Mermaid In South Africa – Mermaid Found In Durban And KZN ( Photos)

Are there mermaid in South Africa? This guideline discusses proven places mermaid have been found in Durban, KZN South Africa’s 2nd-richest province, and other places they exist in the country.

Mermaids are real and true, not only in South Africa but in the world; the underlying fact is that these creatures, though mystical are much more of a supernatural and spiritual being that science do not agree they exist.

Please understand that science cannot solve and unravel some mysteries, and that is why science do not agree that mermaids exist.

Some people believed mermaids existence is all a fallacy, some people says it is a fairytale stories; movies and films have created an hyper definition of this mystical creature, but they are real and true.

places to find mermaids in south africa

What is a Mermaid

Mermaids are not human beings; mermaids are diabolical mystical sea creatures that truly exist and are supernatural and spiritual in their dealings.

The concept of seeing half body fish and half body human, depicted as mermaids may not be true because you can never see ‘her’ in that form and be normal/okay for the rest of your life!!

This brings me to the most asked question, Are mermaid real?

Yes, they are real but diabolical and often comes to you in form of human though they are not human!!

If you are a lover of the sea and you go to the sea at night alone, you will agree with me that the sea is a different world on its own. You will see strange, unimaginable things that only you can explain.

Mermaids can allow you to see a glimpse of its self in the water within seconds, but you can never have the privilege of seeing the entire sight of the whole body because:

  • You will feel a cold sensation from the top of your head down to the soul of your feet
  • Your head will swell up because of the spiritual and supernatural effect
  • You will not just get yourself, if you stay too long, you may become insane!!
  • Lastly, it moves away so fast.

Mermaid In South Africa – 10 Places Found

The lists below are real life encounters with mermaids, it also includes places where they have been found in South Africa.

Not only that, they are also places where it is believed you can find mermaids, from Cape town, Durban, Kwazulu natal, all the way to Eastern Cape town etc.

1. Suurbraak, Swellendam, Western Cape Town

Some stories can be false or true; legends may be wrong at times. But what about these three people that saw a mermaid at suurbraak, a small village town , few kilometers away from Swellendam in South Africa.

On January 5th, 2008; Daniel Cupido, Werner Plaatjies, Martin Olckers all shared an encounter they witnessed personally of a mermaid like creature.

mermaids are seen in the false bay harbour shore in south africa

Stucked or rather in excruciating pain, the creature was seen at a relatively shallow black water, just down the bridge linking suurbraak to the sea coast.

The first person to see it, Daniel Cupido recounted my earlier explanation above on the chilly, cold feelings, head swelling feelings that happened to him when he tried to move closer.

However, he stopped because the sight of the creature particularly the red eyes gaze and the screeching sound from it make him scared.

For further confirmation of the sight of this mermaid in South Africa, you can visit the Suurbraak tourism officer Maggy Jantjies ( probably retired now, I am not so sure).

She ( Maggy Jantjies) confirmed the incidence and further said the elders of the town used to call the mermaid creature ‘kaaiman’ and use to warn the residents of its existence.

2. Coega River In Eastern Cape Town, South Africa

The coega river is situated in Eastern cape lying along the the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa. The river is approximately 19 km from port Elizabeth and 227km from East London.

The coega river is mostly known and popular as one of the newest harbour of South Africa and known in the local language as the port of Ngqura.

mermaids in south africa

Towards the shore close to most settlements, there have been reports of mysterious sights of sea like creatures.

Though, mermaids have not been seen physically, but the locals believed that mermaids does exist and sometimes creeps up along the banks. Some articles about mermaid on Wikipedia align with this fact.

Their statement of fact is based on audible strange talks, voice echoes they hear from these mermaids and noticeable conspicuous sight of shadowy figures they believed are watching them from a distance.

3. Musician had an encounter ( mermaids are real)

In the late 1980s, a popular musician shared his encounter with a mermaid and he released a song to that effect.

He emphatically stated that when you see a mermaid, do not ever run away. His lyrics laid bare that mermaids may not come in the form of an half human, half fish body structure but he encountered one.

He said, he used to go to the beach, with his guitar and rehearse ( i.e. practice) some songs and try to improve on his guitar playing skills. He said this has become like a daily habit for him because at the beach, he is able to focus and concentrate.

He also said that at one particular day, a lady from nowhere walked up to him. What he noticed was that he felt cold, his head was swelling up in some chilly sensation and he felt the atmosphere changed. He said he was scared and wanted to run away, but the lady smiled at him and told him to stay.

