Photos of Ntando Duma Cars And House ( Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Education)

She is an achiever; this post shares updates on Ntando Duma cars collection and house; including her net worth, age, boyfriend, awards, achievements and family. 10 Minutes read.

Who is Ntando Duma

Dubbed the ‘Goddess’; Ntando Duma is a 27 years old young entrepreneur, an actress and TV personality who has been in the industry for quite some time.

She has grown to be one of the most popular actresses in Africa because of her natural beauty and ability to bring out different characters through acting that many people can relate to.

ntando duma cars

Ntando Duma Age

How old is Ntando Duma? that is the question on the minds of people and her fans and it is because she looks so cute, beautiful, sexy and pretty.

She was born on August 29th, 1995; so be sure to celebrate her birthday with her. She shares nearly the same age like Thembi Seete , Khanya Mkangisa, Natasha Thahane and Nelisiwe Sibiya.

She grew up with her mother and grandmother along with three siblings, including her sister, Thando Duma.


  • Birthplace: Orange Farm, South Africa
  • Siblings: Thando Duma
  • Religion: Christian
  • Age: 27 Years
  • Education: Boston Media House

What Does Ntando Duma Do For A Living?

Well, I cannot compare her to the likes of Nomzamo Mbatha, who is multifaceted in about 6 different ways in making money every month, however, Ntando Duma occupation is first an Actress and secondly a media personality.

She combines this two profession to make her money.

Ntando Duma Parents And Family

She is an orphan, her father died in 2008 and left the family when she was only 3 years old.

ntando duma photo

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Her Career Path To Stardom

Ntando career really started out with modeling, then up to acting where her fame ballooned high!!

Ntando started off as a model before deciding that she wanted more from life than just sitting around looking pretty or getting commissions on mere social media impressions.

which car does ntando duma drives

She decided to pursue what she loved doing which was presenting as well as acting, and so she joined etv’s rhythm city earlier in 2014, playing the role of Zinzi Dandala and became a co-presenter at the new Craz-e.

She ended up being one of South African’s most lovable TV and on screen sensation and she began to gain some leverage in her career with her first acting role and subsequent television presenting gigs.


The young sensation never stopped. She had a lovable personality already, evident in her social media impressions, so getting ahead in the industry was more of slide through for her.

Ntando Duma Net Worth In Rands

ntando duma age

She currently has an estimated net worth of USD$1,000,000 ( and that translates to about R17 Million in rands). She has been acting for more than 5 years and has appeared in many commercials as well as TV series.

Ntando Duma Boyfriend & Family

ntando duma baby daughter
With her baby!!

Ntando is currently not dating anyone but does have a boyfriend from past relationships, as well as a love child; Sbahle Mzizi whom she so evidently proud of.

The youngster who is 5 years old also has a personal page of hers with 876k followers.

She shared pictures of her and daughter rocking gorgeous matching pairs in celebration of her 26th birthday ( seen above).

Sbahle Mzizi was born in 2017, to South African DJ and radio host, Junior De Rocka . Though they are not together but they are remain in good terms.

The father DJ who is really proud of his adorable daughter, constantly puts her up online and through his personal handles.

ntando duma with her baby

Ntando duma with junior de rocka

Some notable take away here;

  • Ntando Duma has shared her life and relationships in a candid way on social media.
  • At Mamzansi, we have seen the highs, lows and happiness especially with her daughter, Sbahle Mzizi, and the pure joy when she found out that she was pregnant.
  • We also know about the highlights on her split with baby daddy Junior De Rocka.

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This blog post gives a a rare insight into living a successful life as a screen goddess, being real and growing independently no matter the hits.

Ntando Duma Cars Collection

What car is Ntando Duma driving? These question and many more are on the lips of her growing fans on a daily basis.

Ntando Duma drives a Mercedes-Benz A200 AMG. She deserves it, period!!

If you work hard, you need to rock hard. Ntando Duma, as young as she is has accomplished a lot. First, she valued and respected her mother by buying her a house.

See photos and pictures of her car collections!!

ntando duma cars 1

ntando duma cars 2

Just after this, she spoiled herself by buying a sleek White color Mercedes Benz AMG. The moral of the whole story to everyone is that hard work pays.

ntando duma cars collection

ntando duma mercesez benz car

Ntando Duma House

Does Ntando Duma have a house?

Yes, she does have a house and she currently lives there in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After buying her mom a house and buying herself a car, she stepped forward and rewarded herself with one of life’s best investment, a house.

Pictures do not lie, see for yourself pictures of her house;

ntando duma house

ntando duma home

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