How To Cancel Call Barring on Vodacom ( Call Barring Password Vodacom To Deactivate And Remove)

The call barring password Vodacom is 0000 which is the default by design; this guideline looks at steps on how to cancel call barring on Vodacom, remove and deactivate it.

While this guideline may not be applicable to everyone, however, the few people that it does applies to will find this tutorial very helpful.

I am of the opinion that knowledge is power and most people tends to get frustrated and stressed when trying to look for solutions to simple things and are unable to get it.

For this reason, I have diligently outlined all the steps you need to know about call barring, its benefits and how to cancel call barring on your Vodacom, MTN, Telkom or any network provider you are using on your mobile phone.

how to remove call barring on vodacom

What is Call Barring

Call barring is a telecommunication security features that empowers you to block all or some incoming and outgoing calls on your mobile phone.

The great feature about call barring services is that it works on all models of phones, whether android phones, iPhones or even Huawei phones.

While this feature is great at what it does, you have various options to activate call barring for some select numbers, areas/regions or geographies or you can even be specific with some area codes e.g. blocking calls from spam and scam countries e.g. India, Nigeria etc.

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Benefits of call barring

The following are some benefits for activating call barring;

  • The call barring parameter allows you to restrict ( yes, restrict) calls to international numbers. You need to remember that when you receive calls from international numbers, you may get charged ( this depends on the telecommunication network provider you are using).
  • It makes it easy for you to block calls from people you do not want to talk to or annoying people and also from certain organizations
  • Have you ever been inundated with calls from some debt collector centers ( e.g. credit collectors)? You can agree with me that this could be very annoying. Using the call barring options makes it easy for you to block them from reaching you.
  • The feature allows you to adequately control and manage who can contact you , thereby ensuring your safe privacy. It also helps make you safe from threat from unscrupulous people.

Types of Call Barring Services

The various types of call barring services are:

1. Incoming call barring

The incoming call barring feature makes it easy to simply block incoming calls. It can be all incoming calls, specific numbers or even calls from certain countries or geographies.

2. Outgoing call barring

As the name suggest, this feature makes it easy and possible for you to block outgoing calls, either all or some specific calls to certain numbers.

For example, if you are not the only one using your phone, you can set this up or probably you want the airtime of your phone not to be used by your kids, you can set this up as they cannot call their friends.

4. International call barring

This one applies in blocking international numbers from either calling or receiving. You can even restrict it to certain and selected international number.

5. Roaming call barring

Generally, when you are outside of your country and still make calls on your mobile number or receives calls on the same number, this is called roaming and in most cases, you are being charged for it by your telecommunication network provider.

However, activating roaming on Vodacom is quite different when you activate international roaming on MTN; their charges are quite different, but you may want to consider using either of the two when travelling.

Using the roaming call blocking enables you to block calls when you are roaming. Also in some cases, you may not even travel out of your country, some networks roam on other network for you to enjoy services.

For example, Telkom uses the monice features to roam on Vodacom and MTN network to provide voice and data services to you in areas where they do not have their own infrastructure to provide network coverage.

Let us dig in and find out everything you need to know about how to cancel call barring on Vodacom.

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How To Cancel Call Barring on Vodacom

Some phones come enabled with call barring features, especially for roaming and international calls. There may come a time when you need to disable call barring feature on Vodacom or any other network on your phone.

Doing so gives you free pass to make calls to anyone and also to receive calls from anyone, whether on roaming or not.

Implement the follow steps to cancel call barring on Vodacom in South Africa:

  • Call or dial the call barring code which is *330*000#
  • Enter the default call barring password i.e. 0000
  • Only use this password if you have not yet up your own password for this purpose
  • Chose the call barring type
  • To remove all call barring, tap 1, if specific, chose 2
  • Tap or press the enter button to proceed

Once you click the submit or enter button, immediately all call barring restrictions or walls will be removed at once.

Which Code is Used To Deactivate Vodacom Call Barring

The ussd code to deactivate Vodacom call barring or call blocking as it may sound is *330*000#. To use it, just type or dial this code on your phone and make a call.

Call Barring Password

For you to remove call barring settings on Vodacom and your phone, you need to engage the password. The password serves as security gateway in protecting your mobile phone devices from people you do not want.

This call blocking password acts in two ways:

  • To enable call barring on the phone
  • To disable or deactivate call blocking on the phone

Since our focus is on deactivation and removal of the call blocking security, you need this password. For Vodacom users, the admin or default call barring password is 0000 ( zeros, not alphabets).

