How To Cancel DStv Subscription Immediately ( Dstv Cancellation Contact Number And Email)

This detailed guideline shows the 3 ways on how to cancel DStv subscription immediately and unsubscribe from the account using either the DStv cancellation contact number, email address, WhatsApp, App and by going to their office

DStv, owned by Multichoice company is a 27 years old company and it is the largest satellite TV provider in South Africa and in most countries of the African continent.

how to cancel dstv subscription

How To Cancel DStv Subscription

As I mentioned earlier, there is always a point you will want to cancel your DStv subscription plan, I have cancelled my subscription three times just the the same I  had to cancel my showmax subscription and I do not feel weird for cancelling it.

How can I stop my DStv subscription and not get charged again?

You can cancel your DStv subscription using the self service option in three ways and they are:

1. Using the DStv App ( the Self service portal)

You can cancel your DStv account subscription by using the self service option on the App. To do that, kindly follow these guidelines:

  • Open your phone and make sure you have an active internet connection
  • Open the DStv Eazy portal App and login or
  • If you are using DStv now, just open the DStv now login portal
  • After you login, go to the account page and navigate around the menu
  • Select the Ádd or change’option
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel
  • Follow the on screen instructions and prompts
  • Click cancel subscription and the subscription will be cancelled.

2. Using the web (Using the self service option on your computer)

You can also cancel your DStv subscription on the computer using the web i.e. from the DStv website address. To do that, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit Dstv , click the sign-in icon to login into your DStv account. Enter your correct password and email address.
  • On your profile page, click the add or change icon, which will lead you to cancel your DStv subscription
  • Select the subscription plan you want to cancel and hit the cancel button.
  • If you’ve followed the above-listed steps, you will get a prompt message of “Subscription successfully canceled.”

3. Going to a physical DStv customer service center

The headquarter of DStv ( Multichoice company, owner of DStv) is in South Africa; Multichoice has several DStv offices all across the country, from Cape Town, to Limpopo, Gauteng, Sandton, Mphumalanga, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape etc.

Anywhere, you are in South Africa, there is always a DStv office near you. If you do not know, just check out the list of all DStv offices across South Africa.

If you could not cancel the subscription with the above method, just walk to their office and from there, you can cancel your subscription. Be prepared and go with some physical documents e.g. receipts, last payment option, your ID etc.

However, if where their office is located is far from where you are, you can also reach out to their customer service by the following means:

  • By Email : Dstv cancellation email is
  • By Phone Call: DStv subscription cancellation number to call is (011) 289 2222
  • By Whatsapp

DStv customer care WhatsApp number is 060 060 3788. Just add the number to your WhatsApp, send them a message, explain your requests and you will be attended to.

Please note that live human may not be able to chat with you, however a ‘bot’ will attend to you in a professional way and an optional menu ( My Products option) to cancel your account will be shown to you.

However, the best way on how to cancel DStv subscription is not to renew your subscription once it finishes.

This means once the current subscription circles finishes, do not make payment, remove your credit card form the profile and automatically, your subscription will be cancelled.

Alternatively, you can watch this video to understand the process very well:

3 Reasons To Cancel DStv Subscriptions

However, there has been complains and exodus of clients leaving the company and cancelling their subscriptions. The following points are notable reasons why some of their clients have cancelled their DStv accounts.

  • Better Online Streaming Services

The advent of online streaming services, like Netflix, showmax etc. actually reduced the influential power of DStv. Many people like myself simply prefers to watch everything online and stream any movie I want.

This is one major reason why many people are looking for ways on how to cancel DStv subscription.

  • Annoying Customer Services

The cost of using DStv is on the high side when you compared to the use of online streaming services.

Despite the fact that Netflix increased their price from USD8.99 to USD9.99 for basic membership level, this cost is far more cheaper than the use of DStv. So, the astronomical price hike and cost of using DStv is far more expensive.

Another annoying thing about DStv is that they actually have a poor customer service. I am talking from experience.

Just have a little problem and walk to their customer service office, you will be annoyed at the slow level of attention they will give you. Some of the staffs can be very annoying.

  • Distraction

The use of satellite TV services and streaming services can be a cause of distraction for you. Many young people are addicted to movies and they spent countless number of hours without doing any productive task for the entire day.

Apart from the two points mentioned above, I discovered that my time are not being utilized very well and all these factors prompted me to decide to cancel my DStv subscriptions.

In the course of looking for ways to cancel your DStv subscription, some notable questions are being asked. I will explain them one by one:

  • How to cancel a DStv debit order?

A DStv debit order simply means that you have a debit card that is associated to your DStv account. With the DStv debit order, you do not have to physically go to DStv office to make payment for your subscription.

You are automatically charged at the right time, meaning funds are removed from your card.

To cancel the DStv debit order, follow the steps above or just go to your bank ( financial institution) and let them suspend the card or your bank can suspend the Multichoice order on the card.

To be on a safe side, you can suspend the card or just remove it from your linked Multichoice (DStv) account.

  • How long does DStv take to disconnect or cancel my subscription?

What happens if I cancel DStv?

This is one of the most asked questions when looking for ways on how to cancel DStv subscription.

No matter when you cancel your DStv subscription, it does not mean the services will stop immediately. It will only be in effect once the subscription period finishes.

For example, if the billing/subscription ends on the 27th of each month, and you cancelled your subscription on the 12th, it does not mean the services will stop on the 12th, it will still run till the 27th, and then it will stop. You will not get charged again.

  • What is a DStv Connect ID?

Multichoice ( DStv) has thousands of customers), so each customer is only identified properly with the use of connect ID. Multichoice identifies you by the use of the connect ID.

In most cases, when you visit a Multichoice office ( DStv) or you call them/email them. Even after presenting your name, reference number etc., you will still be asked of your connect ID.

It is needed so that the company can be able to verify that you are the genuine account holder.

  • Can I rejoin DStv after cancellation?

Yes, you can rejoin DStv even after you have cancelled your subscription. It is amazing because you can rejoin even without accruing any penalties.

  • How do I disconnect my DStv decoder?

The best way is to engage the services of a qualified technician. They will help unlink the cables running from your decoder to your television or AV receiver and those from the dish to the decoder.