How To Load Vodacom Airtime In South Africa And Recharge Using USSD Code, Online And App

I will be discussing with you the 6 practical ways to load Vodacom airtime and recharge in South Africa; though I must admit that it is a little bit of shock to find out that most of my readers are constantly asking me how to achieve and do this.

It is quite interesting to note that Vodacom offers one of the best telecom mobile service in terms of call quality, data and internet speed, sharing of data etc. As an individual, I have found Vodacom to be highly reliable not just because it claims to be but because I have undiluted pleasant experience with them.

During the peak of load shedding lights troubles in South Africa, I am not ashamed to say that only Vodacom stood the test of time in terms of network availability both for voice and data calls. All other networks fumbled bigtime!!

how to load vodacom airtime

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How To Load Vodacom Airtime

As earlier mentioned, the six (6) practical ways to load your Vodacom airtime and recharge are:

1. Using Vodacom Recharge Airtime Code

The Vodacom recharge code to load airtime is *135#; then you follow up with the voucher number or PIN and the # key.

While this is the most user friendly and convenient way, it offers more precaution than the other conventional ways of loading via online and the application engagement.

As part of the precaution, the following needs to be observed and implemented:

  • Purchase of the recharge voucher number can be carried out at any spaza shop or retail outlet.
  • The loading instructions differs sometimes based on where you bought it from; however, the instructions to do so comes along with the printed vouchers for you. Just look towards the base or end of the printed voucher and you will find it there
  • When dialing the USSD codes to recharge, along with the PIN, there should not be space in between them.

In a nutshell, with your phone and the voucher with you, then you dial the Vodacom airtime recharge number ( i.e. the code) plus the voucher number/PIN#.

The format to load is: *135*3456678# ( with this format, I assume that the voucher number or PIN is 3456678. Please understand that using this code is totally free.

2. How To Load Vodacom From Scratch Card

If you want to buy the recharge vouchers, some spaza shops and retail outlets may sell to you scratch card instead of the printed voucher.

Though the same method of recharging applies like point 1 above, however, more precautions needs to be exercised when scratching the surface to reveal and show you the number or PIN.

While this may not be old schooled and no longer used, however, if you happen to find yourself getting such card, follow the steps below:

  • Carefully peel open the silver lining covering ( it is usually on the front surface of the card).
  • Once you do this successfully, you will be able to see the recharge number

Thereafter, dial the Vodacom airtime code ( i.e. *135#) with the recharge number followed by the # key all together with no space. The same format pattern is exactly like point 1 above.

3. Load Vodacom Airtime With Bank Card

You are not going to login into your online bank account to do this. All you have to do is dial the USSD code and engage your debit or credit card to make the airtime purchase.

Follow the steps below to load airtime on your Vodacom number using your bank debit card:

  • Dial or call the Vodacom airtime code, *135# from your phone
  • Chose buy airtime from the arrays of menu presented and select airtime
  • Specify amount ( this is preloaded automatically or you can decide to enter desired amount under others)
  • Now, this is the main point, you need to chose debit or credit card as a way to make payment
  • Punch in your card details including the numbers on the front, followed by expiry date and mostly the CVV code ( seen at the back)
  • Follow the instructions and you are good to make the airtime purchase.

This is a rather straightforward process instead of walking or driving up and down to a spaza/somalian shop or going to checkers, spar or shoprite.

This method to recharge your Vodacom airtime is quite handy, useful and important especially if you are at home or far from shops.

Watch this video:

4. How To Recharge Vodacom Airtime Online

Recharging and loading online is the way to go for internet and data minded customers. I will explain the steps to implement this.

To load Vodacom airtime online enables you to have enough credit on your Vodacom account and be able to make calls, send SMS and even get data.

Implement the steps below to recharge using online method:

  • Go to
  • Click on login and sign in with your phone number and password
  • Should in case you do have a valid account, do not worry, just register on the portal. The registration takes less than 5 minutes.
  • On your profile portal, navigate, locate and chose recharge/buy
  • Chose airtime amongst the options presented to you
  • Select appropriate channel to pay ( in this case, your debit/credit card is recommended)
  • Click pay and it will be completed
  • The moment you execute payment, your Vodacom line or number will be credited instantly.

