Who is Igcokama Elisha? Age and biography

Igcokama Elisha, whose legal name is Mthandeni Sibusiso Manqele, is a talented underground musician in the South African entertainment industry who is a prominent figure in the maskandi music genre.

Igcokama Elisha was born on April 24, 1988, in Mdletsheni, Mtubatuba, KwaZulu-Natal, as the sixth of seven children to Mr J. Manqele and Bekwaphi MaShandu. The famed musician and his siblings were raised in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, by his parents.

Igcokama Elisha

As a teenager, Igcokama Elisha reputedly had the best singing among his contemporaries and could turn words into beautiful songs to amuse his contemporaries.

With such a beautiful face and handsome body, most guys his age would have buried their heads to start a porn website, make money in illicit ways and eventually destroy their lives, but he was resolute and believe in his dreams.

2015 marked Igcokama Elisha’s debut in the South African music business with the release of the smash single Uzuku Lomthadazo. As a novice, he lacked the necessary financial support to advance in the music business.

Igcokama Elisha momentarily faded into obscurity until reemerging five years later with several new songs to once again dominate the South African music market.

Igcokama Elisha busking in South Africa
Igcokama Elisha busking in South Africa

Since 2020, IgcoKama has amassed a discography of songs that, despite their lacklustre performance, have allowed him maintain a presence in the maskandi music market.

At the time of writing this report, Igcokama had released eight studio albums, all of which have received less than four million YouTube streams.

Igcokama is skilled with his fingers as well as his voice since he plays strings and often compliments his songs with violin tunes.

Bongiwe Sithole-Moloi, KZN Arts’ MEC, mediated a dispute between Igcokama Elisha and Khuzani ‘Indlamlenze’ Mpungose in the middle of 2017.

Although the rivalry was beneficial for their music careers in terms of streaming statistics, it was marked by aggressive and offensive comments between the parties.

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Igcokama Elisha
Igcokama Elisha

Sithole-Moloi facilitated peace negotiations between Igcokama Elisha and Indlamlenze to prevent their followers from degenerating into violent altercations.

Igcokama is also noted for his opulent and fashionable displays, particularly with his attire. His star power manifested in the fashion business when the failing brand Cutty had a sales surge as a consequence of the artist wearing their items without marketing during shows.

Fans of Igcokama Elisha wearing his clothing range
Igcokama Elisha has a very dedicated fanbase in South Africa
Fans of Igcokama Elisha wearing his clothing range
Igcokama Elisha has a very dedicated fanbase in South Africa

Midway through 2019, Cutty formally contacted Igcokama Elisha about a role as an ambassador for the iconic South African apparel company.

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Igcokama Elisha endorsing the Cutty brand

As a consequence of the partnership’s success, the Igcokama Elisha apparel line can now be found at all Edgar’s shops around the country.

Igcokama Elisha’s fame and craft skills have enabled him purchase a number of luxuries despite his lack of power in the upper echelons of South African music. The 34-year-old is a moderately successful South African musician with a sizable fan base.

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Igcokama house and cars

Igcokama Elisha and his car
Igcokama has inundated his social media accounts with images of the exotic automobiles in his garage, which he often displays.

It is unknown how many houses Igcokama Elisha has; however the bulk of his social media posts originate from his Durban residence.

In 2021, Igcokama uploaded a viral YouTube video depicting the whole building process of his home.Igcokama Elisha squatting

In December 2019, Dobbs Hats SA awarded Igcokama Elisha a car as a token of gratitude for patronising the Dobbs SA brand and influencing his thousands or millions of admirers to purchase the hats.

Igcokama Elisha signing a document on his awarded car

Igcokama’s estimated net worth is between 1 million and 10 million ZAR, allowing him to live a rather comfortable lifestyle. He generates income from streaming services, social media following, and sponsorship partnerships.

Igcokama Elisha characterises his relationship status as complex on his Facebook profile. However, based on his social media presence, it is evident that he is not married and has no children.

As a Zulu, Igcokama is more likely to be polygamous; however, it is unclear who he has dated or is dating at this time.

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