How To Send Please Call Me On Vodacom ( Vodacom Call Me Back Code)

The Vodacom Call Me USSD Code is *140*destinationnumber#; this guideline is a step by step tutorial on how to send please call me on Vodacom. Let us dig in and get to know everything possible.

How To Send Please Call Me On Vodacom

If you understand English and can type in English, then it is easy. Secondly, if you can see what you are typing, then it is super easy.

Sending a please call me back on Vodacom is not rocket science. As earlier mentioned, you use this service as an emergency alternative to reach someone with the aim of them calling you back.

Here is how to send please call me on Vodacom:

  • Go to your dial pad on your phone
  • Type or dial *140*receiversnumber# ( please there should be no space)
  • For example, *140*0628310111#
  • When you call the code, immediately the recipient will receive an SMS telling them to call you back straight away!!

How to send please call me on Vodacom

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What Is Vodacom Please Call Me Back

Vodacom please call me is a text based free SMS service introduced by Vodacom that enables you to send a message without airtime to someone for them to call you back.

This Vodacom Callback service works with or without internet connection or data and it has proven to be an important daily features in people’s life.

Launched and invented by Nkosana Makate in 2001, this life saving service is one of the most popular used features on the Vodacom network.

Though the Inventor and Vodacom has been locked in some sort of legal battles concerning compensation, the back and forth court visitations favoured Nkosana Makate of which Vodacom agreed to pay him R47 million but he insisted on getting 5% share of the callback revenue generated pegged at R9 billion. Anyway, the case is still ongoing in the court, but that is not the focus of this guideline.

I am a loyal Vodacom user, chiefly due to its numerous and stable services which I have been enjoying over the years.

Talk about getting to know your Vodacom number, to cancelling call barring to activating international roaming ( very reliable) to so many benefits like the ease to retrieve your lost Vodacom number to cancelling unwanted subscriptions, these and more are many benefits of being on Vodacom network.

And most of these services can be accessed if you know their USSD codes and dial it; plus, it is free to do so!!

If you are a Vodacom customer, it is important and highly recommended for you to know the Vodacom Call ME USSD code. You may find yourself in situations whereby you need to talk to someone or speak to a relative or even your boss and you suddenly realize you do not have airtime to do so.

And to make matters worse, probably where you are, there is no store or shop selling airtime around; this is where you will value the importance of knowing this Vodacom Call Me USSD code I am sharing in this guideline.

With the code, you are sure of staying in touch with people that matters to you at any given point in time!!

You can watch this recent video about the legal battle of Vodacom please call me inventor and the company:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The USSD Code for Vodacom Please Call Me

How to send please call me on Vodacom is mainly dependent on you knowing and activating the USSD code. If you do not know the code, then I am sorry because you will not be able to send please call me back.

The reason is because you only need the code, your phone and the target ( i.e. the person you want to send the message to).

On a general note, you dial the USSD code i.e. *140* followed by the recipient number and that is all. The recipient i.e. receiver will receive a message informing them of the need that they need to call you.

  • How To Activate Vodacom Call Me Back

Most people often ask ” how do I activate the Vodacom please call me back”

No my dear, you do not have to worry or do anything from your end because Vodacom has placed it there by default. The moment you buy or registered a Vodacom SIM card and you insert in into your phone, the service is automatically enabled.

The only requirement needed from your own end is to know the USSD code, the receiver phone number and a phone to send the text SMS.

  • Is there a limit to how many “please” call you can make on Vodacom?

Please understand that this service is limited. It is not a free service that should be abused by using it throughout the day.

Remember that Vodacom has the largest number of active users in the country so imagine when people start using it anyhow??

The following are the rules put in place to checkmate everything concerning the limit available:

  • The maximum please call me back on Vodacom you can send or use is 10 within a space of 24 hours i.e per day
  • This equates to 70 call me back in a 7 days week

I think this is a fair usage cap for all users; if you definitely use more than this, I think you are abusing the system then.

  • How Do I Check My Vodacom Please Call Me

To check Vodacom please call me, all you have to do is to call by dialing *140# receiversnumber#. It is very simple to use.

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