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Gradually, they became friends but he never slept or made love to her despite strong gestures. He further said that his music success started becoming a reality because the lady told him he will be successful.

He further said that anytime the lady is going away, he will just see and look at her her walking away till he could no longer sees her, and that on many occasions, he tried to trace her movements but was not successful.

The last time he saw her, she told him that she lives in the sea and that he is a lucky man.

This story i.e. real life story is a testimony that mermaids exist but these people did not actually see half body, half fish being.

4. Muizenberg, Cape Town

Famous as a beach town, Muizenberg, a town under the cape town municipality, South Africa lies along the shore of the Cape Peninsula curves round to the east on the False Bay coast.

In April 2022, a viral sensation video was uploaded about a dark skinned young mermaid lying on the beach shore. Though, details were sketchy at that time, and most people doubted it.

However, just like a big carcass white whale has been like a yearly visual occurrence along the beach of Muizenberg, it is not out of possibility that the video is true of a real mermaid.

whale along muizenberg shore where mermaids are often sighted

5. False Bay Harbour Shore

Being a natural bay with warmness, stretching over long distance connecting the cape point to cape hangklip; this cool harbor stands as one of the first story source of mermaid sightseeing in the western cape town, South Africa.

Though, not confirmed, it was alleged by three people who claimed that they saw a dark beautiful, greenish-brown skin, fish-like tail sea like creature that looks like a woman with webbed hands and feet.

Their storyline concluded that this creature is a mermaid who quickly moved away fast on noticing the presence of humans.

6. Cape Town Harbour

Based on history of the early 1900s, it was claimed that the cape town habour stretching from Robben Island to Cape town used to entertain people with unusual sights of mermaids in South Africa.

While this may be true of such sight, there is no physical documentation to support the claim/story.

7. Under The Big Rock, Eastern Cape Town

Big Rock, commonly referred to as ‘hole in the rock’ is a reserved monument located in the Chris Hani District Municipality.

It lies little bit close to Rondekop and Doornhoek Dam and it has become an active spot for tourists.

mermaids are in south africa seen under the big rock here

Being a warm and salty estuary of a sort which the locals claims mermaid loves, this place or site has been allegedly known as the place an 18th century fisherman caught a mermaid and kept it in his house.

To me, this is not true because you cannot catch this sort of creature, they are supernatural and has powers beyond the human level.

8. Student had an encounter

For privacy reason, I will not mention the name of the student here. An 18 year old boy was brought to mountain of fire and miracle ministries i.e. church for prayer deliverance.

The mother of the said son said the son was behaving like a lunatic. She said the son is mad, behaves crazy and act like someone who is crazy. The parent had done everything they could do to make sure the boy becomes okay, they have moved from hospitals to hospitals but doctors could not see what was wrong with the boy.

So the boy was brought to church for prayer ( deliverance); During the prayer of deliverance for the boy, I was shocked to see a young boy acting weird, the eye changed, he spoke and hissed like snake, he rolled himself on the ground, twisting up and down.

After about 30 minutes, the power of prayer delivered the boy and he came to his senses.

The first question he asked was, ‘ where am I?

Now, we sat down and started asking him questions if he could recollect anything and that was when he opened up.

He said ‘ I use to go to the beach area to read and study my book after lecture from the university classes has finished. He said he does this because he wants to read and be focused.

He said he has been doing this for more than a month and he was accustomed to it. But on one fateful day, he said, he lifted up his eyes and a young beautiful lady was walking up to her. He said, he could not pin point where she was coming from but that he noticed he felt cold and his head was swelling, he felt that something was not right.

He further said that the lady use to come to him each and every time he is there. But the most surprising thing is that, she never followed him to where he stays and that most of the time, he usually left her there and says goodbye. He said he asked her one day, where are you staying and she pointed to the sea. But he just brushed it aside and never took it seriously

As time goes on, they became friends and started making love. He said after making love for about a month consistently, she told him point blank that she lives in the water and that was the last time she saw her.

The next thing that happened to him is that he saw himself here!!

This scenario is a pointer to tell you that mermaids are real, but they are diabolical and supernatural!!


There have been no physical evidences by the government of any country or even science to say that mermaids exist.

What I know is that they do exist but not in the half fish, half human being depicted now. Secondly, these sea creatures are supernatural and spiritual and they are not for this human earthly interactions.

However, you will agree with me that most things are going extinct.

It is very likely that people that saw mermaids in the early 1900s, late 1840s ( 19 and 18 century), according to what was profiled on Wikipedia said the truth.

Just like dinosaurs and other great gigantic creatures are no longer living today, mermaids may have been victims of extinction likewise.

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