The major downside to recharging your Vodacom airtime online is if there is no internet connection where you are at that moment. So before you proceed, make sure there is good internet connectivity.

I. for one, am not a fan of using the online method, it is just too cumbersome and takes my time!!

5. Load Vodacom Airtime Through Your Bank App

This method is by far much easier and convenient than the use of online method. Virtually every South African that is above the age of 18 years old has an account and a mobile phone.

All you have to do is to download and install your bank App on your phone, whether it is FNB or Capitec, Absa, Nedbank etc.

With this method, implement the steps below:

  • Using FNB as a case study and example; download and install the FNB App.
  • If you already have the App installed, login and just jump to the next step.
  • From the App page or homepage, scroll down till you see eBucks
  • On the eBucks page, go to spend; from spend go to airtime
  • Now a list of various networks and their corresponding airtime values will be displayed
  • scroll down till you get to Vodacom; from here scroll down slowly till you get to the right Vodacom airtime recharge you want or click on Vodacom airtime recharge.
  • The pop up box that will show will give you the recharge range from R5 – R1000; punch in the specific amount you want
  • Fill it in, fill in your Vodacom number and click on buy
  • Immediately, your Vodacom number will be credited.

From what I have discovered, this same process applies to when you are using Capitec, Absa and other major South African bank Apps.

6. Load Vodacom Airtime Through Vodacom App

Recharging your Vodacom account using the App follows nearly the same routine and method like the online method explained earlier.

The only difference is that instead of going to Vodacom official website, all you have to do is to download and install Vodacom App on your phone.

To recharge airtime on your Vodacom number using their App, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Vodacom app
  • Click on login and sign in with your phone number and password
  • Should in case you do have a valid account, do not worry, just register on the App.
  • On your Vodacom App profile portal, locate and chose recharge/buy
  • Chose airtime amongst the options presented to you
  • Select appropriate channel to pay ( in this case, your debit/credit card is recommended)
  • Click pay and it will be completed
  • The moment you execute payment, your Vodacom line or number will be credited instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vodacom Airtime Code?

The Vodacom airtime code is simply *135#; to enable it, you need to enter this code as USSD in this format; *135*vouchernumberorPIN#.

  • How does Vodacom airtime work?

Without Airtime on your phone, everything will be boring. Trust me when I say boring.

There are many advantages associated with the presence of airtime on your Vodacom number at all times. First, is the ability to make calls and connect with your loved ones. Secondly is the advantage to quickly reach to people, situations on emergency cases.

Thirdly, with a fully loaded Vodacom airtime, your can use it for voice calls and even convert to data to be able to connect to the internet.

As you can see, there are many benefits that Vodacom airtime does.

  • What is Vodacom recharge PIN

Your recharge PIN is also known as the recharge number. When you want to load airtime and you buy a voucher from a spaza or somalian shop, ShopRite, checkers etc.; the voucher contains the recharge number and this recharge number is otherwise known as the PIN.

On some printed vouchers or recharge cards, the recharge PIN will be explicitly stated as the PIN and not the recharge number but all in all, they are the same.

  • How To load Vodacom airtime with a Voucher

If you have been reading this guideline from the beginning, you will discover that I already explained this process.

However, I will paraphrase everything again for your convenience!!

To load Vodacom airtime with a voucher, implement the steps below:

  • First step is to buy the voucher
  • To buy the voucher, go to any spaza shop, somalian shop retail outlets ( e.g. ShopRite, Checkers, Spar, Engen garage) etc., request to buy it.
  • After the purchase, the recharge number or PIN will be written clearly and the guidelines to load it also.
  • From your phone, enter the Vodacom recharge code with the voucher number followed by the #button. It follows this format, *135*3456678# ( assuming your PIN is 3456678)

And lastly,

  • Why is my Vodacom Airtime Disappearing

The major reason is due to unwanted subscriptions that is present on your Vodacom account. To learn how to stop it, see this guideline.


The 6 methods to recharge Vodacom airtime is self explanatory as mentioned above. However, the use of the USSD code is by far the easiest and most convenient means.

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