How to Send A Please Call Me On Telkom mobile

More than 75% of Telkom users and subscribers are fun of dialing the Telkom please call me back features. This free service is commonly associated with the prepaid subscribers much much more than the Telkom contract subscribers.

1 out of every 3 Telkom prepaid subscribers sends call me back message from their phone to a friend or colleagues that is also using a Telkom line.

The convenience of use, the simple call back code to easily remember and many features that Telkom has, including its cheap airtime, data and freeme bundles ( For WhatsApp especially) are some of the great reasons why the network is loved by so many people.

This guideline is all you need about the Telkom call me back code, the USSD code to dial, the possible cost and everything you need to know.

how to send please call me on Telkom

What Is Please Call Me Telkom

Telkom please call me back is a free feature offered to subscribers and customers of the network for them to send emergency SMS or messages to their loved ones to call them back.

The core mission behind this feature is that without or without airtime or data, Telkom wants you to be connected and be able to reach out to your loved ones.

This call me back features revolutionized the way we contact loves ones and has proven to be a great saving grace especially in terms of distress and emergency when you do not have airtime.

If you scroll up, I made mention that this please call me back feature on Telkom is one of the most loved feature that more than 80% of its subscribers uses on a daily basis, with a base average of the leading ratio being the prepaid customers.

I use Telkom and Vodacom, and the former, being the leading and cheapest Telecommunication provider in the Country, they have so many freebies that made many customers to love them.

First on the table is the ability to convert your airtime to data, the ease to cancel your contract if you are on one, free email webmail to its customers with considerable storage space, easy to remember USSD code to load airtime and also to check your airtime balance, and lastly ability to transfer data seamlessly.

How To Activate Telkom Please Call Me Back

How do I activate call me back on Telkom?

It is not rocket science and there is nothing to dial to activate it on your part. The reason is because the moment you got a Telkom SIM card, got it rica and put it inside your phone, the call me back feature is automatically activated by default.

What you need to know and important is the USSD code to dial to send it, I will explain shortly:

Rules of Using Telkom Please Call Me Back

Though Telkom says it is unlimited, however, there are rules that made it limited.

  • You can only send 5 please call me back on Telkom in a day
  • this translates to 35 in a week ( from Sunday to sunday)
  • Now, the rule does not say daily limit, it simply says 24 hours. For example, if you use your call me back SMS within 2 hours e.g. between 8am-9am, you will have to wait till the next day, starting from 8am. So it does not mean that it will last you till evening.

The rate of use is purely dependent on the rate of use!!

For easy understanding, kindly watch this video:

How to send call me back on Telkom 2023

Implement the steps below:

  • The Telkom call me back code is *140*
  • Follow up with the recipients number i.e. the person that you want to call you ( e.g. 0628310319)
  • In summary, it will be in this format ( i.e. the SMS you will send)

*140*0628310319# ( my assumption is that the recipient you are sending to is using 0628310319)

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