Rechargeable Lights for Load Shedding: Best Loadshedding Globes and Bulbs 2023

Having scoured Checkers, Game, Pick n Pay, and other retailers to discover the best solutions for power outages, this is the definitive guide to rechargeable lighting for load shedding.

Are you sick of being left in the dark during power outages? You need look no further. This article examines the best rechargeable lights for load shedding, including bulbs and globes from reputable manufacturers such as Eurolux.

Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient and long-lasting options or the best place to purchase load-shedding rechargeable bulbs, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the most effective rechargeable lighting options for navigating load shedding:

1. Eurolux FS306W

Eurolux FS306W is a rechargeable light for load shedding 9

The Eurolux FS306W is a compact and dependable rechargeable white LED emergency light designed to combat power outages. This emergency light provides a convenient and portable illumination solution with dimensions of 40mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 75mm (L) and a depth of 145mm.

The Eurolux FS306W is suitable for long-term use due to its plastic construction, which ensures durability and resilience. During power disruptions, its chilly white complexion emanates a clear and calming light, creating a comfortable and well-lit environment.

This rechargeable light for load shedding is equipped with a 5W LED that provides efficient illumination while conserving energy. The included hermetic li-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2 x 3.7V 1200mAh allows for extended use during power outages.

In approximately 8–10 hours, the battery can be charged via the USB output interface, which supports a 5V input.

The Eurolux FS306W provides two illumination modes for versatility. In high mode, it offers a discharge time of two to three hours, providing sufficient illumination for immediate requirements. In feeble mode, it provides an impressive 8–10 hours of continuous illumination, making it ideal for nocturnal use or extended power disruptions.

When fully charged, this rechargeable light for load shedding can function as a reliable USB mobile power bank with a DC 5.5V output, enabling users to charge compatible devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for an added level of convenience and utility.

The Eurolux FS306W, one of the best rechargeable lamps for load shedding, comes with a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of its quality.

This versatile and inexpensive emergency light is available at Checkers for R149.99, making it an accessible and cost-effective illumination solution for power outages.

2. Lumaglo Large Rechargeable 14W LED Emergency Light 

Lumaglo Large Rechargeable 14W LED Emergency Light 14W is a rechargeable light for load shedding 8

The Lumaglo Large Rechargeable 14W LED Emergency Light is one of the best lighting options for power outages, as it provides incredibly bright illumination and USB charging interfaces.

This rechargeable light is dependable and highly recommended, especially during load shedding moments.

The Lumaglo Large Rechargeable 14W LED Emergency Light requires no assembly and is ready to use straight out of the box.

The Lumaglo Large Rechargeable 14W LED Emergency Light, available at Checkers for R149.99, is a cost-effective and dependable way to keep your surroundings well-lit during power outages.

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3. Eurolux G982

Eurolux G982 is a rechargeable bulb globe for load shedding 3

The Eurolux G982 is a small, energy-efficient, rechargeable, daylight LED lamp designed to provide illumination during power outages. With dimensions of 60mm (W) x 111mm (H) x 60mm (L) and a depth of 115mm, this lamp provides a portable illumination solution for use in the event of a power outage.

The Eurolux G982 is made of durable plastic and is white in colour, allowing it to integrate into any environment. Its cordless design provides added convenience, allowing the lamp to be placed wherever it is required without restrictions.

This rechargeable lamp features a 5W LED for efficient and brilliant daylight illumination. During power outages, the included hermetic Li-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3.7 V and 1.5 Ah ensures dependable and long-lasting performance.

The battery life of the Eurolux G982 is approximately three hours, providing ample illumination for immediate requirements during power disruptions.

Simply connecting the lamp to a power source and allowing it to charge for 18–20 hours will ensure that it is available for the next round of load shedding.

With batteries included and no assembly required, the Eurolux G982 is ready to use right out of the box.

4. Magneto Solar Rechargeable LED Light

Magneto Rechargeable Led Solar Light is a rechargeable light for load shedding 1

With the power saver mode of the Magneto Rechargeable LED Solar Light, users can experience up to 4 hours of illumination, while Ultra-Bright mode offers up to 2 hours of 900-lumen illumination.

