Organix Farmacy Products Side Effects ( Fat Burner Pills Pharmacy Reviews)

Without being sarcastic, this organix farmacy products side effect reviews is a thorough investigation of the fat burner and pills Pharmacy effects and its corresponding claims by this 8 months old South Africa’s weight loss company.

Organix farmacy prides itself as the best natural weight loss products without side effects, which is obviously both a marketing and soon to find out health concerns strategy aimed at competing against the weakness of the dominant local player, senafix in the South African market.

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Organic farmacy may not have been covered in depth by the media owing to the fact that it is pretty new, however, this review checks the in-depth claims of the organix farmacy fat burner pills no side effects, along with the fat and starch blocker supplement of this company.

However, if you have been eating healthy or probably making use of the best air fryer for crispy oven frying of your meals, you will not even need all this weight dieting pills.

How true is this bold statement? Are the products safe to consume and what are the hidden side effects?

Organix Farmacy Products Side Effects

What Is Organix Farmacy

Organix farmacy is a pretty new kid on the block in the weight loss supplement niche, with particular focus on the local South African market.

With a decisive emphatic declaration that all their weight loss products does not have any messy side effect, I am perturbed by that statement because it is not true.

Now, let us have a look at that statement, ”No messy side effect”; you will agree with me if you are a English student or scholar that ” no messy side effect’ is not the same thing as ”no side effect’!!

This proverbial statement or synonyms simply means that their is a side effect but it is not a messy one!! I stand to be corrected by the interpretation of the statement.

Backed by medical science, I am of the affirmative opinion that all weight loss products have side effects, their level of effects that warrant concerns differs from one product to the other and also depends on strict adherence to instructions on how to use them.

Watch this video:

With this views and opinion, the following are probable organix farmacy products side effects, including the far burner:

1. Diarrhoea

This is the most common side effects when using most weight loss products, a warning sounded even by senafix.

However in the case of senafix, they gave guidelines on how to avoid or reduce the diarrhoea side effect i.e. by using moringa along with it.

Now, in the case of organix fat burner pills, customers have not reported this particular issue, but as I mentioned earlier, we need to have a wide sampling testimonials from lots of people to emphatic believe this.

2. Nausea

The urge to vomit is the second most reported side effects. Their customers as at the time of this publication ( Sunday, 6th, 2023 have not reported this issue.

3. Farting

Farting or simply the release of waste gases from your butt is the third most commonly reported side effects. This issue arises mostly with the use of the fat burner as it tends to remove and destroy accumulated fats from your intestines etc.

With either the use of the fat and starch blocker or the fat burner of the organix product, there is no known side effects.

4. Cramping or Muscle Ache

I believe this is a major side effect with the use of the fat and starch blocker, though no customer of the organic farmacy weight loss has reported it. I am of the opinion that by the time we have large sampling results, some customers will report this.

organix pharmacy fat burner side effects

Other common side effects includes:

  • headache
  • Bowel movements

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How To Become Organix Farmacy Dealer And Distributor

Being an Organix Farmacy dealer, distributor, sales rep or agent offers both money making opportunities and networking advantages while not castigating aside the fact that you are also helping the world in general by offering a holistic natural health approach to this obese generation.

I am a distributor and dealer of this natural weight loss product and I am here to guide you on how to become a dealer/distributor likewise.

In South Africa where I am resident, it is estimated that over 31% of men and 68% of women are obese, out of the entire 59.39 million population ( 2021) according to the western cape Government publication.

This eye popping health concern aligns positively with the 2022 publication research made by South Africa based WITS university that half of all adults in South Africa are overweight (23%) or obese (27%).

My point of emphasis is that this is a serious problem and companies like Senafix and organix farmacy offering natural weight loss products are increasingly becoming wealthy.

If you tap and become an affiliate/distributor and dealer of this company, you stand a high chance of making money while working at your own convenience and pace.

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How To Join Organix Farmacy

To join organix farmacy as a sales representative, dealer or distributor is easy and simple. All you need is R150 to join, aside this, the following are the requirements to join.

  • R150 registration fee
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Your house address

The guidelines are self explanatory, just follow the steps by steps to register as a dealer or sales representative:

1. Go to the organix farmacy official website, HERE and click on register.

join organix farmacy

organix farmacy agent

2. After the registration, make the initial payment of r150 using PayFast or Yoco ( I recommend Payfast) and after the successful payment, you are officially a dealer, distributor and sales representative of Organix Farmacy.

join organix farmacy

organix farmacy agent

how to join organix

3. You will receive an SMS on your phone number and also email officially welcoming you as a dealer with your affiliate code that you can use to register people under you.

4. Your affiliate code will look like this ””; the 123355 is your identity and yours may be 141892 ( i.e. a 6 digit number)

5. Now, go to your dashboard or back office, login if you have not logged in and from here, you can upload your banking details and also get your affiliate or network marketing code.

6. Now, to place your order, I recommend you chose warehouse to door i.e. your house. IF you chose this option, update your address and click save. The other option, which to me is the best and which I recommend is to chose Pargo pick up point.

In most cases, you may receive error, update your address message etc. Do not worry. The solution is go to your address on the page, update it, put your suburb, select your country again and remember to click save, you need to click save.

After this, scroll down to the shipping options, I recommend chose Pargo pick up point, type a mall close to you, options will show up, chose the pick up point you prefer, proceed, select payfast and continue.

For easy understanding, I recommend you watch this video:


Organix Farmacy Compensation Plan

If you are into network marketing, you will understand the importance of knowing the compensation plan of the company or product you want to market.

At the moment, organix Farmacy has a better compensation plan than Senafix, chiefly due to its higher payment of 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation incentive payment.

how to join organix farmacy

The following are the compensation plan of the company:

  • 5 bottles of fat and starch blocker is R800, you get R250 commission for Level 1 and R25 for level 2 generation.
  • 5 bottles of night time fat burner is R800, you get R250 commission for Level 1 and R25 for level 2 generation.
  • 10 bottles of fat and starch blocker is R1450, you get R500 commission for Level 1 and R50 for level 2 generation.
  • 10 bottles of night time fat burner is R1450, you get R700 commission for Level 1 and R50 for level 2 generation.
  • 5 bottles of night time fat burner and 5 bottles of fat and starch blocker combo is R1450, you get R500 commission for Level 1 and R50 for level 2 generation.

If you need assistance to join, send me a WhatsApp message on 0628310319 and I will help you to register and also send you testimonial pictures and videos so that you can start marketing and promoting immediately.


From customers that I have sold to so far and also from other customers from various distributors that I know, they actually confessed that they have not witnessed any side effect using the organix farmacy products.

However, the sampling method used is small ( i.e. limited number of people) and for us to honestly justify this claim, there is need to have wide margin sampling of customers ( i.e. greater than or equal to 450 people).

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