How To Login To Telkom Webmail Online ( Internet Settings)

Telkom webmail login: South Africa’s third largest telecommunication company by market share and revenue generation is always there to make life easy for its users. The launch of their online web email services called Telkom webmail is an added testimony even to their world class App and affordable data offers.

You may have heard about Telkom webmail and how to login to it or probably you may not have heard about it, but do not worry, I am here to take you by the hand and show you the way to access and sign in to Telkom webmail, the same way you access your DStv now login.

Telkom Webmail is a website interface which means it is available by using your web browser only. It is through this site that Telkom customers can access, check and manage their email account. If you have a challenge also, it is through this platform that you could seek for help and ask questions.

telkom webmail login

To access your Webmail, you can use any internet-enabled device such as your smartphone which could be Android or IOS, tablet, computer and if you are thinking about using a smartwatch, it could work as well to send, receive, and organize your emails.

Telkom Webmail works like a regular email service that you can use to compose a mail, save in draft, forwarding, using filters to sort mails out, the creation of special folders, other settings and contact management.

Without further ado, let us dig in!!

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What Is Telkom Webmail?

The Telkom Webmail is an easy method provided by Telkom for its clients and users to view, send, receive, and manage their emails online, either official, personal or for business use.

It works just like other email services you may know like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Amazingly, this can be accessed on your web browser from your smartphone or PC with just an internet connection with no need to bother about using any App.

One of the beauty of using the Telkom webmail is that you are not forced to make use of any of the Telkom USSD codes and using it works even without you bothering to recharge your Telkom number.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Telkom Webmail?

One of the major benefits of using Telkom webmail is the simplicity, security, safety and the ability to check , send and receive emails anywhere you find yourself in the world.

Now, I will explain a little bit on these stated facts!!

The simplicity of the Telkom Webmail portal design is user friendly with clear navigation pattern and links that even the blind man can see.

The user interface has UI and UX design initiative that blends easily for absolutely anyone to use. To make use of the Telkom webmail and login is not rocket science, ordinary student from grade 1 to the university graduate professionals can use it.

The Telkom webmail interface has security features inbuilt in to protect your login details from possible hacking. If you check the site very well, it has something like a green padlock at the top left corner of the browser you are using to access it.

This is what is called https protocol and it offers one of the safest means to have your Telkom webmail login details safe and secure. This is achieved by making use of the internet cybersecurity highest level of encryption so that no one can see your personal details and password while you login.

The security layer protects your user data and scans/filter off dangerous messages; so instead of the messages going to your inbox, they are filtered into the spam or junk folders.

Something I am personally excited about is the ability to access your emails with Telkom Webmail from anywhere in the world as long as you have an online internet network connection.

If you are like me who is constantly on the go and would love to read your mails outside of the regular mail service providers, this should interest you as a go-to choice.

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How To Use Telkom Webmail

Most questions often received in my email is ” how do I use Telkom webmail”: The following are carefully crafted steps on how to make use of the webmail services:

  • First, Open your web browser on your computer or smartphone (or both).
  • Go to Telkom South Africa official website: ( just type it on the browser)
  • Click login and the next page that will open up is the Telkom webmail login page
  • Your email and password is needed at this point, type both in the boxes provided. Please remember that your email in this case is not the gmail or yahoo stuff, your email should have the extension e.g. If you do not have the email yet, do not worry, the next step will be on how to sign up for Telkom webmail account.
  • In case you forget your password, just tap on the button/link that says ‘forgotten password”. Once you do this, an SMS will be sent to your registered Telkom number ( if in case you lost your Telkom number, you can check this guideline on how to retrieve lost Telkom number)
  • Once the details are correct, click login and you will be brought to the online Telkom webmail account.

How To Send And Receive Email on My Telkom Webmail?

Remember that I earlier said that everything with Telkom is so easy, follow the steps below to send and or receive email on Telkom webmail account.

To send email on Telkom Webmail

  • After you have logged in, the webmail portal will be blank ( if it is your first time)
  • However, if you look very well, you will see necessary navigation links e.g. compose, inox, spam etc.
  • To create and send an email, go to compose or the ”new email button link”; give it a subject name, on the recipient/receiver email box, type the receiver email address there.
  • On the message box below, type your message. After you are done, just click on the ‘send button.

Your new email will be sent!!

To receive and check email on Telkom webmail account

  • After you have logged in, the webmail portal will be blank ( if it is your first time)
  • Now, instead of going to compose to write an email, you will go to inbox
  • At the inbox, you can see all messages. However, some may have been filtered off due to the Telkom webmail security settings.
  • To view this emails, go to spam or junk and you will see all emails there.

Once done, log out or log off. This is important especially if you are using a public internet cafe or someone else phone or laptop/PC.

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How to Register for Telkom Webmail Service

If this is your first-time hearing about Telkom Webmail Service and you want to try it out, you should follow these steps to sign up.

  • Visit the Telkom website on your web browser or visit “”
    On the homepage, look for where the Webmail service is located. You can find it in the “Services” or “Email” category. Click on it to continue.
  • A new page will be opened and you’d be able to see the “Sign Up” or “Register” button. Click on any of them you find and then begin the registration process.
  • Input your correct and necessary information as required. What you should expect to see are your names, chosen email address, a new password, your contact details like your phone number, house address and zip code. Remember to use a password that is a combination of alphabets, numbers and other symbols for maximum security.
  • Review what you have submitted to ensure it is correct, read and accept the terms. It is advisable to read the Telkom Webmail terms for future reference and then accept before you can proceed.
  • So after filling out your information, reading the terms and accepting and clicking on submit, your registration will be accepted and you may either see t on your screen or get a mail or both.
  • The next thing to do is then set up your Telkom Webmail account by first going back to the login page and using the email and password you registered with to login. Once logged in, you can carry out other operations in your email like settings.

