How To Cancel ShowMax Subscription On Phone And Unsubscribe

This showmax subscription cancellation guideline outline the steps to take to cancel showmax on your phone and unsubscribe totally.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. That’s why you need to take a chill often by subscribing to entertainment spots like Showmax, DStv, Netflix, and Spotify.

My friends and I often hang out every weekend to watch our favorite movies on Netflix. But sometimes, entertainment may not be the only source of release and chill you need.

how to cancel showmax subscription

How to cancel showmax subscription ( 4 Proven Ways)

The following are the 4 proven ways to cancel your showmax subscription:

  • The Web ( the Showmax website)
  • Via Your DStv account
  • Via your mobile phone ( Android and iPhone)
  • Via The App

You can cancel your subscription via any of the listed methods above, just choose the one that works best for you. Now, let me explain one by one.

1. How to cancel showmax subscription via the Web

Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Visit their official website at
  • sign in or login to your account as seen below ( click ‘sign in’ seen at the top right hand corner)


  • Enter your email and password, then click the blue button below ( sign in)
  • On the page that will show up, locate the profile (p) at the top right hand corner, click on it, then select ‘My account’ from the drop down menu that will show
  • Once you click on ‘My account’, the administrative page ( user) will open
  • Check and click on ‘Manage subscription’

manage your showmax subscription

  • The subscription package you are on will be displayed ,all you have to do is to locate the cancel Subscription’ as shown above. Click on it and that is all.
  • It means you have successfully cancelled your showmax subscription. You may now want to delete your card details or probably delete and remove your entire account. If that is the case, then read this next step.

2. How to cancel showmax subscription via Your DStv account

This method of showmax subscription cancellation will only work if you add your Showmax to your DStv account. Don’t bother exploring this method if you didn’t add your Showmax to your DStv account because it won’t work for you.

  • Step 1: Go to your DStv account and login
  • Step 2: Sign in to the self–service website and click the “My product icon”
  • Step 3: Choose the cancel subscription for Showmax and confirm your intention to cancel your subscription.

That is it and your subscription will be totally cancelled. You can use this method to also stop DStv subscriptions and if you are interested in DStv now, you may check out this guideline on DStv Now login.

3. Cancel Showmax Subscription Using Mobile phone ( Android and iPhone)

This way on how to unsubscribe from showmax subscription using your mobile phone, either android or your iPhone is a straightforward task to do.

All you have to do is to open your browser ( safari browser for iPhone) and Google chrome or Microsoft Edge for android users, and follow this guideline.

4. How to cancel showmax subscription via Showmax App

Have you downloaded and installed the App on your phone? if you have done so, just open the App, go to your account, click on manage subscriptions, and from there, you can click on cancel subscription.

To make you understand the whole process, I have uploaded this video from YouTube for you to watch:

5. How to delete Showmax account and remove it totally

It is possible, when you delete your showmax account, all your information, data, credit card information etc. will all be deleted.

I think this is the best approach to do the moment you cancel your subscription. Kindly follow the guidelines below.

how to delete showmax account and remove it totally

  1. Go to the website, at
  2. Login as usual, go to your profile, select ‘My Account’.
  3. On the left hand side on the displayed screen, locate ‘My data’. Press it and click on delete. That’s all.

3 Reasons To unsubscribe from showmax Subscription

  • Distractions ( Focus Time On More Productive Activities)

Sometimes, it may be a distraction to your productivity if you are already addicted to it, and you want to break the addiction.

In cases and situations where you want to take a break from entertainment to focus on some more important activities, its completely understandable.

In late July 2022, I canceled all my entertainment subscriptions starting from Showmax, DStv, Netflix, and Spotify. My friends thought I’d lost my mind, but I didn’t. All I needed to do was to shun distractions for greater productivity of my time, skills, and energy.

  • Unwanted Costs

Yes, I mean it. Quite a number of people are angry for incurring additional or unwanted costs on their showmax subscription. This may be a reason why cancelling your subscription may make sense to you. Every cents matters.

  • Better Streaming subscription

In south Africa, USA and most parts of the world, people may opt to leave showmax and go for other streaming subscription services. For example, a friend of mine recently deleted her entire showmax account and opt for Netflix.

How to get free Showmax trial?

Please note that the showmax free trial is only for new users and it is only valid for 14 days i.e. two weeks. The moment you sign up, you are automatically given two weeks of free trial.

When you sign up, and have completed your full details and payment options during the registration, you can watch and stream videos you desire.

To sign up for the free trial, go to and click on sign up. However, do not forget that everything is only for 14 days or else you will be billed.

Can you cancel Showmax during free trial?

You can cancel your showmax account within 14 days of your free trial. However, the moment the 14 days expires, you will be billed/charged.

So yes, you can cancel showmax during free trial.

How do I cancel my showmax free trial?

I explained this earlier, just login to your account at, locate your profile, locate my account and click on cancel subscription.

Please remember that you have to cancel your free trial before the 2 weeks ( 14 days) expires.

How do I check my Showmax subscription?

To check your showmax subscription is easy, just go to www.showmax, login with your email and password, locate your profile, under it, click on My account, then manage subscription.

Here you will see all your showmax subscription. See the picture below.

How do I remove Showmax from my phone?