How To Rica MTN SIM Card By Yourself Online And Get It Activated 2023

At Mamzansi , we understand the importance of having an MTN starter pack SIM card; this guide on how to Rica MTN SIM card either by yourself or online is therefore published.

No matter what anyone may be saying, MTN remains the strongest and best network provider in South Africa and in most countries of Africa. The core advantage using MTN is their widespread reach, from Limpopo to Lagos, Alexandria in Egypt, Tehran in Iran and virtually all over the countries in the world.

MTN has strong roaming agreement with nearly all mobile networks in countries they are not even operating in as evidenced on the great advantages of Using MTN when abroad.

how to rica mtn sim card

So, it is a great decision and choice for you to decide to have and own an MTN starter pack SIM card. This guideline shows you how you can self Rica a new MTN starter pack at home and anywhere; basically at your own convenience.

What is RICA?

According to the South African telecommunication government parastatal, RICA means the Regulation of Interception of Communications and provision of communication‑related information Act.

It simply means to register a new MTN starter pack SIM card and then getting it activated on the MTN network.

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Challenges of RICA

While there are many avenues for you to RICA a new MTN starter pack SIM card, there are challenges being faced and they are listed below:

  • Widespread Fraud related Incidence
  • Moving Around with your ID card ( very much inconvenienced)
  • Presentation of proof of address ( in most cases, 3 months bank statement or any recent public utility bills)


There must be a reason why MTN is loved by so many people. Although many users complained about the high tariffs and sometimes disappearing airtime on their phone without them using it ( I addressed the problem and solution already).

However, MTN has remained glued on people’s heart for almost a decade, their marketing instinct is unique and they have deals, packages, offerings that meets everybody based on your pocket and budget.

  • For example, if you lost your number or line, doing MTN SIM swap is pretty easy without having to go to their office.
  • Secondly, if you decide to change your present network e.g. Cell C, Vodacom or Telkom to MTN, it is very easy to do so. Porting to MTN is super easy and you can do it at the comfort of your home.
  • Having any problem, you can easily call their customer care anytime of the day and you will be surprised that someone is there to talk to you.
  • They have special deals, both for contracts and pay as you go individuals; and everything is tailored for your convenience.

According to the latest research done, MTN scores high as the strongest and reliable network in the country, according to Businesstech.

can i rica mtn sim card by myself

And not to talk of their roaming agreement with more than 600 network providers in approximately 170 countries worldwide, there are many potential benefits of having an MTN starter pack SIM card.

Requirements to RICA MTN

Along with some supporting documents, you need the following to Rica MTN;

  • Proof of ID

For South African, your greenback ID card or Passport/Asylum

  • Proof of Address

The following are accepted proof of address:

  1. A certified copy of the address of the nearest school, community center, your church address, nearby retail store. These requirements are for the people living in the informal settlements.
  2. Recent bank statement, TV licenses, insurance policies and any utility bills.
  • A new MTN starter pack SIM card
  • An active internet connection ( if you are doing it yourself online)

Steps To RICA MTN Starter Pack SIM Card

You can RICA MTN in 4 ways:

  • Dialing USSD code,
  • From the MTN App
  • RICA online on the website
  • Going to a physical Cell C store

1. Dialing USSD code

You can self Rica MTN by dialing the USSD code *135*4#. You use this USSD code to RICA by yourself and also to check the status of your RICA.

Secondly, you can also self RICA by dialing *130*7422#. However, this code works if you are registered with smartcallonline; to register with them is just a matter of about 30 minutes.

Once registered, dial *130*7422# from the number you registered with smartcallonline, it will take you to the portal to begin the registration, just follow the instructions.

One major challenge is how to get the SIM card to use, you can get free unregistered MTN starter pack from agents, dealers, even PEP store or the freelance agents on the street.

Just make sure you ask for the starter pack that is NOT YET REGISTERED. Though they may sell it for R5, it is fair, buy it.

smile it is not difficult to register an MTN number
Image source: Pexels

With this method, you can go back home, sit down and RICA the SIM card yourself with your name and ID safe.

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2. Rica MTN Using the MTN App

The most convenient way to Rica MTN is to use the MTN App. First, you need to download the App on your phone. To do that, follow the guide below:

  • For Android users: go to the App store
  • For iPhone users: go to the apple store
  • For Huawei users: Go to the App Gallery and search for MTN.

Once you download and activate the App, follow the instructions below to register your starter pack;

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection
  • Bring out your phone, open the MTN App
  • Open opened, click on continue ( this enables the window screen to close)
  • You will see the ‘RICA my SIM’ option, click on that
  • Then tap on ‘Get Started ( just scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see ‘ Get started).
  • You will need to upload a Photo of your ID document and proof of your address, along with a selfie of you holding the ID close to your face
  • Follow the screen instructions and submit
  • Wait for approximately 24 hours and the SIM will be activated provided everything you submitted is approved.

3. How To Rica MTN SIM Card Online

Only MTN has provided this means to Rica your SIM card online. But before you do that, just make sure you have the requirements ready because you will need to upload your proof of address and ID.

This is how to register online:

  • Go to
  • Towards the right hand side, you will see the ‘ MTN RICA LOGIN’ link, click on it and from the page that appears, you can start the registration.

4. Going to a physical MTN store

Going to a physical MTN store  or outlet is the best option. Sometimes, if you try to do it yourself, the network may fluctuate and on some rare occasions, your submissions may be rejected.

Some known reasons why self Rica may be rejected is the selfie with your ID close to your face requirement. If it is not properly taken, your application may be rejected.

To make things easy for you, just go to any MTN outlet close to and register a new starter pack SIM card.

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Observation/What To Do After Rica

  1. After the successful RICA, wait for about 10 minutes, then remove the SIM card from the pack, depending on the phone you have with you, insert the SIM card ( either the micro, macro or Nano size) into the phone.
  2. You will get a message telling you , welcome to MTN; then wait for about 2 minutes, the network will disappear briefly, depending that moment, the SIM card is initializing and trying to activate on the internet.
  3. After this, the network will be back, then dial *136# to check your balance and have it activated fully.
  4. The next step is for you to recharge with airtime or data immediately.

That is all.

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Frequency Asked Question

  • How long does MTN takes to activate after RICA

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes. The moment you insert it inside your phone, wait till you get all the welcome messages. Then you dial *136# to activate it.

On some rare occasions, you may not see any network, do not worry. All you have to do is to restart your phone and the network will be present.

  • How do I check my MTN Rica status and details?

For MTN, dial *135*4#

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