Lisa Charm Bras Reviews ( Size Chart, For Seniors And Where They are Made From)

This reviews combs everything you need to know about Lisa charm bras; this online boutique is the newest online fashion retailer on the block specializing in wireless bras.

The 1 year old online fashion ecommerce website vision and goal is to be the harbinger of quality and affordable bras in today’s saturated fashion world.

Their core mission is offering affordable bras that offers style, while not jeopardizing quality, comfortability and convenience.

The aim of this review is to analyze, dissect and interconnect all details and information you may need about the features, specifications, model and types of Lisa charm bra; all with a view of you getting value for your hard earn money before you shop.

Being a newcomer online fashion boutique for women, our aim in this review guideline is to point you to the many reasons why Lisa charm bra is better than others, explaining the features it has and to mention all their various bra ranges.

lisa charm bra review

Whether your breast is big, typical of most Russian women or you have a small size cup shape size, typical of some 43% Americans, Canadians and 85% of most Asians, all sizes will be explained in this post.

Let us dig in!!

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What is Lisa Charm Bra And Its Origin

Lisa charm bra is a revolutionary online boutique specializing in affordable and yet high quality bra brands. Its special and most notable bra brand is the daisy bra types.

The emergence of Lisa charm bra caused a paradigm shift in the way bra’s are worn and seen, especially with the self made believe that high quality is not the same as being expensive; you can get high quality bra at an affordable price.

Quite often, people are making inquiry on where is Lisa charm bras made from? Lisa charm basically source their bra products and brands from the best manufacturers in such a way that they leverage on the importance of quality and yet affordable.

This is the hallmark of this company!!

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Lisa Charm Bra Types

Uniqueness, affordability is the hallmark of Lisa charm and its various range of products, they are not just into bras, but also into tank tops and shapewears etc.

A summary of their bra ranges are:

  • The Popular daisy bra
  • Front button bra
  • Strapless
  • And the invisible push up bra

One unique attribute about their bras is the full durability, convenience and comfortability to the wearer of the bra. If you see any bra with a front button, there is every chance that the bra is from Lisa charm.

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Design And features of Lisa Charm Bras

Talking of their bra types and brands, the following are the unique features and design seen in all their bra types and models:

  • Wireless design
  • Soft materials
  • Adequate cup coverage (full)
  • wide straps for additional support

1. Wireless design

The wireless design of all their bras is in line with the 21st century and latest designs the young millennials ( young girls and ladies) love and appreciate.

However, it is not for them alone, but also women, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s etc. Gone are the days of having pins and metallic bra straps that tends to cause harm to your back, fueling inconvenience

The unique characteristics of Daisy bra which is typical of all the bra types of the Lisa charm brands are the presence of a front button, this deviates from the old cultural tradition of having strap pins at the back.

This is basically a wireless design as it gives power and control to the woman; to wear and remove it becomes extremely easy to do.

Perhaps, one of the best features of the Lisa charm bras, especially the strapless invisible push up helps give you the sexy, ever young physique you need, it helps ensure your breast is well positioned in its right curvy shape.

Now, to forget one more important aspect of this wireless features is the presence of adjustable straps, this helps ensure that adjusting and fitting the breast into perfect shape based on your sense and aura of confidence. It narurally empowers you with swift and full comfort and support 24 hours of your entire day activities.

2. Soft materials

Those who have bought and presently using the Lisa charm bras can attest to this. The materials are cool, cotton made; soothing and gives you a refreshing feeling.

This soft materials gives its the impetus of its naturally artistic designs and push up effects. Its soft materials do not give you discomfort but rather adjusts and fits into the shape of your breast cup size , thereby enhancing the overall physical cleavage outlook.

But not to forget, part of the cons reported by dissatisfied customers is that some of the soft materials tends to loosen up, losing its durability after 6 washing and above.

3. Adequate cup coverage (full)

This is an interesting features and I briefly mentioned it above. The soft materials used and the adjustable strap features of the Lisa charm bras enables it to give you the perfect full cup coverage; thereby allowing your breast to sit comfortably without outside cleavages popping out.

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Lisa Charm Daisy Bra Reviews

The Lisa charm daisy bra is identified by the presence of the front button. So basically, any bra that has a front button is known as a daisy bra.

However, with the Lisa bra, its uniqueness is the comfort it gives, especially for those who are tired from the old traditional forms of bra.

I bet you know what I mean!!

lisa charm daisy bra reviews

Those old traditional bras with hooks and clasps at the back. Trust me, ask any guy who is in the process of making love to their woman, they will tell you of the difficulties encountered in opening the bra!!

While this is not an annoying issue to one’s boyfriend or husband alone, 90% of women experiences difficulty and inconvenience with the hooks and clips at the back of their bras.

This is where the revolution and creativity of the Lisa charm daisy bras comes into effect, so instead of those uncomfortable clips and hooks at the back, all you have now is the presence of a front button that can be loosened anytime with ease.


Lisa charm bras for seniors

The Lisa charm bras for seniors comes in 8 brands which are mentioned below. They are:

  • The Comfitank
  • BreezyBloom
  • Embraced
  • Exsecret
  • Invilift
  • Invishaper
  • Invisize

Depending on the size of your breast, the best option to get your preferred brand is to check the website and see their size chart, select the particular model you want and order for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions that can aid your purchasing decisions are listed and explained below:

  • Does Lisa Charm offer plus-size bras?

Answer: Yes, Lisa Charm has various sizes, including plus size bras. A visit to their website shows it all.

  • Are Lisa Charm’s bras machine washable

Even though the answer is yes, however, we do not advise such. Washing your bras with your hand is the best option and if you insist on using washing machine, make sure you use the the right washing powder.

Set and adjust the washing machine to very low spinning volume so that the fabrics will not get stretched.

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