How to check Vodacom Number In South Africa

This guideline shares practical ways on how to check Vodacom number in South Africa; This guideline aims to bridge this gap and provide you with the steps to take to know your mobile phone number on SA’s leading network.

It is not a question of debate that Vodacom is the most reliable network provider, especially in the times of load shedding in South Africa. Data and statistics has proven over and over again that Vodacom offers peace of mind.

In addition to this, I love Vodacom because of its numerous user friendly features such as their reliable International roaming rates, the ease to do SIM swap on Vodacom, quick ways to unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions, steps to cancel call barring and so much more.

Knowledge is power and you may find yourself in places and situations where your phone number is needed and you need to give it to someone or maybe a job recruiter instantly. Knowing the phone number is essential at this point and it is something that you need to be quick about to give it to that person.

Without wasting much time, the following are steps you need to take to check to be able to know your number on Vodacom.

how to check vodacom number

How To Know And Check Number on Vodacom

This guideline is primarily for Vodacom users in South Africa, this is essential important if you just got a new registered SIM card.

The following are ways to check your Vodacom number in South Africa.

1. Using USSD Code

The most comfortable way and the easiest way to know and check your Vodacom number is by dialing or to use the Vodacom USSD codes.

Please understand that different ussd codes exist for various purposes, and the ussd codes for Telkom does not work for Vodacom.

The USSD code to check Vodacom phone number is *135*501#, here is how to use it:

  • Put the Vodacom SIM card in the phone if it is not inside it
  • Go to the dial pad
  • Dial or call *135*501#

Your Vodacom number will automatically show on the screen. That is all!!

2. Using The App

The use of the Vodacom App is good but not as quick, fast and convenient like that of the USSD code. For you to use the App, please know that you should have it installed on your phone.

Here is how to know and check your Vodacom phone number in South Africa using the App:

  • Download and install the Vodacom App from Google play store, Apple play store or Huawei Gallery if you are using Huawei Phone.
  • After installing, register on the App with your name and ID information
  • Keep in mind your username and password as you will need it to login
  • Login to the App with your username and password

Once the App opens, your Vodacom number will be displayed boldly at the top of the App.

3. How To Check Vodacom Number Online

Everything these days is virtually done online i.e using the internet. The major requirement here is to have an active internet connection and a smartphone ( Android, iPhone or Huawei phone).

For the internet connection, you can use any available wifi in case you do not have data on your own phone.

This is how to check your Vodacom number online:

  • Visit the official Vodacom South Africa website at
  • On the webpage that opens, locate and click on profile and click on the login button with your Vodacom account login details
  • The same username and password for the App also works for this because everything is sync together in real time.
  • Once you are able to login, you will see your Vodacom number clearly labelled at the top.

You may watch this video:

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4. Via Customer Service

Though this is a long shot, however it is advisable to use this method if the other methods I listed above seems not to work or you simply prefer speaking to a live person from Vodacom office.


  • Open your phone and dial 135 from the pad
  • Listen to the voice prompt
  • Chose the option to speak to customer service
  • On speaking to the Vodacom customer representative, ask for your phone number
  • You will be asked some security questions and after you pass them, your number will be given to you.

5. Using Call Me Back Feature

I got to know about using this method from a very young girl ( she was 8 years old that time). She said hey, why not send call me back to someone else.

The idea behind using Vodacom call me back feature to check your number works like a charm. In essence, by the time you send the code, your number will show on the recipient ( i.e. receiver’s) phone and you can then view it.

This is how to know your Vodacom number using call me back:

  • Dial *140* from your phone, input the persons number followed by the # key
  • The recipient will receive the message and you can then view your own number there

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are important questions about knowing your number and the corresponding answers are provided:

  • Check if Vodacom number is active

There are two scenarios for this: if you have lost your Vodacom phone number for more than 3 months and you did not SIM swap it to recover the number back, then the Vodacom number will not be active again.

What happens is that the telecommunication company recycles the number again after some time and sell it to the market. So, if a new customer buys the new SIM card and register it, then it will be active for that new person.

The second scenario is that if you remove your Vodacom SIM card away from the phone and put it somewhere else, the SIM card is still active. However, if you put it away for a long period of time i.e between 3-6 months without recharging it, then it will not be active again.

If you want your Vodacom number to be active all the time no matter what, try and be recharging it once in a while.

  • Check if Vodacom number is active

If it is more than 3 months that you last insert it inside a phone, recharge or make calls, then forget it, it will no longer be active.

To check if a Vodacom number is active, just try calling the number, if it is active, you will hear that the subscriber or person you are calling is switched off or not available.

If the Vodacom number is no longer active, by the time you call the number, you will hear the number you are calling is not on the Vodacom network.

  • my vodacom number

My Vodacom number can be accessed by dialling *111*555#; your own number will be shown to you.

  • how to check if a number is vodacom or mtn

By default, all Vodacom in south Africa starts with 08 and most MTN number in South Africa starts with 07. Now, this will not be the case if the person has either ported from lets say Cell C to Vodacom or from MTN to Vodacom etc.

Because when you port i.e. change your network, your number remains the same but it is only the network that changes.

So, how will you genuinely know that a number is Vodacom or MTN? The answer is in two ways

The ringtones is different when you call the number

  • Check the number; if it is a Vodacom number, dial *111*555#, but if it is MTN, dial *135*2*3#, it will show; if you dial the respective code for the network and it does not work, then you know it is not that network.
  • Send call me back to the number; the send me call back for Vodacom is *140*number#. If it is Vodacom, it will go with no error message. For MTN, send call me back, if it goes, then you will know it is MTN, but if it does not go, then you know it is not MTN.


The steps to check your Vodacom number in South Africa is not cumbersome and it is also not a rocket science.

Simply follow the guidelines above and if you need any assistance, kindly let me know in the comment section.

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