In Photos: Konka Soweto ( Meet Kutlwano Pitso, Owner of Konka)

Owned by Kutlwano Pitso, Konka soweto is a prominent entertainment and luxury establishment situated at Modjaji Street, Pimville Zone 7, Pimville, 1809 South Africa.

In 2021, the year of its establishment, Konka, dubbed the “millionairesplayground,” topped the South African Twitter trends after being headlined by AKA, Riky Rick, DJ Maphorisa, TKZee, DBN Gogo, and Black Motion, among others.

While the epidemic hindered businesses worldwide and pushed many investors to reconsider their plans, Kutlwano Pitso, the brain behind Konka, was one of the few entrepreneurs who capitalized on the positive aspect of covid-19 to attain quick popularity.

konka soweto grand opening
Poster of Konka May 23, 2021 opening ceremony

Born and raised in Orlando East, Soweto, Kutlwano Pitso earned a degree in Marketing and Brand Management from IMM Graduate school, a prestigious South African institution of higher education.

While in school, Kutlwano Pitso had to settle for a menial job selling cosmetics and beauty items for African Sales since he lacked the credentials or contacts necessary to achieve his dream position at one of South Africa’s top commercial corporations. Here, he examined human behaviour and learnt marketing decisions.

owner of konka is Kutlwano Pitso ( right)
Kutlwano Pitso with Mmusi Maimane at Moja Cafe in 2019

Kutlwano Pitso’s first business position after graduating from IMM was as a Junior Researcher for the Johannesburg-based marketing research company Foshizi.

Kutlwano Pitso left Foshizi in December 2010 to join Multichoice, a commercial television station in South Africa, which he characterized as the cornerstone of his career.

konka soweto features dj maphorisa and kabza de small
A lineup of Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa performing at Konka Soweto

Kutlwano Pitso began his career at Multichoice as a marketing assistant before rising to the position of brand manager and finishing 16th in the Brand Representatives category of the Loeries official rankings.

This professional path introduced Kutlwano to prominent industry leaders and prompted him to launch his own company.

konka soweto entrance displaying supercars

Kutwano quit Multichoice in 2016 and invested his entrepreneurial passion in his first private business venture, Moja Cafe, which he launched in a leased space.

Moja Cafe is an innovative business in which Kutlwano merged low-cost entertainment services with other logistics, including vehicle cleaning, a lounge, and a restaurant.

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konka soweto interior

However, three years later, Kutlwano was forced to temporarily shut off Moja Cafe due to a disagreement over the property’s true owner. Since then, Moja Cafe has reopened at 5976 Cnr. Masupha & Skota Street, Orlando East, Johannesburg, South Africa.

how konka soweto started

After what seemed to be a fruitful sojourn and feasible business opportunity on the streets of Soweto, Kutlwano acquired the Old Icon Soweto Nightclub and renamed it Konka in 2021.

Today, Konka is one of the most luxuriant and opulent VIP entertainment establishments in Soweto, frequented by the crème de la crème of Johannesburg. 

Kutlwano Pitso is one of the richest young entrepreneurs in South Africa since, in addition to the Konka boom, he is a major participant in the food and beverage industries.

konka soweto entrance

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Kutlwano Pitso net worth

Kutlwano Pitso, who began his career as a brand manager at Foshizi and a fragrance vendor on the streets of Soweto, is now a member of South Africa’s upper elite.

Despite his efforts to conceal his fortune from the public, Kutlwano Pitso apparently has assets other than Konka and Moja Cafe, the pillars of his fortune. According to sources, Kutlwano Pitso’s estimated net worth is a staggering 540 million ZAR.

What was Konka before, and how did it start?

icon soweto club is now konka

Before Sunday, May 23, 2021, when Kutlwano Pitso formally launched Konka Soweto, the facility was known as Old Icon Soweto Nightclub, a low-profile Soweto nightclub jointly owned by DJ Duo, SPHEctacula and DJ Naves.

Launched in late 2016, Old Icon Soweto Nightclub, some levels below what Kutlwano Pitso’s Konka is now, catered to middle- and lower-class Soweto women and gentlemen in search of moderately priced entertainment and refreshments. This changed when Kutlwano invested his commercial expertise after acquiring the company.

In honour of Moja Café’s fifth anniversary, Kutlwano Pitso, in May 2021, announced the inauguration of Konka Soweto in Pimville Square, about 10 minutes from Moja Café.

A lineup of Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa performing at Konka Soweto

In contrast to Old Icon Nightclub, Kutlwano refurbished and renamed the Konka to provide premium, high-quality packaged goods and services.

A club with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art amenities, Konka has so far surpassed Old Icon Soweto Nightclub’s legacy and reputation. 

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What type of business is Konka, and what is special about it?

Cassper Nyovest with a supercar at konka
Cassper Nyovest with a supercar at Konka

With its ostentatious services, Konka has become a meeting place for South African elites to make financial declarations.

where is konka soweto

how do i get to konka soweto


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Is Mamkhize the owner of Konka?

MamKhize and Andile Mpisan Arrive Konka Soweto in flashy cars

Mamkhize is not the owner of Konka, but she remains one of the top patrons of the club. In late September 2021, Mamkhize, in the company of her son, arrived at Konka in a luxury convoy including a Dodge RAM, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a convertible Bentley Continental, a BMW ( one of South Africa’s go-to brand for cheap electric cars), and a Lexus 570 SUV, to celebrate a party.

Rather than Konka, socialite and influencer, Mamkhize is the boss of DStv Premiership club Royal AM. 

Konka dress code

Waitresses at Konka Soweto delivering drinks

During events, Konka embraces the 90s hip-hop dress code. The hip-hop fashion of the 1990s was a prominent trend among black artists in the United States.

Rap music, which reflected the passion and aspirations of the black man fighting under the shackles of racism, was a means by which blacks strove to escape the continuing shackles of racism.

Konka’s use of ’90s hip hop as a dress code is an additional imaginative and smart move to connect it to the epic and successful battle of South Africans against racial apartheid. 

Konka Soweto Price List And Menu

Drinks on display at Konka Soweto

In addition to its luxuriously equipped, silky, and sleek amenities and décor, this fashionable hangout offers a variety of alcoholic beverages for people who like to indulge, unwind, and have a good time.

The pricing list for beer and alcoholic beverages at Konka varies based on the brand purchased.

Konka includes three swimming pools in addition to a BMX track, inflatables, gaming areas, jovial excursions, and a variety of other luxuries for a memorable client experience.

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