How To Reverse eWallet On FNB App 2023 ( USSD Code)

Please read this main guideline on how to reverse eWallet on FNB App in 3 simple practical proven ways. 10 minutes read.

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how to reverse eWallet on FNB

South Africa is the most advanced country in Africa, and the most important African country to the US Government, as stipulated on the USA government website.

Their banking system is robust, you do not have to compulsorily visit the bank (FNB) to perform financial transactions here in South Africa.

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How to Reverse eWallet on FNB

There are three methods to reversing eWallet on FNB, and they are:

  • Using FNB USSD Code
  • Using FNB App
  • Calling FNB Help Center

I will explain the USSD code I explored towards recovering my money when I mistakenly sent money to the wrong person. I will also explain the other method I used in helping a close friend of mine reverse his eWallet on FNB, which also worked for him.

1. Using USSD Code to reverse FNB eWallet

The first method is by using the USSD code, which I explained below. Please understand that this is not rocket science and it is very easy to do.

The ussd code to reverse ewallet on FNB is *120*321#; dial this from your phone!!

I used this in my case, and my reversal was done almost immediately. Another brilliant part of the USSD code is that you will not be charged a reversal fee, and you won’t have to keep calling endlessly. Follow the steps to below.


  • Dial *120*321# on your Cellphone number that is connected to your FNB banking account.
  • Enter your banking PIN
  • Read the options listed and choose the option of “send money.”
  • Then choose the eWallet reverse option
  • Continue to choose the exact payment you wish to reverse
  • From the options provided, choose your reason for reversal and hit the confirm button
  • You will then get a prompt that says the eWallet reversal was successful

The USSD code is so simple that all you need to do is to select the appropriate prompt as displayed on your mobile phone.

This was the method I used when I transferred to the wrong wallet, and my money was reversed to me quickly.

2. Reverse eWallet using FNB Calling Help Centre

In case the first method did not work for you, here is the second method you can explore, which is to call eWallet FNB help center for urgent assistance.

Their contact number is 0875759405. When I explored this method, my call was not responded to immediately; I made several attempts. I made my complaint, and I was charged R50 for the reversal, which is not too much compared to the amount I stand to lose when I sent money to the wrong account.

If you were a little slow to request a reversal and the receiver has withdrawn the payment, you should contact FNB’s dispute resolution center for help. Contact them on 0875759408 or email them at

3. How To Reverse FNB eWallet using FNB App

How to reverse eWallet on FNB App is straightforward and easy, follow the guidelines below:

  • Open your FNB App and login
  • Look for debit order account, click on /my debit orders
  • Go through the list of your debit orders
  • Select the reason for disputing the DO ( debit order)
  • Click Reverse or stop
  • Click confirm to accept the terms
  • That is all?

For easy understanding, kindly watch the video below:

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My Experience Reversing eWallet on FNB

If you do not know what FNB eWallet is and its use, you don’t have to worry because I will explain its use and how you can reverse our eWallet.

I recently sent money to the wrong account and panicked, but I had a saving grace. The person whose account was credited could not withdraw the money, and my money was reversed back to my account.

The use of FNB App is best if you want to send eWallet, it follows nearly the same process like Capitec when you download Capitec App , however the steps on how to reverse cash send on capitec app is little bit different from that of FNB

You probably might have heard the saying of, “To err is human, to correct is divine.” Your chances of making mistakes are high as long as you are a human and aren’t perfect.

However, the good thing is for you to be able to undo your actions when you make mistakes, and that is what the above guideline is all about.

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What is FNB eWallet?

eWallet is protected with a password (for security). It enables you to save your money, pay your bills, perform different transactions, and transfer your money as needed.

With eWallet, you can send money instantly from your FNB account to anyone here in South Africa, even if the person doesn’t have a bank account and receive money too.

When you perform a transaction on eWallet, money is actually not transferred from one account to another eWallet user.

What happens is that ledgers are immediately updated to show that a transaction was completed and money was sent from your account to the recipient’s account. After depositing funds into the eWallet, the receiver receives an SMS.

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How to have an FNB eWallet account

The following are steps to get an eWallet on FNB.

  • South Africa phone number that has been RICA i.e. registered. You must have a South African phone number that has been RICA. As I mentioned in the earlier part of this article, eWallet only works here in South Africa.
  • If you are not in South Africa and don’t have a South Africa cellphone number, you can’t create an eWallet account.
  • You must have FNB online banking App
  • FNB Cellphone Banking

How to send money via eWallet

You can send money to other eWallet users by using your cellphone, online banking, FNB Banking App, or FNB ATM. You can explore the different ways I have listed. Like I said earlier, eWallet is so easy to use.

