How To Make A Private Call On Vodacom In South Africa And Hide Your Caller ID

No matter the reason why you want to know how to make a private call on Vodacom, this guideline is written and published for you.

As with all telecommunication network in South Africa, provision is made for the ability of a customer to be able to hide their identity when making calls to another person.

Even when the person you are calling is using TrueCaller App on their phone to unmask and reveal the identity of the person calling them, the use of Vodacom private call number beats this feature and if you call, your identity will still be hidden. This is one of the many reasons I love Vodacom in South Africa.

While the reason and purpose for you wanting to hide your Vodacom number is not our scope in this guideline, however, it is pertinent and important that you know and understand some disadvantages and advantages inherent in making use of this private call security features.

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how to make a private call on vodacom

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How To Make Private Call On Vodacom

The following are steps to make a private call on Vodacom without showing or revealing your mobile number:

1. Dialing *#31# ( Caller ID Blocking)

This is the most efficient way to hide your caller ID information and Vodacom number when calling. This is how it works:

  • When you dial *#31#, the caller ID blocking security will be enabled and activated
  • After this, dial the number of the person you want to call
  • Now, the person you are calling will just see private or unknown number
  • As mentioned earlier, even when the person has installed the TrueCaller App on their phone, the App cannot detect and see your Vodacom number.

Now, a word of caution, if you keep on dialing, the person will not be able to see your number. Once you are done calling the person, it is advisable you disable the Caller ID security feature.

To disable it, just dial *31# , thereafter call the number you want to call and voila , your number will show and the recipient you are calling will be able to see it.

2. Using VPN To Hide Your Vodacom Number

This is a third party method and it is not as safe as the first option. My honest advise is that if you are using Vodacom as your network, stick to option 1 above.

In addition, this option only works if you are using a smartphone i.e. Android, iPhone or Huawei. It will not work if you are using small phones that does not have internet connections.

The simple reason is because you either need to download and install the VPN App on your phone or you connect it to the VPN network directly.

One of the best VPN to use to hide your Caller ID is Expressvpn, though it is not free, you will need to pay for it. I do not advise that you make use of free VPN because your phone security may be hacked or compromised.

3. Using Pay As You Go Sim Card To Make Private Calls On Vodacom

When making private call with your Vodacom number, this is the third option you can try. However, from a professional point of view, I do not see the reason why you should resort to this.

In this case, you may need to buy pay as you go SIM card from Spaza shops, most of these SIM cards are not registered in your name, so you can just make use of it and call the recipient.

They are great for making anonymous calls.

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How To Hide your Caller ID Number When Making Call From Vodacom

To hide your caller ID number when making a call is more of a choice rather than necessity. To some people, it may be because of security reasons.

As explained above, to achieve this, all you need to do is to enable and activate the Caller ID blocking feature. To do this, dial *#31#.

The main purpose of hiding your ID anytime you make a call from Vodacom is that the recipient or person you are calling will not be able to see your number.

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4 Important Things To Know About Making Private Calls

  • Making Emergency Calls/Customer Care

Please note that when making emergency calls, e.g. calling medical emergency services, your Vodacom number shows. Not only for medical services, but other emergency service numbers also. For example in South Africa, making anonymous calls for emergency services is not welcome as this is a legal requirement.

This is because every calls that is made is being logged on their system for security reasons and also for the safety of their staffs.

  • Caller ID not enabled

For Vodacom, it is enabled when you dial the code to hide your number. However, if you are using other network, some of them may not enable the code for you.

So, depending on the network you are using, the Caller ID blocking features may not work. In such case, make use of the other two methods.

  • Use of VPN Services

It is important you understand the implication of using some of these VPN services to hide your number. First, they can even hide your location/geography. Secondly, some countries do not allow for such, as it is compulsory that when making calls, your number must show.

So, beware and know some of the legal implications.

  • Hiding Your Number May Be a Disadvantage

Some of the disadvantages of hiding your caller ID or making private calls are:

1. In case you make an emergency calls and you are lucky it goes though. After you finish talking, the emergency service team coming may not be able to get in contact with you because your number was not showing.

This could have a devastating effect on you in times and moment of great emergency.

2. For anyone running a legal case in court, not being able to reach you on your Vodacom phone number may be seen as an effort to obstruct justice and so your use of hiding your caller ID or making private calls can indirectly lead to you being charged.

3. Most people that does private calls or hide their Caller ID identities are either cheating on their spouses or they are a criminal. I am not saying you are one, but 65% of people who does private calls are suspects. So, sometimes, think twice.

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The Importance of Making Private Call with Vodacom

If your reasons are genuine as listed below and not part of the points I listed above, the following are notable reasons why making private calls with Vodacom can be beneficial:

1. Privacy

Privacy concerns is one main reason why people makes private call on Vodacom number. In south Africa where crime is so high, it is painstakingly important to be safety conscious at all times.

Many people do hide their caller ID because of security reasons and staying away from people they do not near them.

2. Business

A prudent businessman will tell you that they receive calls nearly every single minute. Now, for those ones that are pragmatic with their time and also for efficiency, keeping your Vodacom number private saves you from unwanted calls. It also protects sensitive confidential details.

3. Politics

Political activists are mostly scared of harassments and victimization from fellow political opponents. In most cases, the use of political thugs and avenue to defame each other is common. So hiding your private number is seen as a way of protecting oneself.

In a nutshell, making private call with your Vodacom number is not a rocket science and also it is not a tough nut to crack. Making use of the three methods I listed above can be very helpful to you.

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