How Can I Set Up Telkom Webmail on my PC

You can setup your Telkom Webmail on your PC by integrating it into your Windows Live Mail. To do that, click on your Start button or press the Windows button on your PC. Search for the Live Mail and it will be shown to you. Click on it.

  • Click on “add an email account” in the Windows Live Mail.
  • Choose a display name and then select the option that allows you to adjust server settings afterwards.
  • POP3 server configuration is required. This is the same with the Telkom Webmail so that it can be synced.
  • Next, input “” in the box. Enter “” in the SMTP navigation field option.
  • After clicking on the “Next” button, click on “finish”. You have successfully added Telkom Webmail to your Windows Live Mail. You can now access the service from there.

How Do I Set Up Telkom Webmail On My Phone?

To set up Telkom Webmail service on your phone is relatively easy, just follow these steps:

  • Open the email app on your phone. Different phones have different names for it.
  • Select “Add Account” or “Set up an account”. You don’t need to look for the button, it would be starring right at you.
  • Since the mail service is different from the one provided by the conventional email providers like Gmail and Yahoo, Choose “Other” or “Manual setup”. That will take you to where you can add the Telkom Webmail.
  • Enter your Telkom Webmail account details. This should be the one you registered with unless you wish to register a new account. Normally this should include both your password and Telkom email address.
  • If a request for the account type pops up, you could select either the IMAP or POP3 account type for Telkom Webmail. It is unlikely to show both but if it does or you are not sure, you can contact the Telkom FAQ or help desk to know which is the correct account type.
    Depending on the account type you choose, you can set the incoming and outgoing server settings for your Telkom Webmail. The specific settings can be found on the Telkom Webmail website or you could contact the customer care and support desk for more information.
  • This next step isn’t really necessary but you may need to customize for more parameters. The SSL settings, the email retrieval or synchronization frequency is all up to you to change, or leave it as it is. It is all up to you.
  • This is the final step. Be sure to have inputted all necessary information needed to adjust any settings concerning the SSL, and parameters. This is when the email server will make a connection to validate and integrate your Telkom Webmail to the mail provider on your phone.

You can now start using the Telkom Webmail service on your phone. You will be able to access, organize and make necessary changes to your taste and yes, you will now be able to draft, send, receive, and organize your mails.

Please be aware that depending on the email app and the operating system version on your phone, the precise procedures and options may change.

The described procedure above ought to work for a number of phone email apps, and that is dependent on the type of device you’re using. Expect a little variation.

Telkom Webmail Login ( How To Sign In)

There are two ways to sign in to Telkom webmail online, the two steps ways are explained below:

1. Using online method

I explained this method above and it is the most preferred. Just go to, type in your username and password and click login. The displayed page will be your portal and from here, you can send email and also receive emails.

2. Using the webmail application

The Telkom webmail application is built on the general webmail app. So instead of going online like the first method.

  • Just go to the App on your phone, type webmail and various webmail app will show, download the favorite one for your android phone, iPhone etc. Once it downloads, install it.
  • Open it and enter your Telkom username ending in and your password
  • Click login and your webmail account portal will open up.

For easy understanding, watch this video:

How To Reset Telkom Webmail Password

In case you forgot your Telkom webmail password, there are two ways to get it back via resetting, they are:

1. Reset your Telkom webmail password using SMS

  • Text “password” in a text message with a sim that is your Telkom SIM card.
  • The number you are to send it to is 0123210215. A new log in password will be sent back to you as a message.
  • Once you’re logged in back to your email account, you can change your password to a new one.
2. Reset your Telkom webmail password using Online method

To reset your Telkom Webmail password page by visiting your browser and typing in this address;

  • Enter your e-mail address and click on the continue button.
  • Next an OTP which is usually a one-time pin will be sent to you for access to your email.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to make changes to your account.

How Can I Reach Telkom Webmail Support?

Telkom Webmail has a support desk that is always available round the clock to attend to customers concern, you can reach them at To use this service, you have to be a registered customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I forget my Telkom Webmail username?

If you forget your Telkom Webmail username, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Telkom Webmail login page.
  • Click on the “Forgot Username” link.
  • Provide the required information (e.g., email address or phone number) to retrieve your username.

2. How can I access Telkom Webmail on a different browser?

To access Telkom Webmail on a different browser, follow these steps:

  • Open the browser of your choice.
  • Visit the Telkom Webmail login page.
  • Enter your login credentials (username and password) to access your account.

3. Can I set up Telkom Webmail on a third-party email client?

Yes, you can set up Telkom Webmail on third-party email clients using IMAP or POP3 settings. To do that, just go to the IMAP or POP3 settings and implement the following:

  • For Incoming Mail Server (IMAP), put
  • For Incoming Mail Server (POP3), put
  • For Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), put

4. How do I report issues or seek assistance with Telkom Webmail?

If you encounter any problems or require assistance with Telkom Webmail, you can reach out to their customer support team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: Call Telkom customer support at 0123210215.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the official Telkom website for more support options.

I trust you find this very useful. Let me know in the comments section.

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