How To Cancel All Subscription on MTN 2023 ( Code To Unsubscribe And Check)

This is a practical and simple guideline for you so that you will know how to cancel unwanted MTN subscriptions, stop and unsubscribe from all services from this network.

MTN is the most consistent mobile telecommunication mobile provider in South Africa and on the African continent in general. The company has been a trailblazer for years and to be honest with you, they deserve every form of honor and accolade.

From having a reliable network in terms of clear voice and data networks, to an effective international roaming, they outranked and outstrip Vodacom in terms of performance speed and reliability even in South Africa as carried out by businesstech.

I, for one use MTN; the ease to check my airtime balance, to modest way to recover my lost number all makes it comfortable for anyone to make them their number 1 network in South Africa.

However, with quality comes cost which may not go well with most of the users of their services. People living mostly in the informal sector in South Africa often complains about their airtime disappearing and to be fair, they have every right to complain because they represent 80% of the entire population of the country and also accounts for 90% poverty ratio of the whole population.

I concur with them and it is no longer palatable, it is no longer enduring to continue to be a victim of stolen airtime or missing airtime on MTN; this sloppy and quite theft of valuable hard earn airtime money is caused majorly by mostly unwanted subscriptions that you are either subjected to.

Today, an end is coming to such nonsense. Let us dig in.

How To Unsubscribe On MTN Services

When it comes to MTN services, for you to unsubscribe from all or some unwanted subscriptions is not difficult at all. Some of the services in question includes data bundles, call plans, value-added services etc.

how to cancel subscription on mtn

The good news is that MTN created an easy path for it customers to stop subscription services anytime they want and also unsubscribe.

Without further ado, the following recommended steps is all you need to cancel subscriptions on MTN services:

  • Using the MTN USSD code services
  • Using the MTN app
  • Going online i.e the use of MTN website to stop all subscription services

Let us proceed:

1. How to Cancel Subscriptions on MTN Using USSD

The MTN subscription cancellation using the USSD code works for all the 27.6 million prepaid subscribers and 7.4 million contract customers that MTN South Africa has as at 2021.

how to unsubscribe from MTN subscriptions

The MTN USSD code to cancel any subscriptions is *155#.

To unsubscribe from all MTN subscriptions using the USSD code, see the guideline below:

Follow this Guideline:

  • Dial *155# ( it was *141*5# before)
  • Select option 1 ( view or cancel subscriptions)
  • Click the listed/displayed subscription services
  • Select option 1 to cancel and unsubscribe

Once you do this, you will get a message confirming that all active services has been stopped. This truly means you have totally stopped any unwanted WASP subscription services both for now and also for the future.

From experience, using the MTN cancellation ussd code is the best and fast approach to unsubscribe from all MTN services!!

2. How To cancel MTN Subscription services On the App

The use of MTN App is one easy way to cancel or stop all active MTN subscription services, especially if you are using a smartphone e.g. Android, iPhone or even Huawei phones.

To make use of MTN App to stop all or some of the subscription services, see the steps below:

  1. Go to Google play store and download MTN App
  2. After the installation of the App, you will need to register on the MTN App with your ID information and your present MTN number
  3. After registration, you will need to confirm the number because an SMS will be sent to your present MTN number. Once you do this, then you can then login to the App.
  4. Go to My Products tab, chose subscriptions options
  5. Go through the displayed subscription located right under the Content Services area.
  6. Commence with the cancellation by tapping on the subscription services, follow the screen instructions and select cancel.
  7. On the displayed screen, a confirmation message on the cancellation will show . In addition, you will also get a confirmation text messages as SMS that your MTN subscription has been cancelled.

That is all the step you need to take using the MTN App. In addition, I have uploaded this video so that you can better understand.

3. How To Cancel MTN Subscription Services online

To stop and cancel specific or all MTN subscriptions online, all you need to do is to visit the official MTN website. Follow the steps below

How to Stop MTN Subscription Services online

  • Go to
  • Register for a free MTN account
  • The registration online is very similar to the explanation above ( kindly scroll up and read it again)
  • After registration, login to your profile
  • Carefully check for ‘Manage services ‘or ‘My subscriptions”
  • Select and pick the main subscription you want to unsubscribe from
  • Tap on the selected choice to get more full information
  • At the base, you will see an option to cancel or just unsubscribe
  • Tap and click on the button shown and the MTN subscription cancellation will start
  • Accept the terms and click cancel.

how to check mtn subscriptions

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How to check MTN Subscriptions

Wisdom is the principal thing, before you go on a mission to cancel all MTN subscription services, I think it is wise you try and know the services you are even subscribed to.

This brings us to one important question that most MTN users suffering from airtime disappearing issues are constantly asking.

How do you know if you are subscribed to anything on MTN!!

