How To Convert Telkom Airtime To Data ( Buy Data Bundles)

I want to assume that you have airtime already on your phone and you want to know how to convert Telkom airtime to data? If your answer is affirmative, then this guideline is written for you.

In 5 minutes, you will understand know what to do, the ussd code to dial to change your available airtime to data bundles.

One of the core mission at Mamzansi is to offer our readers a detailed practical self help guide on how to solve seemingly complex things by explaining in simple language to them.

This particular tutorial on converting your available Telkom airtime on your phone to data is not an exception, we ask that you remain patient and read through this guidelines in about 5 minute of your time.

How To Convert Telkom Airtime To Data

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How To Convert Telkom Airtime To Data

The steps to change your Telkom airtime to data are:

  • Load enough airtime on your phone and know your airtime balance
  • Dial the ussd code, *180#
  • Click buy data bundles
  • list of available data will be shown along with the price and cost
  • So, select the data bundle that corresponds to your available airtime
  • Click buy data and it will be done
  • The corresponding price and cost will be automatically removed or deducted from your airtime balance

Secondly, if you wish to convert your airtime to buy cheap Telkom data or monice data, the instructions below will be helpful to you.

  • Check and know your present airtime balance
  • Pick your phone and dial the monice ussd code, *123#
  • Click data bundles
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and you will be able to buy extremely cheap Telkom data bundle
  • Once purchased, the value of the data will automatically be taken from your airtime balance

However, you must be aware of the following:

  • You cannot buy a data bundle whose value or cost is more than your available Telkom airtime balance e.g. A data bundle of R10 and you only have R8 airtime balance available, it will not be successful.
  • There is a difference between converting your airtime to buy normal data and monice data; the normal data is little bit expensive but more reliable and the monice data is cheap and its being roamed.

So basically, to convert your airtime to buy normal data, you dial *180# while the cheap data ( monice), you dial *123#.

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How To Get Telkom Airtime

You have to remember that before you make the move to convert your airtime to data, you need to have airtime available.

I will be explaining to you, though briefly on how you can get airtime before transitioning to data. While there are more than 3 ways to purchase Telkom airtime, the following are recommended ways:

  • The use of vouchers
  • The use of your bank card ( e.g. Capitec or FNB)
  • Direct from your bank app

However, the easiest and most popular way is simply going to Shoprite, any spaza shop ( somalian shops) and buy vouchers. It will be printed to you and then you load it on your phone by dialing *188* the voucher number#.

In rare instances, they can load the airtime directly on your phone without printing the voucher for you, all that is required from you is your phone number.

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How To Buy LTE Data With Airtime on Telkom?

There are primarily two ways to buy LTE data using your available Telkom airtime balance; the two ways are:

  • Using the ussd code
  • Through Telkom App

The later can be cumbersome while the first option is very much straightforward, but do not worry because I am going to explain everything to you in a nutshell.

To buy LTE data, follow the guidelines above, dial *180#, select data, scroll through the available options, locate and select LTE, chose the LTE bundles you want and click buy.

Immediately, the corresponding amount of the LTE data bundle will be deducted from your airtime balance and instantly you are connected to the internet.

Now, for the second option of using the Telkom App to convert your airtime to LTE bundles, follow the guideline below:

  • Install the Telkom App
  • Register and open a free account on it
  • Login, navigate to Accounts and click on the buy option
  • Select your preferred  bundle type by choosing LTE
  • Chose the amount of bundle you want to pay for
  • Navigate to payment, and click on ”pay with airtime”
  • Proceed and make payment; automatically, the value will be accessed and deducted from your airtime balance.

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Can I Buy Data With My Free Telkom Airtime?

Your mahala airtime has limitations and this is one of the limitations. You cannot convert your free Telkom airtime into a data bundle. Sorry neh!!

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How To Buy Telkom Data With Airtime For Another Number

Yes, it is possible. The two available options to use are:

  • Using Telkom data transfer
  • Using the person’s phone number
  • Sending airtime to the person and sending this guideline to him or her

I published a detailed guideline on how you can share and transfer data on Telkom to another user or person, I recommend you check it out.

However, before you do that, make sure you have enough airtime to buy the data in the first place!!

The second option is knowing the number of the person, dial *180#, proceed to data, click on bundles, you will be asked if you are buying for this number ( i.e. your number), click no and proceed to the next option where you will be asked for the number of the recipient. Put the number there, click on buy data and it will be deducted from your own available airtime balance.

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How To Buy Telkom Data on Telkom Self-service portal

This is easy but I do not like because it is cumbersome and you must have internet data before you can proceed.

If you wish to follow this path:

  • Go to the Telkom self service website at:
  • Login, navigate to data, click on load data and by following the online instructions, you can be able to buy airtime for Telkom.

Prices of Telkom Data 

Remember that I said you can only buy data that corresponds to the available Telkom airtime balance you have. I have attached this video for you to watch to know the various available data prices.


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