Mkhaba Must Fall – How I Got Rid Of Belly fat Using Senafix

I will like to share my incredible story on how I was able to get rid of my belly fat within 3 months, I engaged with the ‘ Mkhaba Must Fall’ campaign with the help of senafix and the result is quite incredible.

Mkhaba Must Fall (My Story)

It was during the end of winter here in South Africa, we were gradually moving towards spring. A bosom friend of mine came all the way from Pretoria to visit me.

On seeing her, I could not believe what was standing in front of me. The first question I asked was ‘ Chomi, what happened to you? Ayanda, talk to me, are you sick or just recovering?

mkhaba must fall

I lost my decorum of welcoming my long lost friend of over 35 years, since childhood. And since she relocated to Pretoria from Cape town over 5 years ago, I missed her and was practically shock to see a new Ayanda!!

She just said ‘Senafix nut‘; I brought out a bottle of brutal fruit to welcome her, she said again ‘ senafix’….Is that your new name I asked or are you speaking in tongues, I joked!!

Anyway, to cut the long story short, she said senafix came to her rescue and she was able to lose weight naturally without going to the gym.

To be honest, I was not believing her, but the other side of me told me she is saying the truth because she is my best friend of over 35 years. I murmured to myself, this must be the weight loss miracle I desperately need.

I am single mother of 2 beautiful girls; being a single hard working mother, I gradually became obese, in part due to my job ( sitting down nearly everyday looking at the security computer in front of me in the office, I work in a security company, for your information).

Besides my job, I love fish and chips, fan of brutal fruits and red wine and above all, I do not play with read meat.

I think all these combined together to increase my weight. The most annoying aspect of it all is the Mkhaba that made life unbearable for me.

Because of the belly fat I had, I am on high blood pressure medication, I practically do not enjoy my man ( sorry to say this) and I feel tired easily.

I followed her guideline, and ordered for the tablets through a distributor ( the WhatsApp number is 0628310319), and within 5 days, I went to PEP store to collect my parcel.

how to get rid of belly fat using senafix

I made up my mind to fight Mkhaba and get rid of the belly fat. One thing I appreciated very well was that this distributor of the senafix product ( WhatsApp number above) was so knowledgeable.

He advised me on some practical tips I need to do besides taking the Senafix nuts/fat burner to lose weight.

The result after 30 days was astonishing, but it did not come easy. At first, I had some discomfort, some cramps, but was told it is normal for the first one week and that I should be drinking lots of water.

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What is Mkhaba?

To go on a Mkhaba must fall battle and campaign, I think it is important I explain what it is and how most people gets it.

Mkhaba is a term used to describe belly fat; it is a South African word describing that unpleasant waistline fat just down the abdomen.

On how people get or develop Mkhaba ( belly fat) is a little bit complex. Although science has proven that living a redundant lifestyle, alcohol and too much sugar consumption ( especially in processed foods e.g. chocolate etc.), eating of too much red meat, and fatty foods ( especially junk foods from eateries is a major factor).

For my own experience, I explained it earlier above.

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Mkhaba health Implications

As you may be aware, South Africa is currently the most obese country in the sub Saharan African continent, trailing behind leaders, Libya and Egypt.

Having uMhkaba has been proven scientifically that it makes you vulnerable to some fatal, life threatening diseases such as:

  • Certain types of cancer, according to CDC
  • Hypertension
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

It has even been reported that being obese is one of the leading cause of Covid 19 deaths, according to CDC.

Fighting Mhakaba and totally bringing under control is central to having long life, being fit and agile.

Mkhaba Must Fall Tablets And Pills

For me, based on my story above, I think the best tablets and pill should be natural based. For this reason, I recommend Senafix because I used it and it worked for me.

Senafix is a natural weight loss products; its emergence is like a movement, a movement causing positive life changes among the fat and obese people in getting rid of belly fats without side effects.

This claim of no side effects is emphatically synonymous with the use of organix farmacy product, a new weight loss product recently launched to rival senafix.

fat burner

Senafix is different from other weight loss products because the results speaks for itself. For you to achieve Mkhaba must fall for your waistline, Senafix is the best way to go.

Senafix is the leading natural weight loss pill and tablets in South Africa and all the sub Saharan African countries, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique.

To achieve a long lasting Mkhaba must fall objectives for your body, I recommend the following senafix tablets and pills:

  • Senafix fat burner
  • Senafix Nut
  • Senafix Moringa Tea or powder ( Buy this along with the two above, if you are on chronic sickness e.g. HIV)
  • Mkhaba must fall juice: Though this is not a senafix product, drinking this juice helps your metabolism and helps reduce the belly fat.
mkhaba must fall pills
The nuts

mkhaba must fall tablet

For your information, I am a distributor of Senafix products, tablets, nuts and fat burner, talk to me on 0628310319 ( WhatsApp) and I will get it to your door step. If you are far away from Cape Town, I will courier it to you. If you have any question, please ask me!!

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