How To Rica Cell C Sim Card Yourself ( At Home Or Online With Cell C Rica Number)

Learn how to Rica Cell C SIM Card yourself either from home or online simply by making use of the Cell C RICA number.

What is RICA?

To RICA Cell C means to register the Cell C starter pack SIM card and get it activated on the Cell C network.

While there are many ways to RICA a starter pack, one of the daunting challenges is the widespread occurrence of fraud related incidence, inconvenience of moving around with your ID ( South African Identity card) or passport as the case may be for a foreigner.

how to Rica Cell C SIM Card
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However, the most daunting challenge is even the presentation of a three months proof of address, which can either be your recent bank statement or water utility bills.

Most people feels frustrated on knowing that they have to present these documents whenever they go to PEP or any Cell C starter pack shops to RICA a new SIM card.

These guideline is to teach and show you how you can self RICA at home or by yourself at anytime convenient.

Why RICA Cell C

Cell C has a lot of packages, airtime and data deals that is difficult to ignore. Though I must admit that Cell C has been relatively slow in terms of data speed and customer growth, unlike Telkom and leaders, MTN and Vodacom.

Their strong unique point is their cheap offerings that is too sweet to reject, and to be honest with you, Cell C is quite good. In terms of cheap calls, Cell C is cheaper than other networks especially when making international calls. I am talking from experience because I use all these networks.

Though many people complains that their Cell C airtime disappears from their phone without even using it, I explained the solution in this guideline and honestly, most of the problem is not caused by Cell C.

Make sure you read it and share it with people that needs it.

Secondly, their cheap data offerings is awesome, for example, when you RICA a new Cell C, you can dial *147#, chose option 3 ( All my specials), chose option 0 ( super sale), then chose option 1. You are going to get a 2G data for 7 days for just R19. This 2G data is for 1G day and 1GB night data, for 7 days.

Another strong reason why you need to RICA Cell C before using it is because of crime. Criminals uses SIM cards not registered to commit crimes. This is one major reason why you need to have your Cell C SIM card to be registered i.e. rica’d in your name and ID.

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Please note that to do Cell C SIM swap, the new Cell C starter pack you are going to use must not be Rica’s; this is different from porting your network to Cell C etc.

Requirements to RICA Cell C

Along with some supporting documents, you need the following to Rica Cell C;

  • Your proof of ID

Identity card, in this case, your green bar code book for South Africa and a passport/Asylum that has not expired for a foreigner.

  • Proof of Address

Not all documents can be accepted as proof of address, the ones accepted falls into two categories; for people living in informal settlements ( where over 70% of South African population lives) and those not living in informal settlements.

For people living in informal settlements, just use a certified copy of the address of the nearest school or community center, your church address, nearby retail store.

For those not living in the informal settlements, documents needed can either be a recent 3 months statement of Bank statements, TV licenses, insurance policies and or any utility bills.

  • An unregistered Cell C starter pack sim card ( just for now)

Steps To RICA Cell C SIM Card

The following are the steps to rica Cell C;

1. Dial Cell C RICA Number *130*7422#

You can self rica Cell C by dialing the USSD code number, *130*7422#. Now, this works if you are already registered to use this code. Registration to use this code is by smartcallonline and it takes just about 30 minutes to register.

So, from your phone, dial *130*7422# ( it does not matter whether you are dialing using Vodacom, MTN or Telkom), you will get a notification that you are not registered, follow the guidelines and register.

After the registration, dial the code and follow the prompts. It is very easy to do. The question however may be how to get the SIM card to use. Just go to any person distributing free starter pack sim cards. Tell them you need the one not registered. I am sure they may sell it to you for probably R5.

Take it and then use it to register in your own name.

2. From the Cell C App

Go to the App store and download the App, follow the instructions to register the new starter pack. You can download Cell C app at:

  • For Android users: go to Google play store
  • For iPhone users: Go to Apple store
  • For Huawei users: Go to the App Gallery and search for Cell C.

3. RICA online on the website

At the moment, you cannot RICA Cell C online, just follow the other three methods in this guideline. This is a bit of setback because MTN offers this online service.

4. Going to a physical Cell C store

Going to a physical Cell C store or outlet is the best way on how to Rica a cell C. When going, make sure you go with all the necessary documents I mentioned earlier here.

You can easily locate the nearest Cell C store/outlet by just searching for it, then off you go.

Observation/What To Do After Rica

  1. After the successful RICA, wait for about 10 minutes, then remove the SIM card from the pack, depending on the phone you have with you, insert the SIM card ( either the micro, macro or Nano size) into the phone.
  2. After some few minutes, you will get a message telling you welcome to Cell C and also another message will come telling you about your new Cell C number.
  3. To make sure it is kept active, go and buy Cell C airtime and recharge immediately.

That is all.

Frequency Asked Question

  • How long does Cell C SIM takes to activate after RICA

This is the most popular question. After you Rica your Cell C, it takes approximately 10-30 minutes for the SIM to be activated. Sometimes after this waiting time and you insert your SIM inside the phone, it may not work or get signal.

Do not worry, just restart the phone i.e. switch it off and on. This issue is common with small phones and to a lesser degree the smartphones.

  • How do I check my Rica details?

To be sure that everything is okay and working perfectly and to be able to confirm if the Cell C Rica you just did was actually logged onto the RICA system on your name, just dial *133*7422* to confirm your status.

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