For security and privacy reasons, Mamzansi highly recommends you change the password. To change the call barring password on your phone device, follow the steps below:


  • Type on your phone keypad #330*OldPassword*NewPassword*NewPassword#
  • Before you dial, remember to put the old password ( 0000 if you have not changed it before) and the values for your new password.
  • Then dial the whole number
  • It will be done instantly with the new password now being active.

In case you are like me that forgets things easily and you happen to forget your call blocking password, just contact the Vodacom customer care service and they will be glad to assist you.

I recommend you watch this video if you want to know how to turn on/off call barring on any Android phone;

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What Happens When I Cancel Vodacom Call Barring?

The short answer is that everything becomes normal, no blockage again and you are on a free roller coaster to start receiving and making calls without distractions.

When you cancel your Vodacom call barring, it means you have basically removed the restrictions and blockages put in place by Vodacom!!

No matter the type of restrictions you were on, the moment you cancel it, all calls starts coming in and if your case is specific number that you blocked earlier, removing it allows such number to call you and also for you to call vice versa.

When Should I Disable Call Barring?

When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable; this is a powerful proverbs from the old wise men. This proverb applies to the question at hand.

There is a reason why call barring features came as default on Vodacom and on your phone, the feature essentially allows you to stay focused, managing who can talk to you, controlling your phone bills usage and helping you maintain your privacy.

But sometimes, there may be some occasions why you may need to disable the call barring features and I will argue the following valid points with you.

  • Expecting an employment/Job interview:

Always disable call barring if you are on the waiting list for a prospective job interview or employment. Disable the ALL call barring features so that all calls can come in.

Hey, it is not easy to get a job this days, so be smart and always be available 24 hours!!

  • Expecting Important call

Successful people manages their time very well and they do not like to miss opportunities. It is expedient for you to disable call barring if you are expecting important call as mentioned above.

The source of the calls you are expecting may use different numbers to call you, so it is wise for you to disable all forms of call blocking on your phone.

This is important especially if the person is not on your allowed list!!

  • Out of the country/Travelling

This is an important option and reason why you should disable call barring. Ask people that travels a lot, sometimes getting them on phone calls or receiving calls is a challenge for their loved ones back home, so imagine having the call barring features on, it makes it much more difficult.

Wisdom demands that you disable call blocking features when you are travelling!!

Will Call Barring Affects Voice or Data features/Settings

No, it is not expected to affect your voice or data services when you cancel call barring on your Vodacom mobile phone service.

There is no reported outages or disruptions to any of Vodacom services or features when you remove call barring on your phone.

However, should in case you noticed a problem, just contact the Vodacom customer care centre or simply restart your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions on this subject matter:

  • how to remove call barring

Dial *330*000# and put 0000 as default password and call barring will be removed

  • I forgot my call barring password

As general default rule, the default call barring password is 0000, just use this after dialing the the ussd code above.

However, if you have changed this default password before and you forgot, just reach out to the Vodacom customer care center for assistance.

  • vodacom outgoing call barring password

It is 0000 ( zeros in 4 places). This is the default password setting for Vodacom

  • What is call barring vodacom

Call barring Vodacom is a security restriction features that blocks or allows you to block all or some specific incoming or outgoing calls.

  • outgoing calls barred vodacom

If your otgoing calls are barred on your Vodacom number or phone, all you need to do is to remove or cancel the barring features. To do that, dial *330*000#

  • Call barring settings

Your call barring settings works on the network and phone security levels. For Vodacom, your call barring settings can either be for incoming or outgoing calls.

You can remove ALL or specific numbers, kindly scroll up and read more about this.

  • How do I turn off barred calls?

To turn off barred calls, dial *330*000# , input 0000 and press enter or submit. All barred calls will be turned off.

  • Why is my phone saying call barring?

Your phone may be saying call barring either you have turned on the call blocking features, you are on flight mode or the call barring features is automatically turned on by default.

This is most common with Vodacom mobile phone service users.

To resolve this problem, dial *330*000# and it will be alright. Scroll up and read more.

  • What happens if call barring is on?

If call barring is on, it means some calls or All calls will be restricted. This means you will not be able to receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls.

This can be number specific, country specific or general ALL settings.

how to cancel sms barring on vodacom

The SMS code for call barring on Vodacom is *330*000#.

  • How do I fix Vodacom call barring?

You can fix Vodacom call barring by yourself by dialing *330*000# and entering 0000 as password. The other option is by contacting the Vodacom customer care centre services.

  • What is the call barring code for Vodacom?

The call barring code for Vodacom is *330*000#

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