Tymebank To Capitec Transfer Time ( How To Send Money From Tymebank To Capitec Long It Takes)

To know how long it takes to transfer money from Tymebank to Capitec Bank depends on the moment, day and period you send the money. This tutorial has your answer.

My Experience

It doesn’t take forever to transfer money from Tymebank to Capitec bank. Ask me how?

TymeBank and Capitec Bank are among the best banks in South Africa, although I stand to be corrected because our experiences differ.

When I said best, in this sense, I mean they are the best digital banks in South Africa, according to the SITEisfaction 2021 report. TymeBank, on average, has a growing number of 110,000 new customers monthly.


Over the years, I have had cause to transfer money from Capitec Bank to TymeBank, and vice versa and my experience has been constant, which is speed and accuracy.

TymeBank and Capitec Bank are in huge competition here in South Africa, and as such, they seek to leverage on every competitive advantage to gain an edge in the marketplace.

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In effect, they ensure their customer experience is seamless and stress-free, just check this guideline on how to reverse ewallet on fnb app compared to Capitec’s.

Another aspect to look through is their huge customer database. TymeBank and Capitec Bank have a large number of customers, and they are mindful of retaining their existing customers and increasing their database.

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How long it takes to transfer money from Tymebank to Capitec Bank

One of the frequently asked questions is “How long does it take to transfer money from TymeBank to CapitecBank?”

To accurately provide detailed answers to your question, there is the need to understand that the duration it takes for money sent on working days differs from the ones sent on weekends.

1. Money transferred from TymeBank to Capitec Bank on working days

The money transferred from TymeBank to Capitec Bank on working days before 3pm takes less than 48hours to be reflected the following evening to the recipient account.

Perhaps you may ask, “Why should I trust you? And how are you sure of this?” To answer your question, I have been transferring money from TymeBank to CapitecBank for three months now for some business purposes, and I have a potent experience of how it works with them.

To confirm my submission on June 7, 2020, TymeBank shared a Twit on their Twitter page @TymeBank.

2. Money transferred from TymeBank to Capitec Bank on Weekend

Money transferred from TymeBank to Capitec Bank on the weekend normally experiences a delay before it is reflected on the recipient account for some undiscovered reasons.

But one way to judge the delay may be because the transfer was not done during working hours.

In the twit shared by TymeBank on their official page, they affirm that transactions conducted on the weekend may experience some delay, but they didn’t give reasons for the delay.

The payment should be processed within 72hours.

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3. Why Does money transferred on weekend take That Long?

To rightly answer the question “of what’s the rationale behind delayed payment?” well, the answer is not farfetched.

That’s because TymeBank does not support immediate payment. Whatever transaction you do, whether during working days or weekends, the recipient would get the money in at least 5 working days in extreme situations. But it is really in rare cases.

How long does it take to transfer from my TymeBank account to another TymeBank account?

Transferring money from your TymeBank to another TymeBank does not take long. It is an instant transfer, unlike transferring from TymeBank to CapitecBank.

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How To Transfer Money From Tymebank to Capitec Bank

If this is what you are looking for, the guideline below will be of great help:

  • Download TymeBank’s App for android mobile users.
  • Download the App for your iPhone at Apple play.
  • For Huawei Users, go to AppGallery, search for ‘TymeBank’ and download it.
  • Log in to your TymeBank Account: once you have opened the TymeBank App, ensure you follow the Login in prompt as displayed on your screen to Login into your account.
  • Locate the Home screen: On the home screen, locate the pay icon. This will enable you to send money from your TymeBank account to Capitec Bank
  • Click the Pay Icon: Once you click the pay icon, a list of possible actions that can be carried out under the pay icon will appear. Click the pay someone.
  • Once you click the pay someone icon, it will show the once–off payment, select this and input the Capitec bank account number you want to transfer money to.
  • Once your transaction is successful, it will be displayed on the screen.

If you experience any difficulty, repeat the process over again to be sure you did the right thing. If the problem persist, do well to contact the customer care for help.

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Follow the steps to send money from your TymeBank to Capitec Bank, and let me know how this has helped you. Do you know anyone that has to see this? Do you know anyone this can be of help to? Don’t hesitate to share with them.

Feel free to drop your views and opinion in the comment section below. Cheers!

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  1. I transfered my gf 340 around 11h30 in the morning and now it’s 16h57 she hasn’t received the money and she is desperated what’s wrong I’m using tyme bank and she is using capitec


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