How to Check Your Matric Results for 2023

Are you contemplating how to check your matric results? Worry no more as this article will guide you on how to achieve that. 

Having a matric certificate with good results is an important advantage for a student to further his/her education to any level.

Are you having difficulty checking your result?

There are four authentic methods you could use to check your results.

Any of the methods could be more comfortable to you depending on your perspective.

As largely used by young adults and youths, information on the internet is easily accessible remotely, most students prefer to check the results on the internet as it is easy, fast, and convenient too.

How to Check Your Matric Results

There are three ways in which you can check your matric results comfortably and these include;


  1. Through the internet
  2. Through SMS
  3. Through USSD 
  4. From the school

How can you Check your Matric Results Using the Internet

You will need the website link that takes you directly to their page.


Then follow the following steps on your browser…

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Navigate to the link provided for the matric results and click on it

Step 3: Enter your Examination Number

Step 4: Department of Basic Education Board matric results will be displayed on the screen

Step 5: Download as PDF so you can print it out for use.

How to Check your Matric Results Using SMS

  1. It is important to use the registered sim card that was used when you registered for the examination.
  2. Text your examination number and ID number to the shortcode 35658 to register.
  3. Please note that anytime the results comes out, it will be sent to you as an SMS.

How to Check your Matric Results Using USSD 

USSD also Known as “quick codes”, are codes used to send messages. It is also another quick way to check matriculation results.

 This service does not require data or the internet to work. For students that do not have browsing phones, this option is more convenient.

To use the USSD CODE;

  1. Dial this number on your phone *120*35658#.
  2. You will be required to answer some multiple-choice questions.
  3. Enter your ID and examination number.
  4. Your matric number will be sent to you.

How to Check your Matric Results from School

Your school, quite often is the first place to check your matriculation results. So instead of stressing and going to the department of basic education, just relax, because the department will send it to your school.

You can also get your original matric certificate from the school. This could take about six months after matric results are released.

What are the Different Matric Pass Levels?

 The four (4) main Matric Pass Levels are;

1 Bachelor’s Degree Pass 

2 Diploma Pass

3 Higher Certificate Pass

4 Senior Certificate Pass

The different matric pass levels allow for different levels of opportunities to further education.

Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level

 The highest matric pass level you can get is the Bachelor’s Degree Pass. The following result gets u a pass 

  • Home language – 40%
  • Four high credit subjects:- 50%
  • Two other subjects:- 30%

The minimum admission point score for a bachelor’s degree pass is 23.

If having plans to further, You can apply for any certification, including a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate.

Diploma Pass Level

The second highest matric pass level is the diploma pass level. The following results get you a pass;

  • Home Language:-  40%
  •  High credit subject:- 40%
  • Other subjects:- 30%

The minimum point score for a Diploma Pass is 19.

With a Diploma Pass, you can choose to study for a Diploma or a National Diploma program.

Higher Certificate Pass Level

The minimum admission point score for the Higher Certificate Pass is 15.

The third Matric pass level is the Higher Certificate Pass. The following results get you a pass;

  • Home Language:- 40%
  • Two credit subjects:- 40%
  • Three other subjects – 30%

 The minimum admission point score for a Higher Certificate is 15.

You can easily apply for a certificate program or any college program with your Higher Certificate Pass. 

Senior Certificate Pass Level

The following results get you a pass;

  • Home Language:- 40%
  • Two other subjects:- 40%
  • Three (3) other subjects:- 30%

The minimum admission point score for the Senior Certificate Pass is 14

In the (SC) Senior Certificate, a student can fail one subject but must achieve 30% or more for other subjects.

 Senior Certificate can be used to apply for several Distance Learning courses. Only a matric certificate, pass or average, is needed for students that want to apply for Distance Learning. 

Is it Possible to Repeat Matric?

Several students who fail can repeat and make a change to their results through another examination. People tend to have different reasons for their decisions.

The reason for re-sitting for the matric examination could be because of a failed matric.

For those who want to further their education, it is important to have a pass as the university you are applying to has thousands of applicants and your results are what can give you a chance at admission.

You could also choose to have a second matric to improve yourself, or a purpose best known to you. Moreso, to complete your matric subject in the case where you missed some exams.

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Matric Certificate

The matric certificate is proof that you sat for the examination and performance. The matric certificate can not be downloaded. It is given to students in hard copy which takes about six months after the results are out before it is released.

matric certificate

Unlike matric statement which is readily available on the internet and can be downloaded, and printed out for reference purposes.

Any pass level can get a certificate. Even if you fail you can still get a certificate to show for it and know which topics to improve on.

The distinction pass percentage for matric is 80% and above.

The matric certificate is a qualification proof that can be used to search for jobs like receptionist, cashier, call service agent, etc.

It can be used to further education at the university, it can also be used as the basis of promotion.

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