In addition to providing illumination during power outages, the Magneto Rechargeable LED Solar Light can also be used to charge most mobile phones, adding an additional layer of utility during emergencies or outdoor activities.

The Magneto LED Solar Light is easily transportable due to its small size, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Magneto Rechargeable LED Solar Light, available at Game for R179, is the most affordable and dependable illumination solution for load shedding.

This light is a versatile companion during power disruptions and outdoor excursions due to its advanced solar panel, multiple illumination modes, and mobile phone charging capability.

5. Leisure Quip Q8386 USB Rechargeable LED Light with Mosquito Killer

LE MQ8386 is a rechargeable bulb globe for load shedding 1

The Leisure Quip Q8386 is a multifunctional USB rechargeable LED light for load shedding that repels mosquitoes effectively. This ingenious device combines a potent mosquito repellent with a convenient LED light, providing a solution for both illumination and insect control.

The Leisure Quip Q8386 is equipped with a 2000V grid to assure effective mosquito control during power outages.

The touch-on/touch-off mechanism enables simple operation, making it effortless to activate the mosquito assassin function whenever necessary.

With 70 lumens of luminosity, this device’s LED light component provides ample illumination in dimly lit areas. Whether you need to illuminate a room during a power outage or simply need a portable light source, the Leisure Quip Q8386 has your back.

A USB cable for charging and a brush for cleansing the grid are included with the device to facilitate maintenance and ensure long-term performance reliability.

The Leisure QuipNMQ8386 provides mosquito protection for a large region, covering an effective area of 30–40 m2.

On a single charge, the LED light will operate for approximately 8 hours, while the mosquito assassin function will operate for approximately 7 hours. The device requires approximately four hours to recharge, assuring minimal inactivity between uses.

The Leisure QuipNMQ8386 USB Rechargeable LED Light with Mosquito Killer is available at Game for R429 and provides a versatile and cost-effective solution for illumination and mosquito control during load reduction.

6. Lightworx 7W Rechargeable A60 LED E27 CW Lightbulb

Lightworx 7W Rechargeable A60 Led E27 is a rechargeable bulb globe for load shedding 2

The Lightworx 7W Rechargeable A60 LED E27 CW Light Bulb is the best rechargeable bulb for load shedding because it provides a convenient and dependable means of maintaining illumination even when the power is out.

With a standard lumen output of 660 lm and an emergency lumen output of 220 lm, this light bulb provides sufficient illumination during power disruptions.

The globe has a battery reserve time of up to four hours, providing ample illumination during power outages.

The Lightworx LED light bulb has a lifespan of 25,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance and reducing the frequency with which replacements are required.

A two-year warranty provides peace of mind and assurance of the product’s quality.

Recommended as one of the best load shedding globe, the Lightwork LED light bulb works perfectly well with various home lightning installations, including but not limited to lanterns etc.

7. Gorilla Force Light Lantern

Gorilla Light Force Lantern is one of the best rechargeable lights for load shedding

Built with the latest LED technology, the Gorilla light force lantern rechargeable light for load shedding has convenient handles that allow users to use it as a torch or lantern, adapting to their individual illumination requirements.

This versatile lantern is a dependable illumination companion whether you’re camping, trekking, or experiencing load shedding.

The Gorilla Light Force Lantern incorporates a compact, brighter, and more energy-efficient COB (chip-on-board) technology, optimising energy efficiency while providing forceful illumination. This guarantees a brilliant light source without a rapid battery depletion.

The Gorilla Light Force Lantern, available at Game for R199.00, is a cost-effective rechargeable lighting solution for load shedding.

With its LED power source, convenience features, and energy efficiency, this lantern is a practical option that provides dazzling and energy-efficient illumination, as well as peace of mind with its one-year warranty.

Other models that up the list of the top 10 rechargeable light bulbs for load shedding are:

  • 8. Switched Rechargeable Lantern with Power Bank
  • 9. PnP 4W Emergency Rechargeable Edison Screw Cool White Light Bulb
  • 10. Leisure Quip Mini Lantern

How long do rechargeable light bulbs last?

The short answer is that it depends, I will explain;

How long any rechargeable light bulb last is dependent on the inbuilt battery power capacity and also the power of the bulb.

Generally, a bulb with somehow lower wattage has a longer longevity usage than one with higher wattage.

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