What is the FNB ewallet USDD

Answer: *120*321#. Just dial the ussd code, *120*321# from your cellphone that is already registered for cellphone banking with FNB.

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What is the FNB ewallet contact number

Answer: 0875759405, this is the fnb ewallet contact number to call immediately. However, if the receiver has already withdrawn the money, call the FNB dispute resolution center for help/assistance on 0875759408

fnb ewallet pin

The Pin is like password, when you send an ewallet to someone either using the USSD code or from the FNB App, a pin will be generated which you need to give the receiver i.e. from the sender to the receiver.

Without the fnb ewallet pin, the receiver cannot withdraw the money from an ATM.

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How long does it take to reverse ewallet money at FNB?

Once you dial the USSD code from the phone to reverse the money, it is immediately reversed ( at least from my experience).

This works if the receiver has not withdrawn the money. But if the receiver has withdrawn the money, then it may take between 3-5 working days before the FNB dispute resolution center can help you out.

Does FNB eWallet PIN expire?

Yes it does just like any other thing in life do expires. It is valid for 4 hours, after which it expires. Once it expires, all you have to do is to generate another Pin by dialing *120*321# from your cellphone to generate another one.

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How do I get an FNB eWallet PIN?

As a sender, you generate an eWallet and automatically the PIN is generated along with it. Once the payment is sent, the sender receives the alert as SMS on their phone, along with the PIN to withdraw the money.

How do I reset my eWallet PIN?

To reset the ewallet pin is simple. dial *120*321#, from your cellphone, follow the screen prompts and you will be able to generate another pin.

This approach is for you the sender i.e. you have an account with FNB and you have been registered for mobile /cellphone banking.

The second approach is for people using smartcall, awesim, PAV, flash or your company pays you through eWallet.

All you have to do is to dial #120*277#, follow the prompts and from here, you can reset your PIN. In this approach, the pin is valid for 16 hours, unlike the earlier one that the pin remains for only 4 hours.

This approach is quite different from the earlier one above. I am referring to people that gets paid through FNB eWallet.

For you to withdraw the money, you dial that code above ( #120*277#) and get your pin. But in case, you forget your PIN, just dial #120*277# ( make sure you have airtime on your phone before it will work) and generate another pin.

This approach is how many foreigners are being paid by companies here in South Africa.

How to request a new FNB eWallet pin?

You follow the same guidelines as above i.e. ( resetting your eWallet pin). All you need is to dial the FNB USSD code i.e. *120*321#. For full understanding, please read the earlier guidelines on this above here.

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How long does the eWallet money stays in FNB?

When an FNB ewallet is created and sent, the money stays there for more than 3 months if the sender did not reverse the money.

However, the generated pin will have expired if you did not collect within 4 hours or 16 hours as earlier explained above.

I am talking from experience, in most cases, some new sim cards ( especially MTN and vodacom) contains ewallet funds, probably the owner lost their phone or sim card. When you lost a sim card and you did not do SIM swap to recover that number.

After a while, the network automatically regenerates the number and push out to the market again, especially for the informal sector/settlement people. So any ewallet funds sent to that number remains there.

When you dial *130*277#, you may be surprised to see ewallet money still there. I have personally cashed out roughly R900 from one sim card ( it was unbelievable).

If you have 100 mtn sim cards that are ricad, just check one by one, I give you a guarantee that you will be lucky to find at least one ewallet fund trapped inside it.

I disagree with some tutorial guidelines that said the money stays there for 12 or 14 working days, it is not true!!

If the ewallet created was sent to a mobile number that does not exist, the money goes back to the sender.

The validity period for the Pin for FNB as earlier explained is 4 hours ( from the sender to receiver) and 16 hours ( for those not having an FNB account and getting paid through eWallet from their companies).

For ABSA and standard bank, the ewallet money stays for 30 days. If the recipient fails to withdraw the cash during this period, the money is reversed to the sender’s account.

In addition, it is quite worthy to note that this time frame is different from how Long It Takes to Transfer Money from Tymebank to Capitec Bank unlike FNB and standard bank.

Can I reverse an eWallet transaction?

Yes, you can. I explained above

How much does it cost to reverse an eWallet?

On how to reverse eWallet on FNB, please understand that some small fee will be charged to your account. If you use the USSD code, you will  not be charged for sending money to the wrong person.

However, if you call and or probably uses the App, you will be charged a flat fee of R50.

But the issue here is that you are not guaranteed to get the money back, but there is no harm in trying especially if the amount involved is a lot of money.