How To Unblock A Vodacom Sim Card

This piece of tutorial is aimed at teaching and showing you how to unblock a Vodacom SIM card in case your phone or SIM is locked and you happen to find yourself in this annoying situation.

I have written quite some helpful tutorials about the world of Vodacom and explained how and why Vodacom remains the best network provider in South Africa.

In as much as I eulogized and praise the network for its exemplary quality services, especially for wider coverage for the provinces ( including poorest provinces in South Africa) and reliability during load shedding which surpassed its competitors ( MTN, Telkom and Cell C), this is not to say that they are not without some annoying issues.

For example, many customers complains that Vodacom is too expensive, my question to them is ‘ how expensive? They argued that Vodacom data is too expensive, I told them that have they tried dialing *123# to get cheap reliable data .e.g. 100 GB for day, 100GB for night for just R256!!

How To Unblock A Vodacom Sim Card

In addition, I explained that though being expensive is relative for different customers, what you think is expensive might be cheap in my own purview.

Anyway, you can get to know more about Vodacom services by dialing their USSD codes, you can also experience with the ability to hide your caller ID when making private calls and learn about how to cancel unwanted contract.

Furthermore, their services is also not limited to how to activate Vodacom SIM card especially if you are either porting from another network to Vodacom and also when you do SIM swap for your lost number.

In all of this, it is heartbreaking if you suddenly discover that your SIM is locked and blocked; this triggered this tutorial to show you the much needed self help ways for you to unblock your card immediately.

4 Reasons Why Vodacom SIM Card Is Blocked Or Locked

The three reasons why a SIM card may be blocked or locked is summarized below:

  • Dormancy

If your Vodacom SIM card is dormant i.e. you are not using it and you did not recharge at all for close to 3 months, it will be blocked and locked.

  • No Connection

This means you did not put your SIM card in the phone. Probably, you remove the SIM card and put it away for long time ( more than 3 months), then it will be locked and blocked

  • Wrong PUK

This rarely happens, but when you constantly put the wrong PUK number repeatedly, then your card will be blocked and it you keep on trying, it will be blocked forever.

  • Fraudulent Activities/Malicious Activities

If your SIM card is engaged in malicious and fraudulent activities and it is being reported, then Vodacom will block it immediately.

If you happen to be a victim to any of the above reasons, do not despair and do not worry, this tutorial is all you need to unblock it immediately.

How To Unblock A Vodacom SIM Card

The following steps are ways you unlock a Vodacom SIM card

1. Using Vodacom PUK Code To Unlock 

The first step to unlock and unblock A Vodacom SIM card is to leverage on the use of the PUK number code. While the blocking of a SIM due to wrong PUK is rare, however, if you find yourself in this trap or mess, then this guideline will help you out.

In the first place, what is PUK code and how can you find it?

It is a 21st century mobile security features that most telecom companies enables that makes it difficult or probably impossible for anyone to just gain access to your SIM card.

Another point of view is that a PUK code number is like your key to your safe wallet; so only you should know it and use it.

When used incorrectly number of times, then the lock or block features on a SIM card is triggered; when a SIM is locked, the PUK is the first thing that is required, but if abused, then the consequence is that your SIM may be locked forever.

Where can you find the PUK number code?

On most starter pack SIM cards, the PUK is printed on it, that is why it is not good for you to just buy a starter pack SIM card and throw away the pack after removing the SIM and inserting it into your phone.

If you are unlucky and probably have thrown it away, the best place to get back your PUK number is to call Vodacom customer care and your PUK number will be given to you after you must have answered some security questions.

Ready to unlock? implement the steps below to unblock your Vodacom SIM card:

  • Make sure the Vodacom SIM card is inside a phone, try to make a call ( it will say block or locked)
  • Press the next button to unlock, it will ask for the PUK number code, put the PUK code there
  • If that option did not show up, just go to settings ( i.e. phone settings), go to call settings, identify the PUK and put the PUK number there.
  • Restart the phone and the SIM will be unlocked but that is not the end, continue on the next step.
  • You will be asked to create a new PUK code, type a new number that you can easily remember and save it. You will be asked to re-verify, follow the prompt and save it.
  • Once done successfully, your Vodacom SIM card will be totally unlocked and unblocked.

Please understand that wisdom demands that you write or keep the PUK number somewhere safe so that you will not forget again. If you forget again and enter the PIN code repeatedly, it will be locked and blocked again. A word is enough for the wise!!

Watch this video:

2. Unlock Vodacom SIM Card Without PUK Code Number

If however you cannot find or remember the PUK code number and also when you called Vodacom customer care centre, they were unable to give you because you failed the security question, the following are ways to unlock Vodacom SIM card without PUK number.

  • Customer Care

The Vodacom customer care remains the best means for you to unlock your Vodacom SIM. If you are fortunate enough to talk to a simple compassionate staff who will not subject you to tough and rigorous questions, then be rest assured that your problem is solved.

On a normal day, your mobile phone number will be asked from you and the type of phone you last used with it. If you pass, then they will likely send you the PUK number or simply unlick it for you from their own side.

  • Unlocker App

The use of SIM card unlocker App is quite becoming popular and it is the second best way to unlock your Vodacom number if the first option fails.

To be on a safe side, go to Google play store, search for SIM card unlocker app, download the first 3 ones; after downloading the App, answer some few security questions and the App will help you in unlocking your phone or SIM card.

  • Visiting Vodacom Shop

Nearly every mall in South Africa has Vodacom ship outlet; if all else fails, go to the nearest outlet to you, taking with you your ID and of course your mobile number. Be patient on the queue and the professional well trained staffs will help you to unblock your SIM number.


Unlocking or unblocking your Vodacom SIM card is not something that should give you stress. Just implement the steps above and I am sure you will come back to say thank you.

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