How To Block Capitec Card On App, Online Or Without App

The Capitec stop card number to call is 0219411377; this guideline looks at other options to block Capitec card online, on the app, by cellphone banking and also by SMS.

It is a very sad thing that crime rate in South Africa remains on the high side and is on par with countries like Mexico and other notorious countries. It is reported that on average, theft of valuables occurs every 2 minute across the entire length and breadth of the entire country landscape.

Mamzansi, carried out an investigative research with the aim of publishing well detailed guideline to report your lost card. We cross examined various methods to achieve this, starting with the most convenient way to stop Capitec card that was stolen or misplaced.

Our overall objective with this published piece on how to block Capitec card is for you if:

  • You were unfortunately robbed and disposed of your wallets and payment cards
  • You were careless and somehow lost your card
  • Your card is missing

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how to block capitec card

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What Is Capitec Stop Card

Capitec stop card is a seamless and hassle free quick intervention security measures to immediately block an active card that was lost, stolen, misplaced or missing.

With a burgeoning and ever expanding customer base, Capitec invested in security infrastructure technology and positioned customers safety and satisfaction as their core service delivery mission.

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How To Block Capitec Card

The processes and steps to implement this safety measures is somehow similar to steps you will take when blocking FNB card.

Please follow me as I shared how you can block a Capitec card immediately:

1. Call Capitec Block Card Number

This is the first step you need to take to quicky report your lost card to the bank. Failure to do so may lead to undesired and unwanted circumstances.

The Capitec stop card number to dial is 0219411377, you call this number from your phone or any available phone nearest to you. This code is different from the general Capitec Branch code.

As adage or proverb says ‘Make hay while the sun shines”; this is a wise saying because whether you lost your card or it is missing, if fraudsters or robbers are the ones behind it, your money can be quickly withdrawn or transferred.

Now, the most interesting part of this safety development by Capitec is that this number is toll free, this implies that it will ring whether you have enough airtime or not. If you have airtime, your MTN airtime balance will not be charged or deducted ( if you are using MTN as an example).

Implement the steps below to block your Capitec card when you call:

  • Dial 0219411377
  • Be patient and wait for few minutes and a customer representative will answer you
  • He or she will ask you some security questions to be sure you are the owner of the said account
  • Some questions that will be required from you are: your ID/Permit, your full name, time lost or missing and some recent transactions you can remember you carried out on the account
  • Once you are able to answer this questions, your capitec card will be blocked instantly and your funds will be safe.
  • Thereafter, you can then go inside the Capitec banking hall and request for a new card.

block capitec card

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2. How To Block Capitec Card From App

If you are lucky enough that your mobile phone was not stolen or lost when your card was robbed, lost or stolen, then the use of the App is a quick and fast effective way to block it immediately.

One thing you should understand is that if you are robbed, the thieves in this case wants to quickly withdraw your money, so you need to act fast. Just let them go, do not fight or argue with them at all.

The only downside to the use of the Capitec App to block your card is the availability of internet connectivity or data; this implies that you should always have data on your mobile phone at all times.

Now, you need to implement the steps below to block your Capitec card on the App:

  • If you do not have Capitec Global one App on your phone, download it from App Store ( Google or Apple or Huawei)
  • Login into the App ( if you just download, you need to register and sometimes, you may need to to the bank to set it up for you on your phone)
  • Once you have logged in, navigate and locate cards
  • If you have more than one card, chose the one that is lost i.e. the one you wish to block and stop
  • Chose and select ‘stop card”
  • The reason for stopping it will be enquired, give a valid reason please
  • Immediately, your card will be stopped

All these process to block your Capitec card on the App takes less than 5 minutes to do so!!

Watch this video:

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3. How To Block Capitec Card Online

If the two methods are proving cumbersome and you have tried maneuvering your way round it and it is hectic, then you can just go online and stop the card.

capitec block card

No matter the province you are are in South Africa e.g. Pretoria, Limpopo, or even Cape Town, USA, UK etc., you can pop into any nearby internet cafe, buy some few minutes and quickly sort it out.

Implement the steps below to block your Capitec card online:

  • Go to Capitec bank legit website at:
  • Login with your username and password ( this works if you have activated your internet banking)
  • Once inside your profile, navigate and locate cards
  • Once there, chose the card you want to block and select ” stop card”
  • Immediately the card will be blocked from working

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4. How To Block Capitec Card Using Cellphone banking

The Capitec ussd code to block card ( debit or credit) is *120*3279#. This code, when dialed from the registered mobile number attached to your account activates the security features to stop your card.

Implement the steps below to block your Capitec card using Cellphone banking:

  • Ensure you are registered and activated for cellphone banking
  • You are going to use your cellphone number linked to your Capitec account
  • With that, you can dial *120*3279# from your phone
  • A pop up screen menu will show up, follow the screen navigation, locate card and deactivate it
  • It is as simple as a, b, c!!

5. How To Block Capitec Card On WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp to block your lost card is both effective, efficient and also cost effective; this is how to do it:

  • Add Capitec WhatsApp number to your contact
  • The Capitec WhatsApp number to block or stop your card is 0674189565
  • After adding the number, open your WhatsApp and send hello message to the number
  • After a while, an agent or Capitec staff will reply back to you
  • Explain the situation and request for the card to be blocked

6. How To Block Capitec Card Without App

The 5 ways to block your Capitec bank card are:

  • Calling the Capitec stop card contact number on 0219411377
  • Going online at:
  • Activating and using cellphone banking by dialing the USSD code *120*3279#
  • Using WhatsApp; the number is 0674189565

Please share your comment in the box below. Thank you for reading and I hope that this guideline will be helpful to you.


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