How To Stop My Airtime From Disappearing MTN

My question is ‘why is MTN airtime keep disappearing on my phone even though I did not use it? I guess MTN is taking and eating my airtime!!

This is a sort of trauma and stress and I fully understand because it has happened to me. It got to a point I nearly become crazy, always asking myself, why is MTN taking my airtime?

I nearly ported my MTN number to Vodacom, Cell C and even Telkom, but a friend came to my rescue with the right information. This guideline is all you need to fix this problem forever.

6  Ways To Stop MTN Airtime From Disappearing

From experience, there are 6 valid reasons why your airtime is disappearing or why you think MTN is draining or taking your money and airtime; these are a little bit different from Cell C Airtime disappearing problems.

mtn airtime disappearing

The reasons are:

  • MTN Subscription content services and WASP
  • PRS Charges
  • You are on Out of Bundle Data rates ( causing airtime depleting faster)
  • Emergency Airtime Top Up Advance
  • Background data App
  • Your phone eating your airtime/data

Please follow me as I explain how you can stop this annoying problem.

1. MTN Subscription Content services and WASP

From experience, formerly working at MTN as a free agent, one of the most common reasons why your airtime and data is disappearing is because you are on MTN content subscription and WASP.

The issue is that most people do not even know because in most cases, they are automatically subscribed to these so called premium contents and the ones that are aware do not know that little money needs to be paid.

How do I check my MTN Content Services/Plan’?

  • Just dial *136*5# or *141*5#
  • Pick 2 – Content services
  • Pick 1 ( Manage content to view)
  • Then it will be displayed and you will see the list of content subscription you are on.

How to Cancel MTN Content Subscription Services

How do I cancel my MTN Content Subscription Services?

After following above instruction and you discover you are on MTN content subscription, the best option is to block unauthorized subscriptions or cancel it. To do that, see instructions below:

  • Dial *136*5# or *141*5#
  • Pick 2 – Content services
  • Pick 1 – Manage content to cancel subscriptions
  • Chose cancel subscription, follow the instruction and it will be done
  • You will be given option to set spend limits or opt out
  • Chose opt out and cancel.

2. MTN Airtime Disappearing (Emergency Airtime Top Up)

Another common cause of your MTN Airtime Disappearing is due to repeated emergency airtime top up advance. By nature of the telecom business, they usually offer their customers the opportunity of having airtime whenever they are out of airtime, in most cases it was done out of goodwill to customers.

However, most customers usually forgets they are owing MTN money and once they load airtime, MTN deducts their balance and they start complaining.

How do I check my emergency airtime on MTN for emergency airtime top up?

You need to check by:

  1. From your phone ( make sure the MTN SIM card is inside)
  2. Dial *136*2#
  3. Select or chose ‘Xtra Time’
  4. Follow the instructions and click on balance

How do I cancel my emergency airtime on MTN i.e. the top up advance?

You can opt out of the MTN emergency airtime top up advance by cancelling it. To do that, see below:

  1. From your phone ( make sure the MTN SIM card is inside)
  2. Dial *136*2#
  3. Chose ‘Xtra Time’
  4. Follow the options to stop it and it will be cancelled.

3. MTN Airtime Disappearing – PRS Charges

What is MTN PRS charges?

PRS means premium rated services; they are basically good and services  that you buy from MTN and you pay indirectly with your airtime i.e. the bills are charged to your phone or network.

However, the problem here is that most people do not even know they are on this PRS services. One way to know is if you start getting some funny messages or pop up messages that you did not subscribe to.

So, be vigilant!!

stop PRS charges to stop mtn airtime disappearing

So, how do you cancel or block this PRS services?

Follow the guidelines;

  • Dial *155#
  • Select option 99 (more)
  • Chose 4 (Block/Unblock future charges)
  • Chose 2 (Premium-rated services)

And it will be blocked, further more, you need to also;

  • Dial *155#
  • Chose 3 – Stop third party messages

4. Out-of-bundle Data rates

Out of bundle data rates are rates/services that is activated for your data usage using your airtime whenever your main/standard and normal data bundle you bought finishes.

All the South African networks offers this services and I think it is important you know the difference between in bundle data and out of bundle data rates.

why is mtn taking my airtime

So if you notice that your MTN airtime disappearing or depleting fast, just check your main data bundle, in most cases, this is the culprit.

Sometimes, MTN should not be blamed because you will have been notified on the remaining data bundle balance as you browse/surf but because most of us are busy or do not really care, we do not pay attention to it.

How Do I cancel MTN out of data bundle rates?

To opt out or cancel, follow the guideline below;

  • Dial *135*6# and follow the instructions to opt of Oobs ( Out of data bundle rates)

5. Background data App that is running

Your MTN airtime disappearing still? this might be the reasons because it the silent thief of your airtime and data.

The problem is not with MTN now, but rather the Apps and your phone!!

Most Apps runs programs in the background and updates itself even when you are not using the App; they make use of your data and in case your data is finished, they go straight to your airtime and use to update themselves.

How do I cancel background data from using my airtime and data?

  • Remove any App you are not using by uninstalling it
  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Go to connections/data, then to data settings
  • Locate background data and switch it off
  • Sometimes, you may see background roaming, just switch it off

Again, when you watch videos and you probably leave it on without going on it, it runs in the background and consumes your airtime and data.

Solution is to disable background App data updates; go to settings on your phone, then to Apps and notifications, then to Select App and from here, select disable background data

6. Your Phone is Eating Your Airtime

A reader of this site asked me via twitter ‘ Why is my phone consuming bundles?

Your phone when idle tends to be busy, the iOS on it moves around using your data to look up information online like updated location information, application upgrades, email notifications etc.

The best way to fix this problem is to switch off your phone data when not in use or not active.

Got any question? please ask in the comment section below. Thank you!!

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