As I mentioned in my line of argument above, some subscriptions are actually good e.g. weather report, financial alerts, load shedding subscription etc.; so while some are good , most are actually bad

Without wasting much time, let us take some practical steps to know these services:

The three ways to check the active MTN subscription services on your phone are:

  • By USSD code
  • By MTN App
  • Checking online

The first point:

1. Dialing the USSD code To Check Your MTN Subscription services

The USSD code to dial is *155# ( it was *141*5# before), follow the steps below:

  • Dial *155#
  • Select option 1 ( view or cancel subscriptions)
  • It will now show the active subscriptions you have
  • It will be listed and if you click further, you will get more information on each subscription services

All the current and active subscriptions you have will be displayed on the screen for you to see. You can also use this method to check your MTN airtime balance etc.

To me, this is the most convenient way, however, you can also check using the App.

how to check mtn subscriptions

2. Using The MTN App To Check Your MTN Subscription services

This method fits perfectly into MTN slogan ‘everywhere you go’; using the MTN App is best used to check any active subscriptions you have. To do that, follow this steps:

Follow this Guideline:

  • Download and install the MTN App
  • Open the App ( internet connection should be active)
  • Locate and navigate to the products area
  • Click on it and you will see the subscription services you have

3. How To Check MTN Subscription Services Online

To check your active MTN subscription services online is easy, please follow the steps below:


  • Flip open your phone or PC ( computer)
  • Open your favorite web browser ( e.g. chrome, Mozilla, Edge or safari etc.)
  • Visit MTN official website i.e.
  • Login with your registered login details. This applies if you already have an account on the MTN portal but if not, just take 10 minute and quickly register immediately
  • Go to your profile on the MTN portal.
  • Navigate and identify the subscription page
  • Once on this page, you will see all active and pending subscriptions
  • Expand on each service to see and know more
  • By doing this, detailed information like your billing, name of services subscribed to, monthly fees, cancellation options etc. will be shown to you.

What Are MTN Subscription Services

MTN subscription services are generally masked as WASP, WASP is an acronym for wireless application service protocols.

Now, while some of these services are from MTN themselves, however, majority are actually from third party sources.

I have listed and summarized below some known MTN WASPS services that you may be subscribed to:

  • Entertainment news
  • Popular stories
  • Weather updates etc.

App Updates

  • iGrade
  • Target networks
  • Mobile Internet Gateway
  • Africa spring
  • Rate n Date
  • SMS portal
  • Teleplay communication
  • cell discovery etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some known questions and corresponding answers have been provided:

  • How Do I Cancel My MTN Auto-renewal?

According to the guideline provided on the MTN service blog page, to cancel and stop auto renew service, just dial the ussd code *136*5#. Please note that this USSD code applies for South Africa.

Now, if you are in Nigeria, to stop MTN auto renew using ussd code, follow the steps below:

  • Dial ussd code *312#
  • Chose option 1, then option 12
  • Chose option 3 ( i.e. cancel auto renewal)
  • Chose bundle to opt out

In as much as this process is quite easy, the challenge is that you should always remember the relevant USSD code to dial because there are over 10 MTN ussd codes for various functions and purposes.

Again, the relevant ussd codes differs from one country to another that MTN is operating.

  • I don’t remember subscribing to MTN WASP services

Ignorance is a powerful and destructive disease. To be fair, many people do not actually know that they have subscribed to various MTN WASP services, they argue they never did.

This claim by theirs tends to label MTN as thief, stealing their data and airtime. But wait a minute.

Many people’s children tends to play with their phones without their parents or guardian knowing that this young Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk of tomorrow has silently subscribed to some services on their phone.

So before condemning and blaming MTN, make sure you are not guilty!!

They start questioning when they realize their data or airtime is finishing quickly even without them using it.

In short, when you see your data disappearing or airtime finishing quickly, just know that some unwanted or hidden subscriptions is hiding in your phone. if you notice this irregularities, read the above guideline, find out the thief and cancel or delete it immediately

  • How do I Know If I Subscribed To Anything on MTN?

To be honest with you, the only fireproof way for you to know if you are subscribed to any MTN services or WASP is:

  • You receive SMS you do not know about
  • Strange pop up messages or alert start showing its ugly head on your phone screen
  • From your phone, call the USSD code *155# to see and know if you on a subscription package

In addition,

  • Why is my airtime dissapearing?

I published a comprehensive guideline on this, you can check it out here.

  • Why is MTN Eating My Airtime?

In the earlier post on how to stop MTN airtime disappearing, I explained 5 reasons why you think that MTN is eating your airtime.

Chief among the cause is still this same unwanted subscriptions, the moment you cancel or unsubscribe from them, you will notice that your airtime is no longer being taken by MTN. I encourage you to read the guideline I mentioned above.

  • How Can I Stop MTN From Deducting My Credit While Browsing?

To stop MTN from Deducting your credit while browsing, all you need to do is to subscribe to a data plan or block the use of credit to browse.

Your MTN number is possible to have been enabled to browse with your airtime ( one of the leading causes of airtime disappearing).

If you don’t want that, dial *131*201# ( if you are in Nigeria) or *155# ( if you are in South Africa) and then you cancel the services.

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