Inno Morolong: age, before and after pictures, biography, source of income, Tebogo feud

When listing prominent players in the South African entertainment business, 30 years old Inno Morolong, who is synonymous with all things amusing, ecstatic, and also contentious, cannot be omitted. Who is Morolong Inno?

Inno Morolong Arrested

On June 14th, 2023, defiant and stubborn Inno morolong, in clear violation of court order on protection order against tebogo thobejane, was arrested.

At the moment, almost two court cases are pending against her; one that has to do with Olwethu Magudumana and this present arrest of warrant that has to do with her former best friend, Tebogo thobejane.

At Mamzansi, we are watching what will unfold!!

Inno Morolong age and biography

Inno Morolong is a 30 years old South African socialite with considerable influence in the South African entertainment industry. Born September 22, 1992, Innocentia Morolong is Inno Morolong’s full name.

Although little is known about her upbringing, Inno Morolong was raised in the district of Welkom, in Free State, South Africa’s 2nd-poorest province. She is also a college graduate and a mother.

Inno Morolong with her family
Inno Morolong with her family

Inno Morolong is a controversial character who regularly criticises other female celebrities, given her vast following and influence in the South African entertainment industry. She once accused the famed South African singer Gigi LaMayne of stealing her lover, Femi Large.

inno morolong brother
Inno Morolong’s brother is a lawyer
inno morolong and her sister
Inno Morolong with her sister in 2016

As a divisive social media personality, Inno Morolong has risen to the podiums of prominence by piggybacking on the popularity of other established celebrities, albeit in traducing fashion.

This was the case in mid-2022 when she slung daggers at award-winning actress Makhadzi, with claims that the latter is a chronic debtor who defaults on paid shows.

inno morolong education

at her graduation from free state central university of technology

Inno Morolong has a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the Free State’s Central University of Technology.

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Inno Morolong surgery: before and after pictures

In November 2021, Inno Morolong had a 200,000 ZAR (including 50,000 ZAR in aftercare expenses) surgical physical makeover at a Fourways, Johannesburg, private beauty facility.

Earlier in the year, the socialite said in an interview that she had been the target of internet harassment and fat shaming. This is primarily due to her fat belly, known locally as umkhaba; though there are natural weight loss tablets like organix farmacy she can use instead of going for the surgery.

Anyway, the surgery was done and it was a success. But part of a post surgery requirement is to adhere to a strict healthy eating habit and lifestyle, of which using the best air fryer oven in South Africa for her cooking needs is essential.

According to reports, Inno Morolong got a stomach tuck, 360-degree liposuction, fat transfer, and breast lift to get an attractive hourglass figure.

Below are photographs of Inno Morolong before her surgery:

inno morolong picture before surgery
Inno Morolong in 2017, before surgery

inno morolong before surgery in 2018

before surgery
Inno Morolong in 2018, before surgery


in 2014 before she went for the surgery of her body
In 2014!!

young inno morolong in 2013- see her body before surgery

her body before going for surgery


photos of inno

in 2018!!

inno morolong body before surgery


2019 picture of inno morolong before surgery


inno morolong with her car in 2017

inno morolong fake pictures before surgery

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Inno Morolong source of income

In South Africa, Inno Morolong is a top and known brand. In addition to her normal hosting services, she has a company that assures a continuous cash stream.

Inno kickstarted her career in the South African entertainment industry by heading a modelling agency before progressing into a club host and escort. At some point, rumor mongers thought she wanted to make a news website, a counter measure objective to publish some positive reviews about herself instead of what the mainstream media are publishing.

inno morolong many source of income includes her modelling agency

Inno Morolong began her career in the South African entertainment sector by matchmaking young ladies with males before becoming a club host and escort.

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her business

During her days as a club host, Inno Morolong was known underground as the ‘Turn-Up Queen’. She offered extra services, which included intimacy if it was part of the client’s package demand.

inno morolong during escort business in 2014

Inno Morolong used proceeds from her time as a club host to further her tertiary education.

inno morolong as tv host

In addition to being a Reality TV star and performer, Inno Morolong operates the well-known sunglasses brand Shades by Inno. Shades by Inno is popular among South African celebrities for its numerous varieties and patterns which are modelled by international superstars.

In summary, Inno Morolong’s source of income is Shades by Inno in addition to her hosting services. She also monetizes her massive social media following with sponsored advertisements from South African companies and enterprises.

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Timeline of Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane feud 

The conflict between Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane received extensive media coverage, as is customary with celebrity disputes and confrontations.

While they traded comments and hurled insulting mortar bombs at one another, it was evident that only their physical separation prevented them from trading actual punches.

Ironically, Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane were formerly close friends, but their dispute destroyed their connection and planted the seeds of hatred between them.

inno morolong body after surgery

As is her custom, Morolong was quick to spill the beans, labelling her acquaintance a ‘dirty’ woman who lacked self-control. She accused Tebogo of being morally irresponsible for having supposedly slept with several “filthy” guys and become “filthy” herself, suggesting an active participation in the magosha business. 

Being stereotypical with her approach, it might be suggestive to say she accused Tebogo of running and making a porn website; a somewhat cover for the dark web operatives of onlyfans.

Tebogo Thobejane, an actress and well-known South African celebrity, was accused by Inno Morolong of keeping a group of hitmen that assault, loot, and hurt others.

pictures of inno morolong after surgery

Tebogo, rather than replying to the damning words, chose the path of benevolence, keeping orally mute but quite loud in the legal department; a somewhat similar nature like that of ben shapiro’s wife.

Tebogo Thobejane filed a lawsuit requesting compensation of 500,000 ZAR for character defamation, a move that did not faze Inno Morolong in the least.


The animosity between Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane stretched on for months, with Inno Morolong serving as the central character in this odd play.

While tensions between the two simmered at the beginning of 2021, they again erupted into the public eye in November 2021, before Thobejane allegedly launched a lawsuit in August 2022.

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