How To Cancel Subscription On Cell C ( USSD Code To Unsubscribe And Check)

This tutorial is focused on how to check your cell C subscriptions and unsubscribe from the ones you do not want and totally cancel them. The USSD code number to dial and ways to achieve this is fully explained.

In my earlier tutorial guidelines, I listed out some notable reasons why you may have noticed that your Cell C airtime and data are mysteriously disappearing.

If you have been a victim of your airtime missing or probably your airtime repeatedly kept on disappearing, the solution lies in simply identifying and undergoing Cell C subscription cancellation.

How to Cancel Subscription on Cell C

Tired of those nonsense WASPS, the steps below are the recommended ways to unsubscribe and cancel all Cell C active subscriptions.

  • Check the Subscriptions you are on
  • Use of the Cell C USSD Code number
  • Using the Cell C Mobile app

how to cancel subscription on cell c

Luckily, Cell C Mobile network gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe or stop subscription services anytime you want!!

I am a strong believer that knowledge is power and being here reading this guideline is going to be a lifesaver for you and to you.

1. How to check Cell C Subscriptions

Before you can make a decision to terminate or stop any subscription, you need to at least know if you are subscribed to any in the first place.

The two best ways to see and check any active Cell C subscriptions on your phone are:

  • Dialing the USSD code
  • Using the Cell C mobile App

1. Dialing the USSD code To Check Your Cell C Subscriptions

The best and most convenient way for you to know and check your active Cell C subscription services is to dial the USSD code number, *133*1#

Follow this guideline:

  • Dial *133*1#
  • A pop message will show and tell you the number of services you are subscribed to.
  • Apart from telling you, it will also list them asking if you want to view them
  • Click 1 for the service mentioned or 2 if the service mentioned is listed as 2
  • On the next page, the full details of the service you are subscribed to will show
  • It will contain information of the cost and when you subscribed to it

The second option to check your active Cell C subscriptions is by making use of the App.

how to check cell c subscription

2. Using The Cell C Mobile App To Check Your Subscriptions

This is also a straightforward approach and much easy to use. Before you get started, I want to believe that you have the App already installed on your phone and that you also have an active internet connection.

  • Flip open the Cell C App
  • Go to the products section/box
  • The various subscription services will be listed and shown there

Using the two methods mentioned above, the next process to stop the secret thief of your disappearing airtime can now be terminated and totally deleted. Let us dive in.

2. How to Cancel Subscriptions on Cell C Using USSD

For majority of Cell C users who are not on contract, you can disable and unsubscribe from all sorts of subscriptions by dialing the above mentioned USSD code number, *133*1#.

cell c subscription cancellation using the ussd code

The Cell C USSD code to cancel any subscriptions is *133*1#.  This code prompts up the USSD service and a pop-up on screen message appears on your phone.

To unsubscribe from any Cell C subscriptions using the USSD code, follow these steps:

Follow this guideline:

  • Dial *133*1#
  • A pop message will appear and list all the services you are subscribed to.
  • Click 1 for the service mentioned if it is 1 service or 2 if the service mentioned is listed as 2 respectively
  • The next page will clearly reveal all the information about the service
  • Click 1 ( Option 1 will show asking you to click unsubscribe)
  • After clicking 1, the service will totally stop. It will not appear again for the present and for future incidence.

2. How To Unsubscribe On Cell C Using the App

The second method to cancel or stop subscription services on Cell C is to make use of their mobile app, which is available for download on your phone’s app store. To do that, follow this guideline.

Follow this Guideline:

  • Download and install the Cell C App
  • For android users, go to play store, for huawei users, go to huawei gallery, for iphone users, go to apple store
  • Install the Cell C app and get it activated
  • Create an account and log into it
  • Search for the product navigation icon/link, select subscriptions, chose the one you want to unsubscribe from and click on unsubscribe/cancel

unsubscribe from cell c subscriptions and cancell

Kindly watch the video below to learn how to stop all unwanted Cell C subscriptions just like MTN, Telkom and Vodacom.

Examples of Cell C Subscription Services

Cell C, being one of the leading service provider of MVNO in South Africa also doubles as the foremost subscription service provider of various Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs).

The following are notable WASP services being offered ( please note, that these services are particularly liable for your data and airtime quickly finishing)

News updates

  • Entertainment news and updates
  • Trending stories
  • Weather reports
  • Seasonal and occasional offers and deals from Cell C
  • Sport news ( including transfers and march updates)
  • Movie reviews, celebrity gossips and lifestyles etc.


How Do I Cancel My Cell C Auto-Top Up renewal?

Most times, you may unknowingly subscribe to auto pop of airtime and this can be very annoying and embarrassing because Cell c will just keep giving you airtime even when you do not need it.

To stop this, cancel or opt out of the auto top up subscription features, follow the steps below.

Follow this Guideline:

  • Dial USSD code, *147#
  • Chose option 5 ( Emergency recharge)
  • Chose option 2 ( Airtime Auto Top )
  • Chose option 2 ( cancel subscription)

So when you cancel, auto top up of airtime stops immediately.


In conclusion, canceling a subscription on Cell C can be a straightforward process if the subscriber follows the correct steps and takes certain precautions.

Double-checking that all necessary information has been provided, keeping a record of the cancellation request and confirmation, and checking for any subsequent charges are all important steps to ensure a successful cancellation.

By following these tips, subscribers can avoid unnecessary stress and ensure that their subscription is canceled successfully.

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