Nelisiwe Sibiya of Doctor Mbali In Durban Gen ( Age, Songs, Net Worth, Cars And House)

Thick, robust, and beautiful; Nelisiwe Sibiya is a 30-year-old multifaceted songwriter and singer, famous as Doctor Mbali in Durban Gen.

This article looks at her biography, net worth in rands, her husband, controversies in her relationship, a list of her songs, cars, houses, and everything you did not know before.

Who is Nelisiwe Sibiya?­

Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya is a South African Zulu woman. On the professional front, she is a songwriter, singer, actress, and performer who has been in the spotlight after rising to fame in the early 2000s.

who is Nelisiwe Sibiya
Nelisiwe Sibiya. Source: Instagram

Being multifaceted, she doubles also as a civil rights activist committed to stopping gender-based violence, she’s an entrepreneur with a deep love for Zulu cultural tradition as often seen in her Zulu traditional attires.

Nelisiwe Sibiya Age And Early Life

The actress who is all shades of awesomeness and beauty was born on September 13, 1992, in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa’s wealthiest province. By September 2023, she will be celebrating her 31st year birthday.

She never dreamt of one day becoming the popular and famous Dr. Mbali Mthethwa in the Television Series Durban Gen; this was because she did not experience a perfect childhood experience.

Nelisiwe Sibiya is not a Doctor by profession, though she acts as if she is one; kudos to her acting skills!!

Nelisiwe Sibiya former boyfriend- ayanda ntanzi
Ayanda Ntanzi, Nelisiwe’s Ex-Fiancé. Source: Instagram

All odds were against her right from a young age. This was a lady whose father was shot dead in front of her at the age of eight. Born in Tembisa, Gauteng, Nelisiwe Sibiya grew up, alongside her sister with their single mother.

Life was tough, but with determination and dedication, she is at the top as of today.

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Nelisiwe Sibiya Education

In 2015, Nelisiwe Sibiya got admitted to Tshwane University of Technology to study Musical Studies, a year before her mother, Dudu died.

She was able to get a bursary scholarship to complete her studies after paying for the first year through her musical pursuit.

Nelisiwe Sibiya is a graduate
Nelisiwe Sibiya on her graduation. Source: Instagram

Having attended the Tshwane University of Technology to study Musical Studies, Nelisiwe Sibiya is a graduate and she equally holds a certificate in Business and Marketing Management from Ekurhuleni East College Springs in 2014.

Over the years, she is one of the most successful and highly recognized actresses and singers for her powerful voice and charismatic delivery.

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Nelisiwe Sibiya Songs

Nelisiwe Sibiya first achieved recognition with her debut album “Thandolwethu” released in 2002. The album’s fusion of traditional African music and contemporary R&B received critical acclaim and established her as a rising star on the South African music scene.

Nelisiwe Sibiya songs
Source: Instagram

With Mama Ka Bafana bringing her musical career to the limelight and becoming an all-time favorite, Nelisiwe Sibiya’s songs have always been a hit. Some of her songs were for the Lockdown series

  1. Mama Ka Bafana ( Released in 2019)
  2. We’Ntsizwa- 2019
  3. Nomathemba – (Single) 2018
  4. Mzali Wami -2019
  5. Cilongo – 2019
  6. Lanto – 2019
  7. Hamba Juba – 2019
  8. Baningi
  9. Qaphela
  10. Nkayimane
  11. Welcome to Azania

Which of Nelisiwe’s songs is your favorite?

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Mbali From Durban Gen Career

Nelisiwe Sibiya started her career as a child model when she was about ten years old. In addition to her work as a recording artist, Nelisiwe Sibiya has also made a significant impact on the South African entertainment industry through her performances on stage.

She has appeared in several musical productions, including “The Lion King” and “The Color Purple,” and has been a guest performer at numerous festivals and events across the country.

Nelisiwe Sibiya as doctor Mbali from Durban gen
Nelisiwe as Dr Mbali Mthethwa in Durban Gen. Source: Instagram

Her powerful stage presence and dynamic vocal range have made her one of South Africa’s most sought-after artists.

She founded the Nelisiwe Sibiya Foundation in 2015, which gives women and girls empowerment in education and business skills.

She has worked with several non-profit organizations, including the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Oprah Winfrey Women’s Leadership Academy to provide support and resources to those in need.

Who is Nelisiwe Sibiya Boyfriend?

Nothing has been heard or seen from the actress concerning her present relationship status. However, due to the recent surfacing pictures of Nelisiwe Sibiya and Mike Ndlangamandla, a fellow actor in the Durban Gen television series sharing good times, he was rumored to be her boyfriend but, they have not put a disclaimer to the public affirmations either.

