Gucci Closing Stores In south Africa (is Gucci Leaving South Africa)

No, Gucci is not closing stores in south Africa. The newly launched store in Durban at Shop 249, Ocean Mall, Lagoon Drive at Umhlanga on April 2023 rubbishes any claim that Gucci is leaving South Africa.

On July 14th, the company launched it most awaited online ecommerce store to satisfy the ever yearning and ready South African customers; so how can a customer with this initiative leave the country??

At the moment, Gucci, the Italian giant fashion brand is not leaving the most industrialized and most advanced economy in Africa. All the rumours flying around are unsubstantiated claims and not from Gucci itself.

You will recall that in 2015, Gucci, officially launched their brand presence in the South African market opening their first branch in Johannesburg, which was later followed by the branch in Cape Town. The opening of the Gucci Durban branch made the total Gucci shops/stores in the country to be 3 at the moment.

At Mamzansi, we digged down and carried out intensive investigation as to the claim that Gucci is about to exit the country. What we have come up is that this is not true, it is just fallacies and falsehood spread by misinformed and ignorant people.

Is Gucci leaving South Africa?

The viral sensation news propelled by TikTok and twitter caused a frenzy throughout the South African country with news that Gucci is planning to close all its stores in South Africa.

The source of the news came from a well known twitter influencer who broke the news that because of low sales and dwindling revenue, the Italian giant fashion brand aims to close it stores in the country.

This twitter influencer ( fake account of Barry Roux) with huge twitter follower broke the camels back and whistled the news that caused a massive distortion in the fashion world.

You can watch this video of this lady travelling to Durban just to buy Gucci stuffs:

Is Gucci Closing Stores In south Africa

No, not at the moment. Gucci is not closing any stores in South Africa, at least going by the available information reachable to us at Mamzansi.

Gucci has three stores in South Africa as at July 14th, 2023; all the stores are physically active and opened for business as usual.

Both the online activities and physical activities of customer interaction are high both on their social media handles and in the stores.

A visit to the Gucci Johannesburg store at U15 Diamond Walk Sandton City does not seems to show a sign of a store that is about to be closed.

Similar observations were noticed at Gucci Durban and Gucci Capetown, at Shop 249, Ocean Mall, Lagoon Drive and V&A Waterfront Shop 7223, Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre respectively.

None of the stores physical observations, customer interaction and engagement gives evidence that Gucci is leaving South Africa!!

Reason Why Gucci is Leaving South Africa

According to the tweet released, the author stated that it was due to low sales and low revenue generation. While most brands and companies are not immune to the harsh economic reality the country is passing through, this assertion by the author is not an official statement from the company itself.

What we think will happen is probably staff reduction and probably increase in the market awareness, I am of the believe that Gucci South Africa will implement cost saving policies and drive aggressive marketing strategies.

While this claim that Gucci is leaving South Africa is not true and debunked, the truth of a strained financial situation may not be ruled out as other companies in the country are presently lamenting.

The brand new Gucci Store Durban

How can a company that wants to close down still be opening new branches? This is the argument presented forward to rubbish the claim that the brand is leaving the country.

is gucci leaving south africa

The Gucci Durban store is a testimony to the belief and confidence the brand has in the South African market.

On April 14th, 2023 ( this year) precisely, Gucci opened it door to it customers in Durban. Located in the prestigious platinum walk of the oceans mall in Umhlanga, all the known luxury brand of Gucci can be purchase there.

Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, Gucci are present inside the platinum walk.

Can I Buy Gucci Online in South Africa

No, at the moment, you have to physically go into their stores either at Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban to make your purchases.

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