help guideline.

On August 18th, 2023, Bheki Cele, the Police Minister released an update on crime statistics for South Africa.

In the report, it was stated that theft and burglar incidence decreased by 6.4% compared to last year 2022. It is widely acknowledged that SA has high crime rate involving the theft of phones, personal banking information etc.

This guideline is aimed to assist you implement easy approach to quickly block your active FNB card ( credit or debit) if:

  • You were either robbed
  • You misplaced your FNB bank card
  • Your card got missing etc.

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fnb stop card

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What Is FNB Stop Card

FNB stop card is a quick, safe, immediate safety and security intervention to quickly block a First National Bank customer active credit and debit card once it is stolen, misplaced or cannot be found.

Being one of the top 3 banks in South Africa, FNB prides itself as the most technology secured banking platform with robust security infrastructure in protecting customers financial trust.

The following are measures to stop your FNB card and or block it:

1. Call FNB Number To Block Card

The direct number to call is 087 575 9406; please understand that this number is toll free ( with or without you having airtime balance) and you are not going to pay for the minutes used in calling and speaking to the FNB customer service staff.

In most cases, when you are recently robbed, do not panic and do not fight with the thieves because in that latest crime report I mentioned earlier, most murders committed in South Africa is by argument or fighting. So avoid this, let the robbers or the thieves take the card and let them go.

After they are gone, quickly call 087 575 9406 i.e. the FNB stop card contact number and explain what happened to you and request for the card to be blocked.

As a mark of precaution that you are the owner of the FNB card you want to stop or block, some few security questions will be asked from you and they are:

  • Your full name
  • Your ID number
  • When it was lost or stolen
  • And on few occasions, they may send you an OTP (one time pin) to your mobile phone that is linked to your phone. However, if your mobile phone is also robbed or lost, then this option will not asked from you.

This is the first step to implement FNB stop card!!

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2. How To Block FNB Card Online

The second best option to block your card is by implementing the online banking method. This is quite easy if you have internet data on your phone to quickly go online.

And if you do not have data, just locate any nearby internet cafe nearest to you, buy some browsing time and access the official FNB online banking platform.

fnb stop card south africa

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To stop your FNB card online, follow the guidelines below:

  • Remember your username and password
  • Now, go to FNB official website at
  • Fill your username and password and click on login
  • Once inside your profile, go to card
  • On the card page, go to block or deactivate
  • That is all and immediately the card will be stopped and no withdrawals can be made.

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3. How To Block FNB Card Using Cellphone Banking

The first thing to be sure of is whether your mobile number is activated for cellphone banking. If it is, good for you, but if not, you need to visit Capitec branch office nearest to you and get it activated.

This is how to block FNB card using cellphone banking:

  • Make sure you are registered and activated for cellphone banking
  • Flip open your phone and dial the USSD code
  • The FNB USSD code to block the card is *147#
  • A prompt up menu will appear on your phone screen, follow the instructions to block your FNB card

However, one area I will like FNB to work on is the use of WhatsApp to achieve this goal because you can use this micro chatting network to block Capitec card and it is seamless to use it.

4. How To Block FNB Card On App

To stop and block your FNB card using the App is a pretty straightforward method, the only challenge is that you need to have an active data to be able to connect to the internet.

If you do not have data, you can leverage and connect to any available free wifi near you ( though not advisable for security purposes).

Now, with that explanation, implement the following steps to block your FNB card on the App:

  • Open your FNB App and login
  • Once logged in, navigate to the home, from there, click on accounts
  • Once your account opens, locate and navigate on the pointed arrow
  • Click on my cards, then from here, go to temporarily block my card
  • Once you chose this, the card will be stopped and blocked immediately.

Watch this video for more information:

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5. How To Block FNB Card Without App

To block your FNB card without App can be done in three ways and they are:

  • Calling the FNB stop card contact number i.e. 087 575 9406
  • Going to the FNB online banking platform at
  • Using cellphone banking by dialing the USSD code *147#

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How To Report A Lost FNB Card

In the aftermath of a missing or lost first national bank card, whether it is your debit or credit card, you need to call the support hotline immediately without wasting time.

The FNB hotline for your lost card is 087 575 9406;

  • From your phone or any phone, dial 087 575 9406
  • Do not worry whether you have airtime or not, it is free
  • No matter the time of the day when your card got missing, the hotline support team is always available throughout the day
  • In addition, if you notice that something is not right about your card e.g. withdrawals not approved by you e.g. fraud, call the number immediately

It is better to quickly call this FNB stop card number immediately rather than going to a physical nearby office and waiting on the queue!!

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