Hiresociall Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam

Launched on July 25th, 2022, Hiresociall is a masked work from home job opportunities with many red flags. This reviews uncovers hidden answers to the most trending question on ‘ Is Hiresociall legit?

Our goal is to dissect and probe deep to know everything about this job portal, what it is, who is the owner and how they operate.

We live in perilous times where darkness and light seems to be friends and neighbors; we live in a world where the innocent ones are being used and caught as bait for the fraudsters; we live in a cloudy stormy globe where the truth is very difficult to know.

At Mamzansi, we decide to carry out due diligence on facts and claims on hiresociall; we analyzed deep investigative anecdotal data, online and offline and this reviews will give you all the answers you desire to know.

is hiresociall legit

What is Hiresociall

Hiresocial is a social media online market place connecting people looking for jobs and companies looking for virtual workers.

They basically operate as a middleman between employers and employees interested in social media management workers.

How Hiresociall Works

Their mode of operation looks confusing. If you check and navigate throughout the website, both at the beginning of the website, frontpage and midpage, Hiresociall presents itself as a work from home job opportunities connecting people to job offers from reputable companies.

However, if you scroll down to the base of the website where their operating disclosure is; they stated that they are not a recruitment agency but a market place and that the owner of the website i.e. Hiresociall gets commission ( get paid) whenever you the user gets the so called job offers.

This is not right and it smells of a scam because they are deceitful and not actually telling people the truth!!

5 Reasons Why Hiresociall Is Not Legit

The following are notable observations that made us conclude that Hiresociall might be a scam:

1. Conflicting Descriptions And Introduction

A vividly clear description about what Hiresociall does that is written on the site the moment you open their website states that it offers cost effective recruitment solutions that helps companies recruit candidates.

Further down the page, they claim to connect people with global organizations in a network model, this is not true which I will explain below.

The conflict on these descriptions is laid bared when you scroll down to the bottom of the website. At the base, their marketing disclosure which I briefly explained above stated a different perspective.

Hiresociall conflicting description is one major signal that they are most likely a scam or a slave working model instead of a proper job offer, a model similar to what social oasis and workoo.tech offers.

2. No Contact Address

Fraudsters and website scams do not have contact address, especially physical contact address; this is a pattern that is 100 percent common with all non legit sites and scam work from home job offers.

What makes Hiresociall worst is that no single email address is available on the site; in addition to no social media connections, these are high red flags that it is 100 percent scam and not legit.

Other work from home job sites, even though they may not be legit but they still leave email address, but one thing common with all of them, including hiresociall is the absence of physical address.

3. 301 Outbound Cloaked Link

I am of the believe that Hiresociall is simply an affiliate cloaked site to a third external website, and guess what, I am absolutely right.

If you click on the ‘Apply Now’ button ( 4 buttons on the main homepage), they all have the same outward link to the same website.

hiresociall reviews

On clicking on it, it takes you straight to socialsalerep, a supposedly lead generation JV funnel website that offers job opportunities.

All these things and tricks do not add up at all!!

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4. Clikbait Email

Imagine getting paid 850 dollars!! well that was what I was promised after I registered on the website. No legitimate work from home job portal can offer this sort of money for doing surveys, answering questions and monitoring social media account for just 1 week.

is hiresociall a scam

This is scam and not true!!

5. Payment, payment payment

Finally, they cajole or persuade you to make payment for the job offer they are offering you. This is pure scam from every angle you might look at it.

Please understand that they have different models of operating and on some few occasions, the website they will direct you to may not ask for money but at the end of the day, it is just not right.



The overall conclusion about hiresociall is that it is a scam and not legit. Do not waste your precious time on the website. Looking for genuine work from home jobs, go to indeed and LinkedIn.

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