MTN Call Me Back Code ( How To Send Please Call Me On MTN 2023)

The MTN call me back code is convenient, efficient, effective and easy to remember in your memory. This tutorial discusses the guidelines on how to send mtn call me back.

Countless number of times, I have come across people asking, what is the call me  back code for MTN? To be straight forward, this guideline is put together for you to know the USSD code for Callback, how to activate it, the costs and use it.

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What is MTN Call Me Back

MTN Callback or Call me back is a feature that allows you to send a message to your loved ones, friends, family, siblings without you having airtime informing or telling them to call you back.

The company understands the importance of communication and created an avenue for people in need of emergency for them to stay connected even without you having airtime.

The recipients i.e. the person on receiving the SMS message and calls you is the one that is charged for making outward calls.

Commonly known or referred to as ‘ please call me back; it is the single most popular features that almost 98% of MTN subscribers uses on a daily basis; all the way from Nigeria, South Africa to all the corners of the world.

One of the commonest reason of using the MTN call me back is because the person may not have funds or airtime to make the calls. This feature, aside from the extra airtime features is one of the reasons why MTN rocks.

MTN please call me back code
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In my earlier post on how you get back your lost MTN number, I specifically made mention of some reasons why I love MTN and the reason why I am still using it.

First among the reason is the convenience of activating international roaming on MTN, convenience of checking my airtime balance. In case you want to change your number to MTN, this guideline is very easy to follow, especially if you know the right USSD number to dial.

Though some users complained of their airtime getting lost, however, it is discovered that most of the problems are caused by the users and solutions for them to cancel MTN subscriptions were published on this website, take a look at it.

How To Activate MTN Call Me Back

How do I activate call me back on MTN?

By default, this free service is activated on your line or SIM card, it does not matter whether you are on pay as you go, top up or on contract. So, do not worry or stress about it because it is there for you ‘mahala’.

The important thing is for you to know the USSD code to dial, know the rules and follow it.

Rules of Using MTN Callback

This service is limited i.e. not unlimited and not like a flowing river. To avoid this free feature from getting abused, MTN puts some measures in place, these rules and measures are listed below:

  • The maximum number of ‘please call me back’ SMS you can send in a day is 5 within 24 hours.
  • This means that for a week, you can only use it 35 times.
  • Now, the rule does not say daily limit, it simply says 24 hours. For example, if you use your call me back SMS within 2 hours e.g. between 8am-9am, you will have to wait till the next day, starting from 8am. So it does not mean that it will last you till evening.

The rate of use is purely dependent on the rate of use!!

For easy understanding, kindly watch this video:

How to send call me back on MTN 2023

Follow the guidelines below:

  • The MTN call me back code is *121*
  • Follow up with the recipients number i.e. the person that you want to call you ( e.g. 0830010001)
  • So the SMS you will send will be like this format:

*121*0830010001# ( I assume the person’s number is 083 001 0001 i.e. the recipient)!!

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