Actor Mike Ndlangamandla is likely to be Nelisiwe Sibiya current boyfriend
Actress Nelisiwe and Actor Mike Ndlangamandla. Source: Instagram

At Mamzansi, we recall that in 2019, news of her breakup with Gospel Musician, Ayanda Ntanzi was raving and She said;

“I was dating Ayanda Ntanzi, in fact, we were engaged, I dated him from when we were still very young during varsity years, so yeah he is a very nice man. We were engaged until 2019. We were engaged as in English engagement.”

Nelisiwe Sibiya
Ayanda Ntanzi, Nelisiwe’s Ex-Fiancé. Source: Instagram

At Mamzansi, we can confidently say Nelisiwe Sibiya is not married and she does not have a husband yet!!

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Nelisiwe Sibiya And Robert Marawa

Some months ago, there was a rumor among netizens sparked by celebrity tea master- Musa Khawula who posted a tweet with pictures of Nelisiwe Sibiya and Robert Marawa – a respected sports journalist.

The tweet had the caption “Robert Marawa (49) allegedly in a relationship with Nelisiwe Sibiya (26)”.

Nelisiwe Sibiya and robert marama dating?
Screenshot of tweet. Source: Twitter

They say there is no smoke without a flame but, Nelisiwe Sibiya has managed to laugh it off stating that She and Marawa were just friends.

She called him an amazing and good friend in response to the rumor in an interview at Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM.

Nelisiwe Sibiya Instagram Social Media Accounts

The actress has an impressive 1.4 million Instagram followers; her official handle is

She always encourages her fans with the motivational posts she shares on her social media platforms to help those who feel discouraged, to have hope.

She also uses her story to inspire others to become better than they are at the moment. She isn’t someone who is affected by the scrutiny and sarcasm on social media as well especially when she was dragged for not being a Virgin some months ago.

Equally, she is an active participant on TikTok with a vast army of 2.1 million followers. Her TikTok profile account is

Awards and Accolades

Nelisiwe Sibiya has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of her contributions to the South African music and entertainment industry.

Her philanthropic work was also recognized with the Humanitarian of the Year Award at the 2008 South African Leadership Awards.

Nelisiwe Sibiya awards

Nelisiwe Sibiya accolades and awards

Of recent, she won the best Actress at the Zikomo awards. She is a serial winner on all fronts and highly revered by her peers for her powerful voice, emotional delivery, and dedication to her craft.

She is one of the most celebrated artists of her generation thanks to these qualities. Thanks to her efforts as a musician and philanthropist, her work has impacted millions of people.

Nelisiwe Sibiya Cars Collection ( Photos)

The popular actress at one time had complained about how much she spent on taxi fares since she couldn’t yet afford a car.

“Taxi diaries. Since I still can’t afford to buy a car YET, this is the life I am living. Taxi Maths”

Nelisiwe Sibiya cars
Actress Nelisiwe and her BMW M440i xDrive Convertible. Source: Instagram

She was finally able to buy her dream car, BMW M440i xDrive Convertible car worth R1.4 million. In a congratulatory post made by her colleague and co-actress in Uzalo, Noxolo Mathula who plays the role of Lily Dongwe, she said

“Congratulations My love!!! I’m so happy for you, Sthandwa Sami.”

Nelisiwe Sibiya car photos
Nelisiwe in her brand new car. Source: Instagram

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Nelisiwe Sibiya House

Nelisiwe’s love for her mother was so special and closely knit that she was willing to sacrifice her education to build her late mother a house in Kwa-Zulu Natal after her matriculation.

Using the money she had initially saved up for her studies, she built a simple yet classy and comfortable house for her mother. Unfortunately, her mother passed away and never lived in the house.

“I decided to take the money, that I had saved up for my fees and build a house. Immediately after the house was done, she passed away and left it…”

Nelisiwe Sibiya
Nelisiwe’s House she built for her late mother. Source: Twitter

The actress is currently living in a more comfortable and classy house. You will be amazed at the collection of the best air fryers oven in her kitchen unit.

Nelisiwe Sibiya house
Actress Nelisiwe in her current house. Source: Instagram

Nelisiwe Sibiya Net Worth In Rands

Nelisiwe Sibiya’s net worth has been estimated to be between $1 and $5 million; this translates to roughly R17-70 Million rands.

She is however an entrepreneur who has both feet in music, acting, and social media influencing some fashion and skincare brands.

Nelisiwe Sibiya net worth in rands
Source: Instagram

Indeed, Nelisiwe Sibiya is an inspiration to those who may not have a better start now but are determined to succeed in life.

She started pursuing her dreams even as a brand promoter handing out flyers in malls. Now, she’s a sought-after personality.

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