MTN SIM Swap Security Questions And Answer

There are 6 MTN SIM swap security questions that will be asked from you. This guideline explains each with the appropriate answer.

Your attempt to get back your lost number will not be successful and approved if you fail the security questions that will be asked from you. That is why I have compiled all the questions that will be required and provide the right answers you can reply with.

As the second largest and biggest Telecom company in the South Africa, MTN has the second highest number of subscribers with pay as you go customers ( i.e. prepaid, meaning people that are loading data and airtime as needed daily, weekly or month) accounting for roughly 90% of their customers.

However, the largest chunk of these prepaid subscribers are mostly centered and located in the informal settlements areas where high crime rate and theft is labelled a normal way of life.

Nearly 1-5 people are being robbed of their cell phones/smartphones every 1 minutes across the length and breadth of South Africa.

mtn sim swap security questions

It is quite imperative and important that when you lost your phone, the need to do SIM swap is highly expedient.

More than 80% of people living in the informal sector ties virtually everything about their life on their SIM cards, especially MTN network.

Before proceeding, if you decide not to dial the USSD code but rather prefer to go to the nearest MTN outlet shop, you need to go with the following physical documents:

  • Your ID, passport ( Or Asylum)
  • Proof of address
  • New starter pack ( no need as you will buy a new one there)

Without wasting much time, the following are the security questions that will be asked from you when you are trying to SIM swap your MTN number that is either lost, stolen, damaged or simply being replaced:

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MTN SIM Swap Security Questions

The following are questions that will be asked from you when you dialed *135# or *173#:

1. Can you please introduce yourself

Any well trained professional customer care agent needs to ask this question. It is important to be able to identify and know the name of the customer who is in need to get his/her lost number back.

Just tell them your full name ( and mind you, your calls and conversations are logged on the system); so when you are asked of your name, please do not pick offence.

2. Can you recollect how long you have been using the MTN Number

Out of all the security questions that will be required from you, the most significant one that carries weight is this particular one.

When you dial the MTN SIM swap USSD code i.e. *135#, then option 5; options based on how long you have been using MTN as your service provider are divided into 5 sections which are:

  1. Is it 0-3 months
  2. Is it o-6 months
  3. Is it 6months to 1year
  4. Or 1 year to 3 years
  5.  or 2 years to 4 years
  6. Or more than 5 years

Please understand that these options may not come up based on the numbering above. For example, the question on ‘ more than 5 years’ may come up as the first option under this question. So be smart to pick the correct number for your answer

3. Can you recollect whether SIM Swap has been done before

This is a question to truly identify if you are the genuine owner of the number. The truth is only you, the genuine and original owner can know the right answer to this.

Think deeply and I am sure you will remember. If you say yes, you might be asked when, this does not really matter. For as long as you can tell them the number of times you have done sim swap on the number, then you are good to go.

And lastly, do not confuse SIM swap with porting so that you will not give conflicting answer!!

4. Do you have points

If you answer this one correctly, along with how long you have been using the number, trust me, you are 70% close to getting your MTN SIM swap done successfully.

Now, many people do not know about points or they are too busy to focus on it. The logic here is that if you were registered with your SA ID for the MTN SIM card, it means you will have points.

The second logic is if you have been using your MTN line for more than 4 years, it means you are on points. In most cases, saying yes that you are on points works well.

However, if the SIM card was collected mahala i.e. on the streets and it is less than 1 year, there is every likelihood that you are not on point.

5. Your Last recharged Airtime

The correct answer is very much important. However, if you are not sure, instead of guessing, just load airtime directly on that number 15 minutes before you call MTN or dial the USSD code.

6. When Did Your Recharged Last

There is a stark difference in this question and the one directly above. If you use the trick above, then you should be able to confidently tell the customer care representative or the USSD code options the time and moment.

7. Phone You Last Used With The Lost MTN SIM Card

This question comes up when satisfactory answers are not given from the above 6 questions. This is the last straw when you dial *135# for the sim swap procedures.

In essence, the question is asking you the type and model of the phone you last inserted the MTN SIM card. However, to make it easier for you, options will be given and you will be able to chose the correct one.

In conclusion, if you are able to give the right answers to this security questions, your SIM swap will be successful.

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